Last month, we got word that hexavalent chromium, the chemical made famous by Erin Brockovich, has been found at unsafe levels in the drinking water of 200 million Americans across all 50 states.

This isn't déjà vu: Erin Brockovich's famous case against a gas and electric company was settled in 1996, but decades later, the same carcinogenic chemical she discovered in the small town of Hinkley, Calif., is contaminating water in countless other cities and towns.

Join me in urging the Environmental Protection Agency to set a strong national safety limit for hexavalent chromium in drinking water.

Hexavalent chromium is used in a number of industrial processes, but the biggest culprit behind this contamination is the electric power industry. 

And in 2009, the industry reported they released 10.6 million pounds of chromium and chromium compounds into the environment.2

With numbers like that, it's no wonder chromium has seeped into our water.

Yet despite numerous scientific studies pointing to its danger, no federal limit on hexavalent chromium in drinking water has been set. Help change that by taking action.

This story should have ended in the 1990s. But instead, two decades later, the problem now affects all corners of the country. That's in part because of the chemical industry's powerful lobbying.

In 2010, the EPA completed but never officially released a draft risk assessment of hexavalent chromium, and concluded it was "likely to be carcinogenic to humans." 

But the American Chemistry Council, an influential lobbying group, asked the agency to wait for industry-funded studies.3

The EPA did wait, and then in 2012, the risk assessment was suddenly and quietly halted.

With a chemical linked to cancer, delays followed by more delays are simply unacceptable.

Tell the EPA to prioritize public health and our basic right to safe drinking water.

Thanks for taking action,

Janet Domenitz
MASSPIRG Executive Director

1. Tafline Laylin, "Chromium-6: 'Erin Brockovich' chemical threatens two-thirds of Americans," The Guardian, September 20, 2016.
2. Ibid.
3. Ibid.


ha-ha! there are jews and there are … 'jews' :0


silk's choir practice involves:

any student of the internet can find this info without much cost to his pocketbook. what he does not know unless there is someone of some group, somewhere (so over that rainbow?)  "reading" hidden emails … ready to expose illegal practices … possible betrayal and … what some view as treason. you may not like the practices of graham and trump, the SYSTEM OF THE US, which is silk's beloved system? but you have a choice, as an american citizen, to go elsewhere. right? or … illustrate change. by moving out of set place. by NOT voting in THIS SAME SYSTEM, what YOU do not trust, what you see as having failed repeatedly, what you find dangerous, improper, unhealthy, litigious … by not voting for foes to liberty. liberty in the sense of justice in a moral and ethical LIGHT.

-------- a man desiring to be a woman chooses a certain process to try to make this happen. does it work? ask him/her. a woman desiring to be a man chooses a certain process to try to make this happen. does it work? ask her/him. a gay man that does not like being gay chooses something … somewhere … to not be gay. this is his choice. right? drugs, therapy, clothes … relationships, concealing … friends, family, professionals/experts … whatever … he makes a choice of something. 

now, what point was silk trying to make … again?

as that pendulum swings, as history has a way of repeating … does Man know what is about to impound him? not when of a fascist ideology. 

here is a jokey for ya: what is the difference between fascism and communism? one wears a collar the other a pooch. 


in case you are waiting for the world to change … waiting, waiting for the world to change … here are some things to read:

and what students should be spending time on … studies related to areas with things like high amounts of chromium 6 and violence, esp in youth. right, students? rather than polling for your professor and your priests? and areas where there are large numbers of cancer cases and deaths, along with violence … and contaminated drinking water. lots of jobs here if government can stop its bull fits and put all that money where its mouth is… instead of pretending they care about life, your children or …. the unborn child.

the only reason I posted silk's comment pc is to show you where these "teachers" feed … and where they are not. what influence does it have on YOUR child? in what way does any of it MOVE you or student into life-saving fields of work? if you and your child are riddled with illnesses BECAUSE OF CONTAMINATED drinking water, does it matter which of THOSE TWO cant-date you vote in? … and those waving their pride flags, saying they have the biggest and best parade in all the world, may turn around and ask: what the ___ was in our drinking water that made us so ___. look at how many are ill! and when the evidence comes out on a lot of these illnesses … being linked to contaminates---nasty chemicals … and how very little man really knows about how something like chromium 3 can change to chromium 6 … ouch. look out.

so very, very sad and truly depressing to watch people, a large group, IN SUCH SICKENING DENIAL, think themselves so smart, so much smarter than their opponents, so much better … and then … the truth comes out, and they run and hide and look for others to blame as they continue in their repulsive denial. and, silk may believe it's okay for people to USE AND MISUSE CHRIST, but he has no f'ing clue what happens to those who do. but as I said in the previous: I am done 'there'. it was a great hoist though, the silk pc ... to that next step … in SPIRREALISM. maybe like a silk spider web that I used for a lift … one that I just don't get stuck in ;)


government could establish law ---could have put into law at some point in the last 8 years--- CRITICAL INFORMATION  … make room for it in CURRICULA ALL OVER THE WORLD … instead of teaching "theories, big bank government, religion in public schools, and politics done obama way" … to aid in UNDERSTANDING what man is doing to the environment. law could have been passed on very concrete steps about what you can do to help in this crisis and what you must stop doing. yes, law … stop ___ and ___ and ___. much like a water ban or taking turns, alternating days ... in communities in severe drought situations. but obama has been more interested in making deals with warring nations. giving money and business to nations that cannot be trusted.  and in case you have not looked closely, many of these are not proper and just leaders and yet he has the audacity to judge the allies of his opponents. hmm. well, we wonder what he is waiting for …. that pool to dry up?

these mega parties are not really keyed into the real deal so …why keep them? 




the question here is … what traces are left?


another question is … how much do egg-headed theologians get paid by the clinton establishment to campaign THEOLOGICALLY for not Christ but party policy? CHRIST CANNOT BE BOUGHT, you see, and anyone initiating these affairs are … well, you decide. and questions like … how much do sports figures who are quite used to receiving endorsement packages … get paid for, well, you know … all been done before. but when it does come out the secularist and religious and atheist and … will be running for cover. but what we find somewhat amusing is watching the atheist-nonbeliever voting for the christian. :D defending the christian :D … too fun. 

must be some serious fear going on to break the law thataway. 

but let's look at policy and method. one might say donald trump and his camp are the offspring/brain children of the CLINTON ADMINISTRATION. hmm … interesting view there. :D some are reaping what they have sown? what I hear, this is just the beginning.

(one asked: what do you mean by "eggheaded"? those who think the egg came before the hen. without the hen there would be no egg. and, no cock is needed for the egg … but we figure you know that already).

but on to more sincere policy …


WE SAW THIS COMING A MILE and a mile and a mile and … away and is why we gave him a part in his play.

how clever of the card. to take out LONG TERM LOANS (that the rcc NEVER intends to fully pay back). hmmm … whose idea? he will try to get the taxpayer to pay for those abuses but … something is about to happen that the rcc did not count on.

now, as we were saying … SINCERE policy …  
but allow us to add just one more highly relevant point on these serious crimes. this is a SICKNESS---a SICKNESS FOUND ALL OVER THE WORLD, hiding in institution, and being covered up by institution, most specifically in INSTITUTIONS not being investigated and not being held responsible for its behavior. and … this is very disconcerting! any government-jurisdiction that does not see this epidemic for what it is and refuses to do the RIGHT thing for children---the SAFE thing---is seriously unstable. they are either in league with this SICKNESS… this catastrophic illness or in utter DENIAL, to the point of considering having 'them' REMOVED from office. if YOUR government officials AFTER ALL THIS TIME AND WITH THE HUGE NUMBERS OF CASES OF THIS DISEASE all over the world ... will not or cannot address this epidemic they way they would an an ebola type virus, IT IS NOT CAPABLE OF LEADING, OF MAKING PROPER LAWMAKING DECISIONS> shut down the institutions. STOP THE ARENA ! and get rid of your lawless. 

honestly, it is almost unimaginable that the governments have not taken the bull by the horns and acted on this! it's frightening, actually. that the institutions of the US that say they serve YOU the consumer and YOU as citizen will not address these incidents with the utmost, utmost importance and the utmost attention. and that citizens don't DEMAND that they act is like … wow. any other institution would be shut down with these abuse numbers.… what the F is wrong with the lawmakers of the US? and others? it's absolutely crazy! insane behavior and if someone having had a child sexually molested---RAPED---in these institutions, and watched his son or daughter commit suicide … die a slow death on drugs and alcohol and failed marriages ... because of the abuse, and not just the abuse but the care-LESS behavior of this organization and the lawmakers making up governing bodies in these areas where loads of HORROR has come out … went and blew up a dozen of these catholic institutions, or attacked the vatican with an army, or torched the archbishops residences … I would not blink an eye. 

the governments are as much dead in morality and ethics as their damn … damn what? bedfellows?

ON THIS ALONE---STANDING ALL BY ITSELF---SHOULD BE ENOUGH FOR EVERY LAW ABIDING, DECENT AND HUMAN CITIZEN … TO NOT VOTE ERROR. THE CONTINUATION OF FAILED LAW OR THE CONTINUATION OF THE LAW OF THE (S)ELECT--- big heads exempt from following the law? do as I say not as I do but if you lie with me, I will PAY you $ and ever for you … 
until my ass is getting burned; then I will betray you. 


I was doing a wee search yesterday to try to gain some understanding of which group, business, government, nation is the most abusive to the environment (you see... that I have moved from where I was … not a fast track like some, but a step at a time as it should be, except where DANGER is … if one realizes he is there---get out! if one realizes where it is and has a position that can address it ASAP, one does not pander to party or placate for indulgences … one acts.)

there was so much on the topic of abuse to environment ,and yet, not nearly enough! it was hard to know how to look. government should be on this ASAP! instead, they play party games, pretend at caring and pad there offices. not a "good" place to be. and we read where some use the word "antichrist" (read this recently regarding hillary clinton). well, what exactly is the anti-christ? one would need to know WHAT IS CHRIST before he can use the term, esp where he uses it to point fingers at someone, negatively. I can assure you there is not a man alive in this day who knows what is Christ. because CHRIST is not Man. Christ is … portal to … Supreme Being. 

understanding this … is hillary the anti-christ? is hillary evil? huh, it was political commentary/voters who used the phrase "the lesser of two evils" … it was Man who made that bed, not me. not God. not Truth. not Christ. Man is ever so reluctant to face his own marriage vows. he is in denial on his own words. tsk-tsk. watch who-what you follow, people. you may just be lumped in with evil.

but, okay … what does the anti-christ look like? we said some time ago in SPIR that BABYLON is false doctrine. this is fact. if you understand the Language of the Spirit WRITTEN … and please understand that Spirit/spirit uses far more than the written word to express … share … act. operate. there are tools, gifts … places … you accept that babylon is a real place of error. it exists. what makes it false? deforestation is one method of false doctrine. but wait, one has to clear an area of trees to build … to create housing developments and malls and … institutions, says the citizen, lawmaker, professor, religions of … the world. yes, that is the way of man in his method. he razes the ground of all life for … his idea. wait, are you saying he destroys the homes of others? you ask. yes, he does. he does not look for life. he looks for his … affairs to be his order. 



there is much talk of "treatment of female" … no, treatment of women … in the news right now. treatment of female and treatment of women are not the same. female and woman aren't quite the same. one is she, the other something she chooses to be. women set the tone for something. but what happens to women when under the strict indictment of male figures? or men? you see, there are differences in these places. it is not as black and white as much of the world sees. 

we do not need to go into an explanation of the role set out for female/woman, beginning with Man. even today, we see the disingenuous place of teaching and mentoring. even today, we see the false dichotomy. women desiring money and fame are willing to endure a certain type of abuse or mistreatment, should they find themselves in environments that are dangerous to female. they choose. they make a choice on what they believe is priority. what drives them. some women/females, unfortunately, find themselves in situations they cannot handle and many end up abused---raped. the idea in society is that men with big titles like … PRESIDENT, COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF, FATHER, LORD, YOUR EMINENCE, YOUR GRACE, HOLY FATHER, CEO, head of company, along with those positions designed solely for men not women ... where billions respect and bow to these titles/positions in some matter, while excusing all forms of unacceptable words and behavior because TITLE is higher than ethical teaching … places female in a precarious position. young women, even girls, often fall prey to men of these titles. young interns … students … are often inexperienced, afraid, too young to choose. too young to get out … ASAP. what GUARDIAN is in place to help female choose appropriately? only parent(s) can assist and mentor when female is young, but … what if parent is careless or attitude is man is more than she? more than She? she is lesser in his eyes. she is to be taken for granted. she is a second class group. she is only good for certain things. she is incapable of the might and strength and power and influence of men, men of body, men of numbers, men of title. even JFK made his bed in these articles of belief and practice. his words are there. his acts are more than evident and yet, billions place him as the pride of their nation. the pride of men. 

I am under no such illusions. MLK is another. his use of prostitutes, while married with children. but, it is not for me to nitpick about his sexual practices, only to point out that these exist, his use of poor female, esp poor black female? a contradiction in his efforts to black freedoms? hmm. and to ask: was it he that wrote that 'famous' speech or another? some things just don't add up. some things just don't pair up in SINCERE BELIEF AND PRACTICE. some things just don't marry well. his and JFK's … and many others. take bill clinton … during HIS title as commander in chief … what did he take advantage of? what were his choices? how did he treat female/women---young women? and what choice did hillary make in the cases where bill is accused of raping women ... in her influential and often powerful positions … what did she make priority? how did she treat women when it mattered most? when NEW was needed? when CHANGE OF ATTITUDE-CHANGE OF PRACTICE-CHANGE OF BELIEF was undeniably needed? 

she failed that test, folks. hillary clinton failed the most important test of all her testing. so … WHAT is it--- kind of woman? 

ugly words coming from men of poor upbringing in a society created by mostly MEN is kind of a wash. it's obvious, right? where is HUMAN demeanor in these cycles … these repetitious cycles? 

silencing voice in an area of much needed change (transforming) is false doctrine, bad behavior, and evil should it continue OF ignorance and denial, and show its fruits in actual MANHANDLING, like physical abuse and the like, esp where youth is involved, and where silencing of  VICTIM is priority rather than … RIGHT BEHAVIOR and PROPER ETHIC … or, title preys on the inexperienced, the too young to choose, the poor and the unaware, the naive, the fear-filled ….

and none of these acts are to be confused with PAUL's Writing. man's interpretation and Spirit are not the same. 

and to confuse a billionaire businessman's bad, unethical behavior as somehow equal in standing with a first lady's JOB to the public she, too, swears an oath to serve is … like confusing PAUL's teaching and man's teaching. but let's look at GOVERNMENT/SOCIETY's views. what are these views? if it is an accepted practice to allow heads of states to be unjust and of poor character and behavior while silencing and charging one not of these seats is hypocritical to say the least. how is it that one gets away with rape but not another? and to allow big heads of institutions to roam free and to continue in their power and influence over the people while having committed crimes … invites lawlessness. these acts invite indecency and bad behavior and DRAWS CRIME into communities throughout the nation. are your leaders making their beds in babylon? what makes you think that reform of any sort will make for change in behavior? anywhere.

you live in ignorance if you say there is no god. if the bottle is broken, how will you drink from it? and how will you serve drink to others?

AND WHEN YOU TRY TO WHITEWASH THAT BROKEN BOTTLE AND TRY TO SERVE WITH IT … bottles containing broken pcs … what dangers do you create?