poets, songwriters … even politicians use the word freely. what word? devil. the devil. but too often they refuse the reality of … the devil. the devil is of evil spirit. this is real. there is an entity we call evil, and it dwells in the minds of man. this is how evil in the world has its way, gets its way, distracts and misleads … to have it his way. evil is the opposite of good. evil is lawlessness. evil is a spirit force capable of things man has yet to understand, or believe. since man cannot see GOD, he believes evil is a fairytale. there are those who say they believe in a Supreme Being, but these do not believe "satan" exists … that evil spirits exist. they are wrong. evil exists and uses man to deceive. how do I know this? I have known this since my childhood. I know it exists as I have heard it, but I do not converse with … evil and …

I will not do business with deceivers. and war is not the way I get "my" way, the way of THE LAW AND THE PROPHET … for Truth. at least not the warring man uses to obstruct justice. but there is something called SPIRITUAL WARFARE and I go to bat for man every single day in this. but he knows nothing about it, because he cannot see it. and in not seeing he does not hear. once in anger I told evil he will not succeed and it spoke back, like a writing … and the Angels of the Living God said to me, do not speak to it. it is not worthy of your Being. in other words, do not degrade yourself. do not allow yourself to become like them … lowering yourself to the darkness of he who shall not be Named. 


why hasn't the RCC, the pope as institution, the catholic conference of bishops and all the agencies and doers under the Head, THE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, the weight of this … the power and the influence … the volume of money … placed its thumb on the evil having its way in mexico to STOP the flow of evil? perhaps because it uses evil to gets its way?

and they tell me, little me, without the establishments of men, without the flamboyant attire and influential titles, and the massive cathedrals and expansive housing of these institutions … with power and money and influence all over the world, huge, blasted huge … BIG … claiming itself supreme authority … that I am doing satan's work? huh. little me. a Spiritual Gnostic, enemy of the roman catholic church. huh, little me … doing satan's work? 

are these institutions above critique? above chastising? free of corruption, lies, denial and ignorance? look what they have done to entire nations of peoples and … they say I AM doing satan's work? hmm … 

maybe I AM give these a lesson they will not soon forget. yes? yes. 


we have said that even the reeds bend with the wind for baby moses as he lay in his bassinet on the river nile. would this be a bending of the rules? a catholic once said he heard I was arrogant. I asked in this in sincerity to understand if I was guilty of arrogance. the reply: he lied. we never said you are arrogant. your arrogance is not arrogance but life.

if man in all his medals and titles and establishments is so distant from Truth … would he not deny me? would he not try to silence me by saying I am doing satan's work? would he not commit treason to disavow me? would he not betray the people he swore oaths to serve … for his own willful arrogance and godliness? would it not be reasonable to bend the rules and speak a language he understands in the hope of bringing him into awareness on his own indwelling beasts?



a rather significant point to be made, but first … I did a wee search on anti-Semitism and  I read a line that went something like this: 
anti-semitism used to be applied to those who hate jews, now it is applied to those the jews hate. 

I laughed. I am allowed to laugh. but what is the significant point that needs to be made? I spent much of my life listening to jews and non jews make comments about females that is far worse than those made by bannon, including jokes made by jewish comedians.  comments and jokes that I find offensive regarding female, how female is viewed. comments misogynistic, ugly, repulsive … ignorant and evil. and the world claps and pays big money to hear these. 

can you explain how the world is allowed to make these offensive comments and not be arrested, or at least called out and stopped for inciting terrorist acts on female? 


comment from the article:

Go to any article on Breitbart and read the comments. (Put your hip-waders on first, it's a cesspool, and you'll need a long shower afterwards.) The place is rife with jaw-droppingly offensive anti-Semitic comments. (And racist, and sexist, you name it. Every nasty thing is on display.) None of these people are ever banned from the site. They type away anonymously, safe in the knowledge that they can spew whatever they like in perfect safety. This is Steve Bannon's world.

----now where have we seen offensive comments that croquet player describes? just about everywhere where moderating is …  careless or … biased, and this is not just breitbart type sites. it should be no secret that many moderators have allowed hate speech and offensive and degrading comments about the group(s) [they] do not like, often for political and religious reasons, while deleting those comments that show the truth about their own hypocrisy and double standards. this was one of the outstanding features on on this election. popular vote? ha! many vying for trump were trying to break the chains of liberal hypocrisy it seems. this was one thing that stood out as we were watching and it is truly, truly amazing … that the liberalist does not see it. and when he does not see it, he does not hear his own. and it should be no secret that ugly and slanderous comments have been made about believers in Supreme Being … a sort of  … "all black people are delusional" imagine that folks? it's as bad as what has been allowed EVERYWHERE that is offensive and degrading of female! but this is okay with both camps because it has been around since the beginning man, and accepted. and when liberal left says that the right is sexist and anti-semitic and ___aphobic I just roll my eyes like … 

oh, what's it like to be a muffin' with a head all full of stuffin' ;) 

get it together, people, you don't have a pray to revive.

but you say you hate islam and roman catholicism! shouts the angry man. yes, and? I hate all dogmatic institutions that demean female and use female irreparably. I hate hypocrisy, too. you gonna shoot me? if you know me you know that I fight evil for good. I do not dislike catholics or muslims practicing and many do not dislike me, but I am to share what is.  some foods I find damaging, don't you? and doesn't it make sense to help people get to the source of the bad rather than continuously whitewashing it?


read the comments by spuddie. he is an atheist. when a commenter posts something he disagrees with he says: prove it. provide a link. where is his proof on what he says? and if what he says is true, the world would have heard about it from BLM. did you hear anything from BLM? I didn't hear anything from BLM regarding what spud die accuses the republicans of doing at the polls. it seems he said what his liberal left buddies wanted him to believe. 

truth is, anyone can say anything and media was and is biased … for clinton. I saw so many untruths it was oppressive. so who do you blame for the misinformation? the media or the atheist? or was BLM at the wrong place at the wrong time?

take the SPIRITUAL GNOSTIC, me … roman catholicism spewed and continues to spew untruths about me. who do you believe, the RCC or me? the RCC does not know me so how would it know what I am? atheist does not know me so how would it know what I am? the world doesn't know me so how would it know what I am? maybe because of misinformation coming from church and state and those who are followers of these two BIG industries? evil takes care o its own says the Spiritual Gnostic. but also, if you no likey trump but was dishonest and unjust in trying to get your way … you get back what you believe. yes? as we said … Gnostic Philosophy says that if you vote in a liar you get a liar. does it matter which one? 
is trump happy with the electoral college? :D and maybe many trump supporters are looking at the trump dynasty being created and are going what the …?!  should trump's children have access to classified info? did you as a nation VOTE to have trump's children as president? 

and you should know that more jews voted for trump than is recognized by the media sources. either the sources do not know this or they are hiding this. which makes tobin grant's article not something to dismiss. maybe he is on to something. and maybe there are more jews in the states than one realizes … maybe the jews are not a minority after all. now if you ask someone very familiar with the NT, she would say yes to that statement. 

as I said, I ended up not voting. I was leaning toward sanders but was waiting to hear where he stood. I made my decision not to vote for him after he sat with big imam. I no likey that. pandering to oppressive religious establishment with big brotherhood head is not separation of church and state. a president to be should be addressing the people as a body, citizens of the state, and not singling out religious venue for votes. when he went to his god the pope then jumped track for hillary … I knew I made the right choice, even as I was hearing much within these tribes. jill stein would have gotten my vote, but she was denied a seat at the debates although as I said I do not like that format and I don't usually watch them. but it's telling that BIG establishment is hogging up all the space, and you are not allowed to hear from people with worth and value.  the day of I was shown I would not be voting as something was up. besides the decrepit tactic in this election, there is something yet to be revealed, and I was to keep my hands out of the muck. but am shown I will be voting … 




this was horrible, but please know that the murderer says: I AM A POLITICAL ACTIVIST. not a JESUS follower or of the Christ or a number of other things atheists and liberal leftists want you the readers to believe and … because of the hate spewing and lies posted by militant activists like atheist max and aragon the atheist (one in the same person/see RNS and sites attributed to this). these activists often on both sides of that aisle do hide behind things or use things to elevate their status, including other people, or other groups made up of people of similar beliefs. for instance, a republican is branded by these types, or a democrat is branded by an atheist like militant max/aragon. but where it becomes a burden is where people do not speak out against their own … system of beliefs. if the democratic party had been willing to admit their image is in question, with a lot of unanswered questions, and a lot of denial and silencing of voices in an attempt to whitewash the clinton image … with all that big head histrionics, power-mongering and use of biased media, the voters, many of them young, would not be acting militantly. they would likely not have chosen hillary for their candidate. but in ignorance and denial, they still refuse to acknowledge what they did to sanders and what they have done to many.

and the same goes for the republican party in their heavy-handedness, and their holier than thou attitudes.

someone like me can't get a word in edgewise and yet haven't "we" called it out most fittedly?



this is substantial to the working class and many highly paid well off liberalists don't see it, and they don't see it because they don't want to see it. I liken this to an atheist who is told that God exists and he says, prove it. he can't see it therefore he will not hear it, and as long as he has his recorder repeating back to him what he wants to hear …he won't hear. what he wants is not necessarily what is good for the nation or even himself should things shift significantly in that pendulum swing. like the prophet saying, move and move now before you get knocked out completely as the big medal prod comes right back your way while you are where you are … whether its your ivory tower looking good, strategizing all sorts of policy making agendas, but never actually getting to the root of the problems you are trying to solve… or something else. and a model often looks good on paper, but the reality is you are dealing with an old house and anyone with an old house knows what's it's like to try to do upgrades. there are always surprises, and some things are just not doable. and if you take from the land trees where trees are needed … without replacing them with something similar … you leave that parcel of land very wide open and prone to disaster. 

obama in greece wanting to assist in the dept crisis.
the democrats talk big about money for this and money for that while giving away a hell of a lot of money that they will soon learn was a big mistake … and even dear jill stein and sanders saying they will take care of the student dept and provide free college. where is the money going to come from? usually it comes from the same place it always comes from … the backs of the hardworking … who are about ready to snap. trump isn't hurting, but neither is clinton, so how could either KNOW what it's like in this day? when was the last time hillary paid for a cup of coffee ;) seriously … 

germany is correct in saying that obama's way is not going to help greece in the long run, but I don't think germany has it together, either. who takes in refugees and sticks them in crowded camps for months and months on end? where women and girls are subjected to sexual abuse while merkel and company hide it. this is sickening! they get no praise from me. and who in the f- got this whole rush started? who set the place on fire that would cause families with children such risks? who is the demon that set this in motion? was it the RCC? hmm … do your homework, people, please. please do your … homework. 

greece has to find within itself what its gifts are that will get them out of this mess. and we do not want them to accolade the EU, or become part of this BIG establishment. stay small, greece, stay warm and stay true to your Person. don't become like the rest of europe which will soon lose itself in the innuendo of overdose. 



honestly, kimberly, I cannot sit in any church anymore and listen to any of it. and it's not that I dislike the people or even the fact that they gather for worship, but their god is not the GOD I know---the One I experience … and I cannot listen to weak ecumenical rah-rah any more than the political stuff you encountered. it's all advertising something man made and to see that first comment to your article regarding female pastors is a disgrace. sandi luckins must be a sadist, because her god, whatever it is, feeds itself on the IDEA that man is god. Spirit of the Living God would never deny female her place in the HOUSE of Spirit.  and really, what is that House but … Truth. thank you for an honest sharing. you gave the Angels of the Living a smile when you did the work of the Spirit, and you did the work of the Spirit … 

you went in in honest apparel, and found your honesty aborted. it's quite the wake up call, for it left you experiencing a nakedness few experience and even fewer understand. in a sense, your protective emotion and your idea of life was ripped from the body, the body you were accustomed to and felt safe within until the trump win. this created fear as expected when relying on man, man's ideals, to make life make sense, and to keep your view of things accepted and comfortable, but others were feeling much less comfortable.  some angry, some scared. what you now experience. that anger will manifest itself in certain ways. let's see where it takes you, because as BELIEVERS in Spirit we are not to be fearful of the world's dominions. if they obstruct, we move. it is movement that keeps them from hanging you on their walls as their win, their ornament. you should not be owned by ignorance or pride. on either side.

the worship centers should become Spiritual Art Centers with running water and fresh air. plants and flowers here and there … where people can just sit down and breathe. just breathe and contemplate the view. that's a start. man needs to go back to the beginning … where it all began. 

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