self-destruct … was a word we (and another) used regarding donald trump. it was just a matter of time before his past and his present came head to head. who in their right mind would look to a man of his means for leadership?

people desiring money. jobs. a promise of jobs. some security in their positions. people wanting to keep what they have and wanting more. people desperate for change. people not happy with the IDEA of america becoming a huge islamic state  … people waiting in line for something they were promised but have yet to receive. people disappointed in obama's/democrat's way of using and abusing money … treatment of the american citizen … denial of the reality of serious problems in america and serious problems in government. severe disappointment in obama's use of war and love of deals with nations with sizable human rights abuse records. the list is long. but the truth is … both democrat and republican are to blame for society's ignorance and brokenness. democracy like every other IDEA fails the test of all tests: how do you lead a nation with multi-gods? you don't. at least not in a way that frees man from himself. 


we have been watching for this:

as we said, JERUSALEM … some time ago, will be under attack, and it will escalate. move out while you can, until the extremists are placed under control. how might this happen? unfortunately, anther bloody war, engaging many … 

judaism will be targeted as will jews. decide where you are in the company of friends and strangers and for GOD's Sake … think about the misuse of the environment in your day-to-day affairs. 


I do not bring up a topic unless it is REAL. in the case of bill raping this woman … I do not trust clinton supporters and I do not trust trump supporters … so I do not LOOK for TRUTH in those places, from those voters. I may read material from both, but I tread carefully when there is speculation. that said, I KNOW when I hear the Truth. it may not be a full truth in that the story gets a bit messy, and people are not sure on how to react as they have NEVER been through something like this before. and I KNOW the culture of that time and how female/women were expected to behave in certain places, how they were treated, often dismissed and … abused. I KNOW firsthand how men, older, bigger, relying on titles and their man given authority … used and misused their seats. we should all know this by now. we should all know the disease when we see it. we should all know its face. we should all know that it has not gone away …  it disguises itself in politics, religion, even entertainment … playing a part to maintain power … control, influence and its mega god, the almighty dollar … it won't hesitate to lie, to pay people for party agenda … break the rules … deceive you the voter. this woman is telling the truth about what bill did to her. and the hillary establishment has done everything in its power---AND THAT'S A HELL OF A LOT OF POWER---to keep bill from ever having to face his crimes and … to keep hillary from ever having to admit she is a sneaky, rotten … liar in her payed for view suits. she knew what bill did and did NOTHING but silence the victims ….

but why believe me? I communed on this because it was shown to me to be a REAL incident, one with significant consequence. and for hillary to use Jesus, the Christ, or any of the Writings to boost her false face is not to be disregarded. she took something that was nt hers and used it to deceive. she must now pay the penalty for this act. we warned, but who-what listens? who can hear? who is actually a believer? it matters not to ME that you believe what I hear … but if justice cannot or will not be served in this offense called rape while so many are misled to think hillary trustworthy and truly CARING about FEMALE---WOMEN---GIRLS … and the culture of rape, the victim and the complicated dimension in these cases … if she, the woman of political face playing Christ follower, will NOT allow this victim to be heard, she will face something … monumental. Truth will find its purpose another way. I would not want to be in hillary's shoes or the shoes of the DNC for all the tea in china.  

I do not have to prove there is a GOD! you will know there is … something much bigger than your petty pocket picking.

MONDAY, MONDAY … can't trust that day!

western debates aside … the misery of them all :O ! (and they call this prime time?!) …

dialectic method is not pure Truth. it is not Truth in its purest form (and we all should know by now that america elect debating on the big stage of politics does not know and does not engage in dialectic methods. it is … a performance ... for a bull ring. it is not discussion for any learning value. I do not waste my TIME watching these spectacles. they resemble roman colosseum performances). how america never left that arena! … so sad. 

anyhow, as we were saying … dialect is not pure in Truth. it is not pure because 'is' runs in the family of Man. Man is not pure. he is offspring of an idea---ideology, an ism or an is-lam of some FORCE. it is through forced creed engaging in forced dialect that Man is made.

let's take the word ISLAM as an example. the meaning, "submission" from something resembling "peace" … IT is itself. it is not something higher or more perfect, more pure; it is … ITSELF. are you wondering why this is? it was through an idea of one man or … more to the truth, a man influenced (made, created) through ideas/ideologies of the time. muhammad, a MAN, lived in a time of fierce and forced creeds. some, many, of these, were (are) ignorant, rough, gruff … animalistic creeds, a race of survival. female was horribly misused, enslavement was prime and warring was water to the wicked. muhammad had an idea: numbing himself to the destruction and loss of life (often from his own decrees) he would create an offspring of himself and call it allah. tales were told and tah-dah … your "socrates", the imperfect <impure> thinker of his arena----the desert of his Day.

why anyone would 'think' … believe him to be a perfect specimen in {this} Day is quite scary. why any government/religious officials would think/believe ISLAM to be a method of peace … is quite systemically irrational and of Heart-less seeding. why anyone would think/believe Islam to hold ( unbroken, untainted, non contaminated bottle?) is … delusion, folly … systemic process. Man is forcing himself to act himself, a sale (composed) through HIM not HER … in THOUGHT … but Thought is not him but Her and in {this} an irregularity is born, one not conducive to PEACE … She is abused, misused … even raped.  What was once Thought had become "bought". 

but wait, isn't it Christ Teaching that speaks of a price paid?

1 Corinthians 6. 19-20 kjv

what? (note this questions itself) know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy (Spirit) which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?

for ye are bought at a price: therefore glorify God (TRUTH) IN your body, and IN your Spirit, which are God's (belonging to/for TRUTH).

this is powerful Spirit Metaphor. {this} holds the key (drink from that well of belief) for Truth. not Man inventing 'himself', for HIMself, but for HER Lordship, and why the Writings speak of marriage, THE BRIDE … 
the "ye are bought at a price" … using the unspeakable marriage process of that day for VIRGIN, young bride to be, turns the tables on Man FOR Spirit of the Living God … essentially, speaking in the tongue of FREEDOM not enslavement or continued man, but something of higher authority, something supreme, a marriage of Heart to MInd in the Way of TRuth not lies … not contradictions or performances to please secularist agendas. Truth does not change her fee for Wisdom (her drink) … Man must change himself to feed from Her: to RECEIVE of her Fruit, where seed can be found (and remember seed is … what? how well have you been paying attention ;) 

+ in communing several years ago I asked and heard "you know love but not peace". after much experience and discerning … I asked and heard: you now know peace. man is far from Peace, you see? IT IS … the is is … it, not "name". is contorts … for it. God does not ask for contortion. God asks FOR you IN She … the seed in the peach? ;) and the only WAy that can happen is via Spirit: our Angel>s>>>>>>> and until you have heard angels you are in disbelief. religion is your god. politics or policy is your god. now … there are demons and their are Angels of the Living God. how do YOu in belief know which is which? (that lower case u in you is intentional. there are no coincidences in Truth. let that be a glimpse).


jello. as a kid it was popular. I don't know how popular it is now … with children. we were talking about jello this weekend which is one reason I brought it up. colored sugar dust made into a gel … and it wiggles when moved. we laughed about the time I bought green jello when my kids were young as they had never had it, and I wanted to see if they liked it. my youngest dropped some of the green jello on the kitchen floor. and when jake our jack russell saw that green blob wiggle, he started to bark at it. so funny. great for best home video if you like that kind of stuff. my kids did not like jello and that was that.

what do you make of this? I see the same thing I always see: more drugs for something that can be avoided with proper teaching. more drugs means more illness and more illness means more drugs and … more leaks into an already contaminated environment. contaminated body trying to pour in more  … that will eventually contaminate. does it solve the origin of the disease? the initial problem? does it get to the root of the sickness? 

does it love neighbor as self in heart mind soul strength … is it a good Parent?

what does your hard-earned money go toward? what are you paying for that you are not in agreement with? 

and this is the same school that  billy bush attended? another bill with a mouth engaging in areas … not properly reared?


we look at their records and ask, but they hear not. we look at their choices to govern and pastor. we ask, but they hear not. we look at their lips moving, but the words lack Vision.


a comment I read on the BIG news … not the NEW, but the BIG … which is what pope thievery strives for. much like islam, size matters to these POLITICAL institutions because if they can gain the media's trust they will gain the trust of most of  the world, because the media is the information people look to for … THEIR truth (and is why we have been hard on RNs and the like). what happens in these enterprises is the acceptance of ABUSE, like much of the world not calling out those radio shows---THE INDUSTRIES OF ABUSE that demeaned and degraded women and girls, placing them in precarious places in society, viewed as something for the TAKING, without SEEING-BELIEVING FEMALE TO BE AN EQUAL, worthy of decency ad respect  … female, beginning with child, begins to view herself as less than her master, the male  :(
also, placing her in dangerous positions of service to men. this, of course, has been the mindset in ALL religions of male dominion and esp of the caliphate orders. but what people miss in these events is the attempt to distract. pope is taught/trained to DISTRACT from the issue of clergy/staff/bishop/hierarchy CHILD/layperson/seminarian sexual abuse and misuse of individuals … by announcing these BIG affairs that take up media space in each nation/state … throughout the world while journalists supporting roman gods paint this as progress … phrasing to make it sound like a plus for the people … when it is nothing more than continued deception. if you understand romanism of catholic mindset you understand there is … ITSELF. it is itself god... through a grand, pompous parade of ignorants seduced into believing they are the church spoken of in the Writings. this, of course, is NOT Truth. it is babylon. and sadly, these affairs lure you the viewer into its cult practices, its pageantry and its paeanistic ideals, taking you away from your CONSCIENCE away from CHRIST IN Essence … away from Truth, because … you no longer see what is needed for change in you, your brother, your sister, your house, your community, your nation ... in order to quell the systemic illness. many even begin to believe they are exempt from their own house abuse, their own systems of disease because … the roman CATHOLIC hierarchy is not being held accountable for their crimes! inside the minds of many a play commences. man and his medals. he sees a way to overlook his own offensive and criminal behaviors. his own discriminating practices, his own ignorance, complacency and … disease. the RCC is one of the BIGGEST STUMBLING BLOCKS TO THE TRUTH ABOUT MAN IN HIMSELF THAT THE WORLD WILL EVER KNOW … and they will know it.  if prostestants cannot see what POPE AS INSTITUTION is doing to distract him from AWARENESS in TRuth. if he cannot see that this is in no way the Christ of the LIving God, how dark is that body! the pope as institution has fooled man, deceived him, having lured so many into darkness and is why we have been steady in our Worth. the abuse continues under these princes of darkness. man forgets why he believes in God. he forgets he is called. he forgets the Name. he forgets his place … he forgets that Truth is not found in these elite shenanigans, made for distraction and lulling man into confusion and misuse, drugging the women and children , placing them in precarious institutions of greed and systemic illness … and government looks the other way. you are not written in their BIG book. they are numb to your needs, your suffering … your safety and the safety of your children. the children suffer while you clap for the pope of rome. how ignorant … how truly sad. have you forgotten that many of these men are criminals?  how many covered up the sexual abuse of children and shuffled contaminated, broken bottles from parish to parish … from school to school … all the while claiming ITSELF God Authority?
the comment:
Romanism is now regarded by Protestants with far greater

favor than in former years. There is an increasing

indifference concerning the doctrines that separate the

reformed churches from the papal hierarchy; the opinion is

gaining ground that, after all, we do not differ so widely

upon vital points as has been supposed, and that a little

concession on our part will bring us into a better

understanding with Rome. The time was when Protestants

placed a high value upon the liberty of conscience which

has been so dearly purchased. They taught their children to

abhor popery, and held that to remain at peace with Rome

would be disloyalty to God. But how widely different are

the sentiments now expressed. p. 380, Para. 1, [4SP].

The defenders of popery declare that she has been

maligned; and the Protestant world is inclined to accept

the statement. Many urge that it is unjust to judge the

Romish Church of to-day by the abominations and absurdities

that marked her reign during the centuries of ignorance and

darkness. They excuse her horrible cruelty as the result of

the barbarism of the times, and plead that civilization has

changed her sentiments. p. 380, Para. 2, [4SP].

Have these persons forgotten the claim of infallibility

for eight hundred years put forth by this haughty power? So

far from relinquishing this claim, the church in the

nineteenth century has affirmed it with greater

positiveness than ever before. As Rome asserts that she has

never erred, and never can err, how can she renounce the

principles which governed her course in past ages? p. 381,

Para. 1, [4SP]


why do you abandon the children? has YOUR GOD abandoned you?


what contaminated water is being served to your children … your student? you---they pay for an education but what else are you---they having to pay for? PATRIARCHY? CLERGY CHILD/STAFF SEXUAL ABUSE? allowed in your schools, your cities your towns while criminal minds walk free, free to steal from your purses by way of government ideals. same with islam or any other mega institution. are these your freedoms? do these belong to you? why must you pay for poorly parented nations not just within your communities but throughout the world? look at africa … the institution of rome use the poor to stay alive. where is equal measure for women in these establishments? who-what will speak for FEMALE in roman run operations in league with disastrous government? wh0-what will protect the children? the future of EARTH? 


and have we heard anything from the archbishop turned cardinal on these horrid affairs? 


are you listening, richards? and the rest of you … under whose authority are these peacekeepers and so many like them? is it wise to send in these men to stressed areas, areas of much strife and poor fare, inequality and injustice when not properly vetted? UNDER WHOSE AUTHORITY? your father's? hmm … can you not see the disease prevalent in and for orders? to not clean your own house while expecting MOVEMENT from these idolators is … folly. it is been done before and you cannot see IT? ha! what did you foster in society in your lame state of malpractice?  

you will not have MOVEMENT. you will have that blob of sugary dye of green gel wiggling on the old pee yellow floor, but you will NOT have Movement! until you learn how and WHERE to stand … and Walk.

and if you die before you wake, what have you left hanging on that stake?

moving on ...