we posted a portion of the BOOK containing REVELATION. it was the Angel of the Church of Sardis (see previous).

we are now entering the TIME of the Return. this has been Prophesied. it is written. the signs are out there. 

man thinks himself invincible. this is not so. allow us to share a verse. and I knew not this verse until just now. just now, as I write this in earnest … I was shown this. I was told, 2 Corinthians 2.15. as I looked it up in the Writings, I even asked, "are there even 15 verses in chapter 2?" but of course we see that there are 17. 

For we are to God the fragrance of Christ among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing. 

what is it to be of the fragrance of Christ? 


SUNDAY July 24

I would not normally post something such as this in these essays, but it saves me from trying to form the words of others through periodic reading on this topic, and it is a very big topic: mental illness.


if you have read any of the ancient texts like The Philokalia or The Ladder of Divine Ascent you begin to get a sense of how evil can operate in a mind under the rule or engagement of something extreme … and destructive. those under the illusion that SPIRIT (good and evil) does not exist is in for a humdinger … soon. all 'politics' point to chief of some system of belief, and most engage in some form of rule (belief system and practice) born from 'something' … that Something is either of Spirit of the Living God or … of the multitudes of the World. it is often the case that believers are of that something found in Worldly Acumen, consisting of WORDS and ACTIONS. the words are born from one in and of the Spirit of the Living or … of the World, and is why you read of this in the Writings. 

if you have truly read SPIR, you receive in this a partnering. you are a sort of partner if taking the time to read carefully and … study the results. what are the results? many incidents we warned came to fruition. study of this kind (likeness) begins unity, not of the World but of the Heart. also, even where we used certain individuals like the roman pontiff or the democratic or republican presidential nominees or … a pastor, professor and … religionist of some type … we made the point of sharing the marriage these have with … a denomination, religion, academic circle … political party and in many of these cases the 'individuals' were of more than one of these institutions, rendering self inconclusive. our question in a continuous on this is: where do you stand? we are aware that you stand and not sit but where?

hypocrisy is born from dual enlistment where two or more are not gathering in the Name of One.
UNITY is not a truth if candidate, professor, pastor, priest, bishop, pope … is trying to plow a field, a very large field like MENTAL ILLNESS while yoking ox and ass together. you might think in your 'catholic' attire that it looks good in word and in advertising of agenda, but history has shown time and time again what is born from these efforts---ideals.

PROPHESY is undeniably forthcoming. 

if striving for peaceful conditions in communities, dual enlistment attire will only cause more disunity. maybe even more calamity and destruction … as you see currently happening in nations throughout the world. a marriage of church and state is the ultimate example man can actually see if paying attention and not too insulated or embedded in his academia or religion or … 
but there is an inner, often unseen, spiritual indwelling taking place that man is usually not aware of, and he has mistreated its condition. he doesn't know what he does not know, but he is also often in a form of denial, refusing to study this dominion. this dominion is what is satan, or the realm of evil. there is not a person on this planet not engaging in some fashion with satan and/or its followers. if in the flesh in the World, you are at risk. which brings us to something we posted in SPIR: you are not protected if …

if what? we shared extensively in this, giving ample evidence. witnessing is not an easy place of continuance, but it is real. it is not tablets of ink with paste-up agenda like catholic social teaching that marries itself to advertising self (institutionalized breeding) but rarely proves itself congruent in the LIGHT ON LOVE (the Love triangle we share here ;)
man is adept at writing loads of acumen while missing the message on Truth (Love, the Rock spoken of in Matthew---which shows us that triangle: ROCK >on {this} I will build my church>LOVE for Truth). 

so … where do you stand? for What?


where is MAN today in his beliefs and practices? showing favoritism to something clearly not for a greater understanding of Life in the Spirit? whether a president or a pastor … both yoke ox and ass in their actions while preaching unity. let's be honest, this is impossible to achieve in these finances. as I write this on a monday morning, we read of another terror attack targeting youth. call it what it is: terror, death, chaos … it is TERRORISM, and it will continue. this much I know, but I also know why. not fully and completely ... but why mental illness pervades society. whether a religious extremist or a lone wolf messianic-type having fed in the diseases of the mind … both harbor an instability we call oppressive reactionism. it is a condition of the mind whereby individual cannot articulate his instability and reacts by killing. mass destruction. retaliation. torture. and often it is the more vulnerable, weaker, less protected that these individuals attack. that instability has many names, but its foundation is falsely linked to things illicit, dangerous … unhealthy. 

EVIL bears witness of its feeding in these land mines. you will know them by their fruits is understood here, however, what is ignored is who-what brought the 'child' to this state of instability? there is a path to this incident, and there are many. who-what is addressing the pathways to destruction? even believers do not understand the oppressive minds, especially in the youth. they grow turnips when the climate calls for chamomile. they force-feed drug-induced meat when the heart yearns for … awareness. to be known and understood, because it is here, the ascent of the heart to the mind that calamity is rejected for … love and understanding.