I shall not tell a lie.

who cut down the cherry tree and for what purpose? 

I read an article on that recent earthquake in oklahoma … about how the wastewater from the process of fracking … drilling … is injected into areas of the earth that has caused an increase in earthquakes. I am going at this very simply here. okay, so I read a few comments and of course the usual "hate republican-blame republican" comments are there, as if no democrat or any other group  is involved in fracking and no one but republicans use gas or … . hmm. but occasionally I see a comment about the article. imagine that! an actual comment having to do with the primary point of the article, which was to "inform" the public that less wastewater is being injected into the ground causing less earthquakes so … essentially they (whoever they is) are trying to CONTROL the amount of damage they have done to the environment … and to whatever/whoever else. 

the comment said the article was untrue. but why would a scientist or any paid person---initiated through government and academic sources--- responsible for INFORMING the public on important matters like DISASTERS and such where lives, homeland, livestock … food, farming … not tell the truth? why wouldn't they be up front about these very relevant and very important … topics about how and where inhabitants of ___, ___ and ___ will be affected? seriously affected?


I share this today on your election day. a day of joy or a day of sorrow … because it has been more than evident that many government and academic sources have not been truthful about the numbers. from the start, this process has been in error and harmful to a good many people. if any... group/party/institution/organization/statereps/church/religion/pastors/priests/professors/popes ...paste up or otherwise … need to twist the truth, fabricate stories untrue to cut down that cherry tree, even if the tree is unsteady, in need of a serious pruning … a hack job is no job at all. it's a false initiative and a dead end cause.

I am very sad for the "american" system of government, of the FBI and the JUSTICE dept … and of many, many people holding influential seats. but hey, you will reap what you have showed


When I took my aging dog out last night in the dark for her tinkle, I heard the coyotes howling and yipping up a storm … in the not so far distance. I knew they had either spotted prey or had caught the prey. It sent shivers up my spine to imagine that poor little animal all alone … attacked by opportunistic feeders. I thought of how devastated I would be to have gracie caught by these marauders. and this morning I wondered what it would be like to be a poor little mouse bred in captivity for the sole purpose of being injected with cancer causing wastewater. 

folks, in this DAY … wastewater … yucky wastewater … awful smelling, contaminated wastewater … does it take an four star general or a doctor of the sciences to KNOW that this stuff is bad for the environment and its inhabitants … relying on the environment and what FEEDS on the environment that man uses to feed people? do we even need those poor little mice to prove the cancerous tumors? some things scream … so loudly a dead man should be able to hear it. 

why are we still fueling contaminated waters?


I read another comment … from an atheist … having to do with True Belief. True Belief as in Faith in a Higher Form does not dwell in the myriad of offenses we see in politics and religion. it can't. it simply cannot. this much I know from where I am. the atheist, as we have shared several times, understands belief to be the same as religion. he is not at a place where he can separate the two. his upbringing is often in religion and it was through this that he made his choice. his is a non believing status, one that rests in the merits of mankind. his knowledge and understanding, and experience on ANGELKIND id nonexistent. it does not exist. if {this} does not exist, including the EXPERIENCE … then his knowledge and understanding of angel kind will not exist. good or evil (and please understand that we would rather use the word SPIRIT for something not seen, but we are making a point here on Light and Darkness).   

should atheist move … experience will become something more than man. he either desires knowledge in this or he does not. if religion is the prevailing force in belief, atheist will not move. he can't move. he simply cannot. and, if he rests in atheism as his religion, he cannot move. it takes a motivator to help him move, to help him see or hear something greater than man. once this occurs, he begins a process within belief of something of SUPREME BEING. but does he understand in what form it takes? like the religionist, he is at a place of discernment … a dangerous place for a newcomer … where he is either snagged or redeemed ( in the moving place of release). how does man make the right choice: good or evil. right from wrong. ignorance and deception verses Light and Awareness ..? religion isn't the Answer. it is simply not the Answer. mere christianity is not … the Answer. there is far more than meets the eye. 



if you read wikipedia on cameroon … under religion, and I always look under the predominant religion(s) of counties, this will help you understand how state is an unrecognized part in the pogrom, for it lacks the form of awareness needed to move toward justice and fair treatment within cities. the city of state is not in communion with the city of the people, or the wellness of the body consisting of the people. state serves state and body breeds indefinitely under duress. and unfortunately, religion, the programs being used as an asset are really not in a place of deliverance for the greater good of the body as a whole. in cameroon the female child is property used to continue the excess, not a part in union within the whole of the body for … healthy partnering, heathy and safe creation … for better treatment and Divine Deliverance. the child bride syndrome coming from ignorant beliefs and practices, and continued in and through religions like strict judaism and strict islam and others …continue that unhealthy view of female. and roman catholicism, along with its offspring followers… continue its created image of man as higher than female, damming women to a place of lesser substance. its educational offerings in places like cameroon leave female child to become a nun or a married woman, while boys, young men have the option to become priests, pastors … or something related to business within the church-state. marriage unto man then becomes the entrapment for the female, forced on her by religious male dominance. and state won't remove the ignorants/ignorance because those under its thumb (parishioners and so called charity) take care of things it does not care to be bothered with, even though this type of system does not solving the problems. like nuns feeding sandwiches of processed meat to the homeless under the bridge until the bridge collapses from misuse and neglect and or the homeless die from lack of proper nutrition and disease. 

meanwhile bazooka joe gets the finest meals in the finest houses with the finest seating arrangements.

*hopefully you are picking up on our delivery nOT forked … regarding certain news items as of late. 

and the truth is … most catholics know little if anything at all on where their money (collection/donations) is going---how it is being used, and some, who are involved in the system, think this is how things are supposed to be done. some don't know any better. and others … well, they know exactly what's going on and they do everything in their seats of power and influence to hide the crimes and the corruption. I mean, for instance, how much money do you think is going to "protection" by way of mafia types? the RCC has always been in league with not only government finance … but also the crime syndicates. how else would they be able to keep their carriages from attack? how else do you think one archdiocese stays pristine while other offices and housing get sold or torched. and it's easy to take advantage of the climate to point fingers and receive a loooooottttta money for something. blaming someone else to take advantage of the public's anger and the bleeding heart naivety of so many. 

I see much and hear even more. and it makes my insides boil sometimes. 

if you remove the big heads then you are able to begin the process of learning what is working and what is not working. simple enough process. yes?

you see, government has done little to nothing to stop the clergy/staff/laity sexual abuse of the children in the RCC, for example … and so very little to address the dangerous environment for children … everywhere, for women and girls throughout. sure, some women traipse themselves right into bad places, but why did this even become a bad place to begin with? who-what set the stage for viewing female as a sex object and something to abuse, take advantage of and murder … systematically? forcing women and girls into prostitution? and who-what continues to keep women down and undermined … stuck under a rotting bridge? religions? there is a painting on the home page of this site that shows a female on the table with arms held behind her and three angels there. this is a two-fold message regarding SHE, but I will just say that it was one of the most agonizing of all my SPIRREALISM PAINTINGS. it was my first of the largest pcs. I am still not happy with it, but it has to do with Prophesy … the Prophet and … Truth.

also, there is a frustration and an anger that I sometimes feel the Lord restrains. I am angry at you. I am angry at your people. caesar is caesar. I do not expect to see much in the way of truth in government---the state. I hope that these stay true to how they poise themselves for votes, but the corruption in government and political religion is huge … it's something known and yet, people continue to hope for justice and truth in these places as if they have learned nothing at all… places of darkness (unawareness). because they cannot see in the dark? or because they have placed blindfolds on themselves and others … and hearing cannot come until one begins to move.

that restrained image is me, alright. because should Lord release those arms, and with the anger I experience regarding those bastards allowing children and young women and innocent animals to be so horribly abused … I swear to God I might beat your lying ass to the next planet. 

yes, I am part wild dog, and I move on … Four. a lot faster than your sluggish two. 

God, Spirit of the Living, is not a man, folks. wake up and smell the hide!

the sheet in ACTS give one a glimpse.


now to something you should know but it looks very much like you don't big joe tobin has been moved to new jersey … why would the pontiff move his archbishop to new jersey … at this time during a very close election? the timing says a lot about that unusual but expected position change. does it have to do with the abuse of children? no, because pontiff would have done this three years ago if he cared. he does not care about the victims; he is a man of precedent. his experience in argentina should tell you a lot, but your blindfold and reading religious news keeps you from knowing what you should know … about politest. how it reveals itself in acts.

so, ask … be the big boy, and ask: why did pontiff bring in joe tobin ... to new jersey! first, the pandering to other religious is just that … pandering. it's a nice slacking glaze on a face contorted with … no liking that the jews are taking over the jersey boys territory? hmm … is that a stretch of our imagination or is there evidence of this? but both of hypnotic stream can co-habitate, yes? live together in male harmony … no? share their women like the men of old. no??? no. but there is another element to this. the election. why at this time? why not ten months ago … last year, even? why now?



you vote in a liar you get a liar. does it matter which one?