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we post this again regarding the wikileaks cut:

from someone named timothy …

"If you were wondering whether WikiLeaks's actions during the U.S. election have made Twitter users (among them vast swathes of the media) take it a tad less seriously, these LOLs may be your answer."

This has to be the most naive statement a journalist ever made. So why in the world would journalists take political news about corruption less seriously during an election -- except, say, under Stalin or some other dictator where elections are a total farce anyway?

Well, for anyone who knows journalism at all, election time is the most crucial time for such news, since that is when the voters most need it to be informed about the election.

Get it Ariel Bogle. And please don't tell me you are a real journalist.

fascist ideology coming from the left? from liberalist ideal? from republican ideal? democratic ideal? the attitude from journalism on this article, if you can call it journalism, is blatantly misogynistic. there is no other word for it. think on this today and maybe … just maybe, you will see IT.


hmm … this isn't my God. my God did not create this act of terror. my God isn't sniffing for anti-semitic comments. my Lord as BRIGHTER things going on.

now … if you go sniffing for it too much you just might find it, and get blamed for the outcome. and if you twist truth enough it may go boing and snap right back at-cha. if you hang on that branch long enough, gaining weight … it just might break … but do you know what you might hurt in that fall? 

what I was just thinking while cleaning up falling leaves … maybe those receiving mega amounts from home security won't be the ones receiving. maybe the ones to now receive will be the republicans, fast becoming a minority? that he might put cameras in and around his office grounds, and added protection for his institutions and his party affiliates, and maybe it will now be the christians, or those claiming "conservative christianity" who will need the protection in America … and elsewhere. … maybe the home security grants/$ will go to the republicans, right wing, conservatives (as these are so often called) threatened by the militant democrat. hmm … now, here is a twist I'll bet the liberals didn't count on.


DEMOCRACY IS HYPOCRISY when your own president, his wife, presidential candidates and their constitutes do not hear the cries of this little girl. where have we heard barack or michelle WEEP OR YELL IN ANGER OVER THESE INCIDENTS?! I wonder how many pastors, priests, popes, imams … rabbis serve up this dish for their congregants to feast on. in our own country this goes on CONSTANTLY! f'ing constantly … the abuse is surreal. the cruelty to children women … is beyond imaginable. and YOU are voting for more bodies in your cities and towns? when your sluggish ass government cannot stop this bloody rotten war! cannot take care of its own people? 

because they don't f'ing care. they care about their image. their party powers and their stinking dress robes!





democracy as hypocrisy? need we say more?

if iran needed that excuse to annihilate israel … they certainly have it now :( 

a comment by someone named socrates:

Looks like the real reason for the gov't to keep Cartwright out of trouble (jail?) for 4 years but to come out now, is for Obama to pardon his "favorite General" in the 3days left after sentencing, while he's still in the oval office. If we didn't know it already, sadly this goes to show again that a very different kind of justice applies to the well connected high and mighty.

It's probably safe to assume that the general will also keep his 4-star pension & perks, his board seat @Ratheon, and will probably get elected to the NYT board. Not to shabby for somebody who just admitted to a felony.



remember, this is ur "world" not mine.

then why are you here? asks World. because it looks like you could use some help.


did obama and his staff cheat? did he teach improper tactic and unjust motive?

was this a deceptive tactic in his war against iran/nuclear arms? or for america to remain what it has been misled to believe: the big wizard of oz head. 

first, how many believe dropping an atomic bomb on innocent civilians is a fair fight? a nation has the money, dead-heads and capability to arm itself like no other nation … uses this method of mass destruction … is it fair? is it safe for anyone> because it sets the TONE for a different kind of war. same with cyber bullying … cyber warfare. 

how do we break it to you that you are already dead … if you cannot see how very wrong in the LIGHT ON LOVE this really is? why do YOU pay into and support it? because you have not learned what it is to be of LOVE (the Living God.) 

go forth and share {this} with all peoples.


what EVIL takes and uses what man creates?


people are angry at the jews for a number of reasons. can you think of any at this moment that might be legitimate? credible? do you think anti-semitism is just a farce? a fat tag to justify illegitimate behavior? I have seen america at war with iran for some time now. is this because of the nation of israel/the jew that man gets into this war? we have seen recently that iran has been antagonizing american ships … likely because it has suspected foul play, and has been more than aware in american ally. was obama naive in his iran deal that really suits them up for destruction at a whole new level? do we bypass obama and his admin's agenda/actions and blame israel for the upcoming war between iran and the US? do we say it is because of the nation of israel we are again in a bloody war, costing innocent lives, where the draft is reinstated … because that war is big and the cheating government needs players in their bloody cheating games?

now  if the "JOURNALISTS" out there reporting on ur government officials and their government players, is misinforming you, denying you important information, twisting the truth about these very serious matters  whitewashing  think this is all a big LOL, a joke, funny  or if journalists are being SILENCED, denied access to important information for the health and safety of the people  on WHETHER YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONE will LIVE OR DIE UNDER THIS RULE CALLED DEMOCRACY  

then you and your loved ones have a very serious problem. you are not only a betrayed people, you are in danger.



if ur leaders are cheating, deceiving you … misusing you, not transparent  …denying you critical information … placing you and your family in danger, remove them from office. same goes for bishops shuffling sexually abusive priests and corrupt members and lying … remove them, but you must also use the same method of justice that you use on others. you can't allow him to walk free to continue his deception, to abuse and misuse others. you must inform the people for their safety and the safety of their children … on where and how the crimes are happening. 


and I gotta say … I just gotta say, if you are a jew out there right now joining in the chorus of republican-conservative … christianright-trump bashing, or twisting the truth to suit clinton agenda, behaving unjustly, unfairly (that double standard) or … hiding important info for the voters while you bash and bash and smash, attempting to annihilate the one you judge … you might be losing UR one ally should the majority turn on the jew. if you the jew as a body lose the TRUST of the conservative voice … you are in deep, deep … sh..

unless you have something worthwhile at this point … i suggest you zip it.

man-o-man, some of them act like they are high on PCP or something. is this their god?



okay, do we have to post the following, AGAIN?

hmm … jerusalem? how is this a transparent city? or … maybe it wasn't jerusalem … but some other faction in league with obama and his team of "experts"?


america, do you see what goes on behind your back? these men are mixed up. ox and ASS yoked together pretending, yes, pretending to be god. remove them from these seats. YOU DO NOT NEED THEM. that goes for you, too, catholics … get rid of your hierarchy. they lie to you and steal your money … for their own political uses.


how do you know this can't happen to you … while in the US. as a US citizen? the charges are unclear. it says:

"Both men have been sentenced to 10 years in prison "for cooperating with the hostile government of America," the Mizan website said, citing "an informed source." It did not specify when exactly the sentences had been handed down.

The sentences are the latest sign of an intensifying crackdown against Iranians with ties to the West directed by hardliners who are powerful in Iran's judiciary and security forces, in the aftermath of Iran's historic nuclear deal with the United States and other world powers last year."

but didn't obama engage with iran and they with him, a US citizen … not just a US citizen but the commander and chief of the US?! hmm … unless obama told them he was not really american … but that doesn't make sense as he was born in hawaii ...because his birth state is considered … american---right? any quarrels on this? so … would there be a question regarding his allegiance pertaining to … political religious place of birth? if dad is muslim wouldn't obama also be muslim? or is that islamist? as ISLAM VIEWS MALE AS SUPREME AUTHORITY OVER FEMALE and birth religion paramount. right? but obama can and did choose something … yes? it says (or said---have not checked recently) christianity on his resume. but maybe iran saw it differently. this is supremely possible and now, now views obama and the US as hostile,  which places all americans in … danger?

clearly iran's powerful leaders are sending a message that you must choose. with the UNESCO thing out there, iran wants to see who its allies are. america would not agree to the resolution. we are considered a hostile government and iran wants the world to know this. you must choose, it is saying: those not with us [ISLAM], are against us

a lesson for you …
do not think for one minute that a majority will not turn against you if they feel threatened, vulnerable, confused on the facts (why it is SOOOOO important to get the facts out there and to be allowed to ASK those questions and HAVE THOSE QUESTIONS ANSWERED … honestly, and why sabotaging media for party agenda is treasonous) … losing a job or a title, reputation … falsely accused … 

we have seen it before, haven't you?

NOW … ARE YOU BEGINNING TO SEE WHY POPE WAS PUSHING THE ISLAMIC GOD AS A CHRISTIAN GOD? worshipping the same god? do you now see the monolith developing in his name? not Spirit of the Living GOD … but romanist, islamic catholic george the pope claiming the name francis---pope and his brotherhood. you must choose? those not with him are against (them)? not all muslims are in agreement with his mega political religious dynasty, of course, but do you now SEE what he was attempting in those confusing and controversial comments, and where he has been going with his grandstanding? and WHY he has not addressed the very serious epidemic of CRIMES ON CHILDREN as he should?

has he betrayed you, too?

the pope (as institution) is the JUDAS ISCARIOT of The Story, you see. betraying "Jesus" for the $. they (RCC) need it because they have lost credibility and they have lost members, paying members, and as you know or should know by now, lots of money has gone to vast amounts of clergy/staff sexual child abuse cases. and … trying to keep up with the TIMES, expensive as it is, and to try to be a business/political partner in the ring of big heads takes lots of dough. 

yes, Judas Iscariot, The Story prophesies this and we see it in the pope (as institution) … and he, as we have seen in this day, like the day with emperor constantine, will betray THE CHRIST, through things like worshipping the same god (oh, how he undermines Spirit of the Living!)  ... and meeting with the muslim brotherhood and his blatant indifference toward FEMALE … and so much more in keeping with caliphate ORDAINations. 

we do not dislike … sorry, correction (I just heard, speak for yourself) … I DO NOT DISLIKE george; I dislike what he represents. do not expect ME to respect what does not RESPECT ME.

get it?