when the press will not ask that question … "how did hillary treat the female victims and … CHILD victims of rape and sexual abuse?" you---YOUR CHILDREN--- are NOT in a safe place under this current leadership



was communing late yesterday … on the democrat … asking what will come next for this camp, KNOWING they are in trouble, and … I received a brief glimpse (a vision) of a woman crying in terrible sadness. it startled me for a moment until I realized the weight of these issues for it---where SHe has been betrayed. I asked if this will be the outcome and heard, yes. now, those tears could mean two things … could be of two places, but my SENSE is ... the people have been misled, and democrat of politics, having lied and misused seats of power and influence, whitewashing their seats, denying people critical information … lying to the public they swore oaths to serve … acting in arrogance within a mindset of "we are above the law" … "the peasants are beneath us … we do as we see fit … what FITS OUR ESTABLISHMENT  … our party politics" … to gain votes for our POWER AND CONTROL. for $ …… for world politics agenda … no matter the cost, even if we lose FREEDOM AND SENSE OF VALUE WITHIN THE AMERICAN FAMILY … we demand our way. and let them continue in denial and ignorance that we might gain the upper hand. 

they make a lot of noise but where have they acted safely and in the BEST interests of the people as a whole? they are reckless … and dishonest. you are being misused and … you will know what it feels like to be betrayed.

and this is not just in the political sector. this is religious sector, as well, as these married for convenience rather than TRUTH.  

one area I disagree with wendy murphy … being comfortable with discomfort on the topic of abuse. when people become comfortable with feeling uncomfortable, they do nothing. it becomes a nonissue. a nontoxic. because they begin to become comfortable in denying the issues, and they begin to remain in ignorance out of fear of losing seats of comfort. their are two ways a person can choose. people lose their SENSE OF AWARENESS if moving into comfortable positions …  if you become aware of a great evil in society … you begin to see where and how it has made its bed … in oh so many places, and how society along with government has allowed it … lived in and with the sickness and the mental instability … and you are alarmed, appalled, repulsed---ASHAMED--- … YOU MOVE AWAY FROM IT BY CALLING IT OUT IN ALL AREAS SHOWN TO YOU. you are not content to sit! you are never comfortable in any seat … for you move and move and move, acting on these issues fermenting in the mind of Man.

ask the question: is hillary just another male dominated syndicate demanding control of american today? 





why should you believe that "reliable" media? reliable how? for what? how much money is going toward dishonesty, folks? but even if this article IS true, which I DO NOT BELIEVE FOR A SECOND that it is … why would they need to stronghold the election? if a candidate is of sound CHARACTER (are you reading this, gushee?). NOT GUILTY OF WHAT SHE IS BEING ACCUSED OF …  you don't annihilate the opponent. right, david gushee? you don't need to, right, david gushee? you ALLOW questions from voters across the country … without what? antagonist fare. abusive language. attacks on people to SILENCE them. threats. harassment. avoiding certain topics regarding YOUR OWN behavior and that of your candidate. YOU ALLOW THE QUESTIONS AND YOU ANSWER THE DAMN QUESTIONS! right, david gushee and co.? what are YOU trying to hide by NOT allowing these questions? recall mr president had a problem with allowing questions regarding that iran deal----REMEMBER? how could you so quickly forget? even democrats were trying to ask questions, but obama shut them down … just like the democratic camp is doing today.

this is improper, ignorant and very BAD, biased … leadership. I hope you can see IT before your nose hits the pavement, david gushee … because YOU, dear boy, are in for a nasty fall. 

every step in this election demonstrates hillary clinton's guilt, and the guilt of her team. 

and this is NO ad for trump or his
ism as WE think him a troubled youth.

where are the THE TRUE BISHOPS OF TODAY? weak in the knees … 

david gushee is trying to create a "new" image of the EVANGELICAL as PROGRESSIVE, without seeing his own dark state. this is what happens to institutionalized believers, folks. they become OF the secularist's card for party politics, not FOR Truth. his god is what? his seat as an institutionalized pastor? heck, have you heard a word from david gushee about the clergy sexual abuse in the RCC or why the governments have allowed these bishops (and priests) to continue their practices? even evangelicals are mum for the most part. why? what are these people guilty of? or the issues on what wendy murphy has spent her life fighting for? I have yet to read a word on RNS where any of this is being addressed! many commenters posting to david's commentary have reported that sexual abuse is a substantial reason they left religion and or church attendance. and guess what we read day after day coming from these frequent posters? how BAD trump is. how BAD the evangelical right wing is. they do NOTHING to get to the root of any of the crimes because they are too darn busy playing cards with the sharks.

you are all in need of a serious washing. no, a scrubbing … a serious, serious scrubbing. take them out of circulation,L-d, that they might KNOW the blindness and carelessness of their INSTITUTIONS! 


I don't call out gushee because I dislike gushee. I am warning him, because WE can see that he cannot see himself---WHERE he is. he is on unstable ground. his platform is about ready to collapse  … within. there will not be a progressive evangelical. allow us a glimpse for you all (those reading SPIR/ SPIRREALISM) … we have shared some in this quite a bit already. THE EAST … you recall this? why I am here? there are a lot of things I could be doing but I give my life to what I am. I know what I am … and I know what is ahead because Revelation is a distinguishing feature in "foresight". 
and history repeats but not exactly the same as before. Angels see in patterns. they read the TIMEs … it is more of a pendulum swing and if you are standing in the way of that swing … you get knocked out of place. you need to know how to navigate these waters where sand collapses under your feet. the current is swift. the winds unparalleled. 

the situation will be such that people will cry out for law and order. fear will escalate and the religious don't have what it takes to satisfy the needs. they are not on a foundation that will carry those seeking Truth, stability, fierce apparel. they are all over the place, confused, unsure … paying into and trusting dishonesty … misled. betrayed. their lawmakers are corrupt and those not corrupt are stuck on ideology and holding hands with unstable religious. where do the people turn? the rcc they are learning is corrupt and not the church that they thought ---were taught---and they find themselves betrayed. why would a loving GOD murder for position? for control of the Body? it makes no sense that THE CHRIST would behave as these arrogant and greedy religions, full of themselves and their rite of passage. it is a false doctrine, full of insignificant steeds. lazy, abusive … a farce. an evil. they will flee. they will desire something with SPIRITUAL MEAT. the protestants, esp the middle man … haven't the foundation. they are without course. they will want ORTHODOXY when they learn of its MYSTICAL THEOLOGY. the catholics are fair-haired new agers … stuck on the leader's handed to them. and the old guard is of the old … cracked vessels of false dichotomy. they are drunk on the wine of the children and soured their bellies. they haven't the stomach for Truth. 

we have said this before but you do not believe because you have not learned. the time of gnosticism approaches. I am not of this but I am gnostic. orthodoxy will have its day. many atheists will move to gnosticism once they realize that GOD is real … that SPIRIT is a Living, breathing Person. gnosticism will overtake islam. but before this happens, the people will be hungry, and thirsting for … the well. do you know this well? protestantism/catholicism in all its factions will fade. they will build their dynasties in ORTHODOXY. orthodoxy will not be at odds with gnosticism for reasons I will not go into here. 

don't you see? the youth have outgrown your paparazzi. when they come of age, what we have said will be: the face of CHRISTIANITY will change as will the landscape of religion. 



it does not matter if it's a small "bible" church or a large cathedral … the "pastor" has power until you take that away, because he misuses it. same SHOULD BE for priests, bishops, archbishops, cardinals … METROPOLITANS … popes and … police chiefs, presidents and … 

men of means … using their influential seats … titles, PARTY and PARTY AFFILIATIONS … the hand that steals is the hand that should be cut off … from the … people. if you misuse the people … WOMEN-FEMALE … the children, the poor, the struggling, you should be removed from those titles, those positions … the public fare. if you hide crimes … you are PART OF THAT DISEASE. if you silence the victim by voting in powers that lie and deny crimes, threatening with power, harassment, you have a hand in covering her mouth. it is as if you have done it to her---ABUSED HER, RAPED HER … RAPED THE CHILDREN. you should know by now that these things are not to be taken lightly or arrogantly in the Realm of The Spirit. these are issues embedded deep and require an operation of transformation, but you have not the GIFT to this, do you? especially when we see where and how you have made your bed.




listened to nightly news while working on something in the house---things I have waited yrs to get to and the topic of refugees in texas came on with the usual slant ... and the lack of IMPORTANT INFORMATION on the topic of receiving refugees/immigrants/asylum seekers was  … apparent. does nightly news think we are idiots? it seemed the main theme of the story was … the refugees went through a rigorous vetting and no one has come up a terrorist since relocating to texas. 

three things we want to share, again


2. DRUG EPIDEMIC and a high reliance on drugs to solve problems


and that is not addressing this lousy election with failing leadership … a lot of angry people and a lot of abuse. terrorism primarily among the CHILDREN of those having immigrated to the states (a key point) and youth in general given to extremism in all aspects … the increase in the number of mosques and the greater possibility for extremist views ( a haven of)… the demand from these large religions for RELIGIOUS RIGHTS AND RELIGIOUS FREEDOMS,  religious that view women as second class citizens WITHIN THESE RELIGIOUS RIGHTS, that allow certain practices that americans generally find offensive or inappropriate but repeatedly fail to address PROPERLY in society through church and state(in bed together) and … 

from our vantage point, the cold fish "sympathizers" pushing these agendas (from a political stance) are not really all that interested in the people of any nation, including the nation they try to rule. what matters to them is their own party image and please understand these party pushers are not going to give up their cushy lifestyles, LIFESTYLE AND $$$$$$, and seats of "honor" and… theirs is the desire to increase one group to overpower another. this is so clearly obvious that … lol … I am waiting for the BIG bang. the big OH MY GOD! look what …