Thx for the article and QUESTION, mark :)

without getting into the legalese of the law in the US COnstitution yada-yada ... a simple way to look at this is ...

what if a b-b-brepomtys wouldn't sell a cake to a b-b-brepomtys marrying a termomentax (going in rad dr suess lingo on this :) because his religious beliefs tell him that b-b-brepomtys should only marry b-b-brepomtys ... could US law FORCE him to sell that cake to the termomentax? if so, his religious liberty is being maxed ( our new word in honor of dear old ATHEIST MAX trolling the threads as the militant of militants AGAINST ALL AND ANY RELIGION HE DEEMS DELUSIONAL ... except, of course, his own :)

Peace and Love