on the trump smashing.

wow, they are beginning to crawl out of the bikinis and boob stats and stand before their tweet boards saying wah-wah-wah! look at what trump did to us while we were showing off our bodies for the world to … 

no apologies because your credentials are in question. if you choose to show off your physical parts, strutting before the JUDGES and the WORLD for their choosing, and they do choose … in all sorts of ways, you place your bodies in precarious places. not to say you can't get up on stage and play wine glasses with your fingers … show off your this or that, but to expect US to believe your intent is genuine in light of how you have used those bodies? nope, not buying your medals. poor example. send in the clowns. at least these have a reason to cry.

how about those nasty clown gigs. ugh! what's up with this pop culture fare? saw an ad for 6 FLAGS in our area showing really awful clown faces, evil-looking faces. maybe entertainment isn't so entertaining after all. maybe it feeds the ugly. maybe ugly feeds ugly. but what is pretty and what is ugly? who made the faces and bodies pro and con? thumbs up and thumbs down? who set the stage for what is considered attractive and what isn't? industry? heck, who made it a big seller to sell large breasts? sex in movies? women stripping and being ___ on screen. oh, and the violence on women, men, child …  who thinks up these affairs and spoon feeds it to the masses? who-what created MAN? and woman … to keep abuses ruminating in the minds of mankind? hmm? it is a sickness from our vantage point---what it is that much of the world agrees to and feeds on. mental illness cons in many forms. which sheds new light on mental instability. maybe those struggling with mental illness are really struggling with what the world is force-feeding them. maybe it is an unstable environment more than an unstable mind. everywhere you look there is a reminder of how poor in spirit man really is. everywhere you look … no wonder so many are struggling. 

blindsided … 

and then there is this: 

wow, 7+ babies per woman on the average? 

I was reading earlier on how best to become more environment friendly. it's tricky, because everywhere you turn there is something not quite … right. some scientists say 50 yrs, others say 100-120 yrs  ...before man's "meltdown"? before he runs out of his fuels. this could easily be your children and grandchildren. heck, it could easily be YOU ... without. so I really don't care about whining beauty queens. trumpism has taken up enough of the media's time, don't you think?  WE say, baby, you walked out there in your stilts, exposing your bod … saying LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL I AM ---PICK ME! PICK ME! while the rest of us rake leaves rather than use gas-powered leaf blowers … and ponder 

World Peace ;)

but I do not believe that beauty queen pageants send the best environmental message to our youth. do you?


I used to think michelle obama was alright. she had that food thing going. EAT RIGHT … the garden at the white house, which I feel quite certain she ate from but never actually gardened. otherwise we would have seen a slew of pics by now with her in garden gloves and a rake, hoe, dirty … on her knees. to dhow how one actually makes something happen rather than just saying … eat this.  eat this way. 

the president's WIFE is just that … like hillary … a wife sowing the same seeds of HATRED at not the sin but the sinner. clearly her teachings are of a nature that you can stand in expensive suits, in influential podiums and smash lives for YOUR OWN GAME. your own PARTY AGENDA … which is clearly FAILING the people but especially the insecure (as obama smartly pointed out) and the mentally unstable and … so many others struggling. 

bad parenting. cheap, selfish, ignorant … parenting, from the president's wife. or should we say the democratic ticket? 

WHAT IS NECESSARY IS ADDRESSING THE ROOT OF THE ILLNESS, you don't completely destroy a person, a home … a house with … your semantics. wow, just wow. the better, higher more CHRIST-LIKE thing to do is to sit down with them to hear their grievances. but we saw this in her "black" talk … it was like a slow slide to … pander to certain groups. imagine how the WHITE girls felt when she said: BLACK GIRLS RULE! 
we are talking children here … as a teacher of a class, michelle obama would have been FIRED. we hope.

PASTORS, WHERE ARE YOU IN THESE SPECTACLES? licking your democratic sugar pop lollies? w.y can't YOU TEACH the president's wife HOW to react?  why can't YOU demonstrate what it is to be CHRISTLIKE? anger is allowed but how do you channel this? where … and how …

intelligently or ignorantly? how do you set yourself apart in IMPARTIALITY?

utter ignorance … complete and utter ignorance and the same trump smashers are the ones praising her HYPOCRITICAL ways! her double standard … politics. shallow, wretched … systemically … ignorant. 

but why push so damn hard on this, folks? those scary … REVEALING … emails making hillary and her camp look very untruth worthy?  liars? having committed crimes?

think, people … don't allow yourselves to become a VICTIM like so very many others. and please, for GOD's Sake … don't allow america to become muslimized. being catholicized as it is is tough enough in the error of fascist tendency (the universal torch done roman male way), but do you really want to see woman pushed that far back into the dark ages? then again … darkness seems to be its mantra. you do not push out (of the house) a fire using fire, just as you do not stamp out violence using violence. esp while you are in no way infallible. having knowledge without UNDERSTANDING is, well, incompetent … in certain use. 



we have been addressing institution. system. mindset. place of ignorance. WHERE are you … title, position, house, street, locale. where do you sit? where do you stand? if pope says he is an institution then pope as institution we call out. we share in the adversity of their rituals. 

this way takes TIME but it is TIME given for a Purpose. but it is the more intelligent and proper attire as no ONE enters "the Kingdom" naked. but what exactly is that Kingdom? is it a verb? absolutely. is it moving verse? absolutely. is it requiring One do? absolutely. 

"Jesus" became man that 'he' might know what IT IS. God became Man that 'he' might know what it is. Man is animal until it serves … what? the Master? but what is Master? TRUTH. and Humanity is found in Truth, both male and female … for What? What is God. but we are also Children if we hear the Work of the Spirit of the LIVING God. not all hear. most follow error and inconsistent days. 

the Writings were written with "her" Children in Mind. 

I had a dream very early this morning. I woke asking questions as I often do. I heard : be careful with this. hmm … what is this that I should take care? the meaning of that dream. I will only share a glimpse. there were two pastors, an old and a new(er) … congregants … a child says to me: I was born there. and he pointed to what looked like both barn and old institution, aging … what city officials would deem unfit for living, but it was being used for services by the pastors and his attendees and yet the congregants are OUT not in--- an in-BE:-a tween. I looked to where the boy was pointing and asked: how do you know you were born there?  the boy said: because my hand is there. see … 
my eyes go narrow and zero in on an imprint of a hand (like a child's hand drawn on paper but without the paper). 

what do you make of that, Pastors?


a comment says 70% of americans claimed christianity in 2014. I did a wee search and found that based on a few pcs of info, this is about right. now, with so many nonbelievers … (a none is a nonbeliever in our context, because if you do not know WHAT you believe or what you believe in … you do not KNOW God and in present state you are "a jew" of disbelief) … you are winning the battle but losing that War. either way, the democrat loses his race. if ISIS is his War, which we know it is not, he loses because of his arrogance and recklessness  … but really, his war is claiming that political house and getting all to be on THEIR side, voting their candidate, or they run the risk of being "under fire" by being called deplorable, losers, misogynists, right wing nut jobs, anti-science, anti- everything they find worthy (lol, including their pornography and their violent, abusive sex cinema that uses and misuses to make the sale. could they be any more in the dark about their own lives?) … if you are not in agreement with their fascist ideology, you must be smashed, attacked … destroyed.

I read a heading: child star under fire for refusing to call [bruce jenner] by his chosen name: caitlyn. he is not allowed under his present belief and practice according to the LIBERALIST LEFT to choose … without persecution ... what he has known this man by. and he is a man---still a man---in our eyes, no matter WHO-WHAT or how he alters himself in name, title, position … looks. he is of the house of MAN. he can placate in his state of illusion all he wants, change from green to grey to orange … pump himself up with every available drug sellers are willing to sell to people who do not know what they are … who are confused on their place, but he is in his present state still … a man. so … for the most part, we avoid discussing the sexual choices of that man that we not be lumped in with either side or, HEAVEN FORBID, be accused of slander.

WE, TOO, ARE ALLOWED OUR BELIEFS … WHAT ARE WE … yes? or is that a no? anyone going to come at me firing his silly weapons? go ahead and watch what happens … we are not up for your bait. we are not to be baited.

so … the democrat … liberalist left are winning the world? more and more and more nonbelievers … and look at their world. look at america … howzitlooktoyou? 



we are not hung up on these sites, but we do understand there are religious ties. there are places that hold meaning for some groups. if not paralyzing to people … it is not harmful. if not antagonizing people … or forcing people into a certain port, against their wishes … it's okay. but this is an example of what we have been saying. judaism will fade. man in his very large estates with much power and influence and the flow of money and resources … sets the state. like we said, the muslimizing of nations under "democracy", done under certain progressive mind. is it progress? is islam the final word on all things good and evil? 

not in our Life.



why do government officials of supposedly CIVIL SOCIETY claiming to be of moral standing not address these religious in their own jurisdictions? because of POWER, INFLUENCE … votes. if hillary loses the muslim vote and now, the catholic vote (two mega patriarchs), she loses … so if voting the hill, you are really voting A MAN into the white house as you have always done because of the MARRIAGE OF CHURCH AND STATE. people say it ain't so are living in denial. the women thinking they are voting a woman in by voting, paying, supporting … hillary … are really voting in a patriarchal dynasty. again.  

now … any BODY wanting to break that mold need only take on the patriarchal institutions.  have them investigated for abuse, malpractice, crimes against humanity … DISCRIMINATION AGAINST FEMALE!!! hillary won't say anything---won't do a damn thing on that front for fear of losing v-o-t-e-s (you will know them by their fruit cups?). even bernie sanders sat with an imam for … pandering purposes, not to hear him talk, because if he actually listened to anything these patriarchal---MALE DOMINATED---institutions of POLITICAL STEAM---have said, he might---might---have a different view … have a different approach in this here not united states of america.

are you people really that obtuse? the demos bend over backwards for gay and transgender  … but are mum when it comes to addressing the age old problem of itself.  do they think we are fooled by their policies?  we can see into those ward-robes . if they were truly interested in flushing out the ignorance and the poor treatment of women and girls … they would not be rolling out the big, old red carpet for ANOTHER fat male dominated political-religious dynasty. they have done 0 on this front but make silly waves. all the power and influence and they use it to stuff their damn voting booths!e

you are not worthy of my time. go away.



now … what I heard-saw on the news yesterday is that kirk was a sworn constable. was signed in by the peers of this seat-title … while convicted of felonies in other states (but supposedly these don't count against him or was it that MA is not allowed to investigate these felonies? who in hell made that law?). gotta ask … what are the government officials doing to the people? in what terror are they placing you and your children?



this was published back in the beginning of august and look at the mainstream media pressing its nose against that glass ceiling. oh boy. how can anyone in their right mind pay into and support it. you are ruled by disinformation. lack of knowledge and very little understanding. and your democracy is not working for you but against you… like a furious hurricane. 




until you KNOW what it is to be betrayed, you live in ignorance and … if you learn nothing from betrayal, you live in denial. 

watch what is going on in the world---your houses … your schools. what are you doing unto others that you have welcomed in to yourself?