that title is from an ad---I think

I had just finished reading an article on the Red Cleric, the second in two days, and I looked beneath and saw two cartoon figures carrying eggs---one larger than the other. 

this is saying much :)

It has been interesting, wearisome, annoying ... and elemental ... to watch the church (denominations of christianity) and other religions play the field. the courtship has been something to watch, especially with politics in the mix. 

allow me to share a dream I had about 2-2 1/2 yrs ago. I will keep it brief----as brief as the lay-men courtships :D

I was in a contained area, almost like a cave except the space looked and felt more like a tunnel. I was in a wooden boat on a river in this tunnel. I went to the bow and looked down into the water and noticed I could see the bottom ... and in the mud I could see articles. Some of these were shiny, and appeared useful. I thought it wise to see what "gems" lay underneath, and called to an Orthodox priest (and someone he had with him who seemed smaller in stature) standing at my right side on a narrow ledge beside the tunnel wall, because the place where I was standing was too high a spot for me to reach the articles from the boat. It was a difficult reach down to the river's bottom. I called and called, but he refused to respond, so I moved from my place and proceeded to step out of the boat to retrieve the articles myself ... as I saw great worth in doing so ... but I was conscious that I was barefoot and just a little concerned that I might step on something sharp. I stepped into the water, my feet sinking some in the mud ... and the first thing I pulled up to examine was a long metal rod ... somewhat bent---twisted in spots ... I woke shortly after this. 


We have shared in this several times in SPIR. What is it in the Language of the Spirit? It is Prophesy, or ... a part in {this}. The world is full of signs and these carry a wealth of intrigue and trespass. To the non believer this is nonsense most likely, but what is it to the believer in Spirit? Some claim there is nothing beyond their 'prophet' ... which is their savior---their illumined entity which carries what their predecessors at some point designed for them to believe ... but what we see is these same figures casting ... casting ... casting ... for new material ... as their nakedness is revealed. 

There is a Gnostic Proverb that speaks:

No one enters the Kingdom of Heaven naked. 

Why? What  happened to the old material---the material they SWORE OATHS TO? Did it fray and wear out ... no longer feeding the masses? Does the new patch on these cause the fabric to rip and tear---rendering the garment useless? 

What did Jesus say to his disciples upon calling them to gnosis? 

Cast your net on the right-hand side of the boat and you will find some ...

Peace and Love