not the modest but the model, the mold … the image of something to … lure in, persuade ... for entity.

what's it look like? 

it seems one cannot get away from the election rhetoric. one is assaulted at every turn. okay, then let's address the assault … or, let's rephrase it and say:

let's undress it and see what lies underneath. question: if a beauty pageant is judging based a lot on beauty, the image of the contestant, would it not make sense that what lies underneath the bikini and glamourous gowns be … real? no drugs, no breast implants, no botox, nothing that gives one contestant an unfair advantage over another because … because not all have the money for those things, and not all have the sponsors---the establishment willing to pay for that additional advantage … nothing that says you cheated! kinda like the doping scandals for athletic competitions. right? (and that image is what you currently see in vogue---male dominated attire---preference and praises)

I heard trump say that hillary was given the questions before the debate. hmm, this led me to ask? is this true? I heard a resounding YES. should anyone be surprised by this cheating given the trainer? the coaches? the mentors? the institution's proxy? the god of rome. yes, this is a romanistic ------catholic----- application. it is universalism FOR establishment, taught in the bi-partisan politics of institution FOR … not the whole of the people … for itself. it's selfish agendas and its own praise and honor and … power. don't believe me? what is the HIERARCHY? need I say more? everything in its attire spells cheating---cheating---cheating! unfair advantage in seats of power and influence to gain more … more property, more positions … in power and influence … and one has got to ask that question:

what enters these ordinations and for what purpose? what is his intent? 

the debates are coliseum spectacles and have no relevance on the legitimacy of the candidates ability to lead, to serve … to be honest … to be acting for the whole of the Body. the debate format is a farce. it reeks of rotting apples. are you really all so enthralled be its lyre?

go back through 30 years of the candidates attribute and see what he/she did, … and did not do, and this will tell you if the person is real. honest. fair. just. capable of truthfulness and … worthy of your trust. apply this same for all those high seats of insignia. 

I did not enter because I desired power or property or … praise. I entered because I desired Wisdom. I received Truth that Wisdom might be heard. what silences the truth … about anything? what is in the way, what HUGE … thing(s) is in the way … to keep you from truth? what cheats to make itself look good?

a SIMPLE Sunday Sermon … in looking at the STORY of "Jesus" … was he a roman god? a roman catholic pope? a cardinal? an archbishop? a metropolitan? a man of medals? a sergeant in the army? a patriarch? a president of …? a democrat? a republican? did he bow to the prophet muhammad or any prophet of any political-religious dynasty? was/is he a role model or … the model FOR Truth? 

one would have to undress JESUS to understand what Jesus … better. well, according to the Story, he was undressed, quite brutally. and after he was stripped, he was lashed raw. hmm … blood spilt. according to the Story, he died and was buried … rose again. again? yes, again. so … what does that teach you?


I was reading briefly on that former penn state coach, the one having brought the sandusky child sex abuse to light, and just for the record, paterno and his team were dead wrong in not going to the police and not dealing with this situation immediately … for what it is---A CRIME ON A CHILD/CHILDREN. there is a pattern here that we have seen over and over in these crimes. the RCC is the master craftsman of this … improper conduct, and having demonstrated this "approach" to its members … and to the world, with the hope of getting away with lies and hiding crimes, abuses, dishonesty, false edit … it created a system that you see in all walks of title and … through INSTITUTIONAL PLACE … having been passed down from father to child (headship to offspring).

IT IS a type of methodology used to avoid uncomfortable port, and when it begins to be revealed … there are scapegoats … distractions to direct that glare toward another. of course, we see this in the current election. hillary's dishonesty and seriously questionable conduct is in the spotlight and in order to avoid the glare … and possibly losing IMAGE (the DNC/washington) … the powers that be are creating a distraction in mega proportions to redirect that glare. washington does not want its lies and abuses---ITS CRIMES---revealed. any person who deals in the layering and understands man's guilt knows … knows the methods … can easily see the patterns and can spot a liar without ever knowing or engineering in political seats. actually, it is sometimes the one apart from these affairs that can see the mostest.

now, after briefly reading an article on the penn state trial with former football coach I heard something which I cannot repeat. this brought me to look up hillary's parents. I have never, ever read on hillary's parents. when I read for information it is of a specific purpose and … never gorging, but also, not before its time. not before its time.

I was shown something on hillaryill never share publicly. it is not for me to share this. but I feel certain hillary will never share it. I rest my case. 


---the world is wrong and the jews are right---

but what if the world is a jew? 

we had a little joke going on my side of the family a while back. if the story of adam and eve in genesis is true, aren't we ALL jewish? ;D

I am not a jew. do I have jew in my ancestry? absolutely. 

now, let's take a closer look at salkin's pc and … what the UNESCO is attempting.

first, "Jesus" of the Christ Story was not a jew. he was not of palestine, either. or roman. or … um, muslim? no. as the STORY UNFOLDS (much like a Book … I mean s-c-r-0-l-l) … the understanding is JESUS of the Story was an ISRAELITE. there is a difference. just like there are different types of jews … atheists and nones and ultra orthodox and reform and  … the samaritan and … the essenes and …

let's be clear on this. why? because unlike muhammad, the world does not have much in the way of actual written proof that JESUS of that Story was a man walking those parts of the middle … east. much of the Writings are of Spirit Metaphor so … each to his own in understanding? 

now, based on records that were recorded very specifically within the world of man, through his offices, I was born in the US of America. this is a record. is it true? there are people alive today who can verify that this info is true. can anyone today verify that Jesus was a man walking the earth? there are lots of stories and lots of interpretations of the Writings but some Writings of that Day were omitted by certain establishments and those establishments made it almost law, and in some cases THE LAW … on the Story of "Jesus"---what they wanted the world to believe actually happened, often dismissing MYSTICAL Reality and what later came to be known as the Mystical Theology of the Eastern Church. man put his hands to the medal and wham bam thank you mam … you had a religion. and people fought like the dickens over it. none of them are right. none of these establishments created by men of power and influence have the truth on what really went down. so … in light of UNESCO's resolution … there seems to be a rather significant voice missing. THE BODY. the head says … yada-yada, but I do not recall anyone asking me about it. as a matter of fact, I do not recall anyone asking if UNESCO is allowed to speak for me. does UNESCO speak for all? certainly not, but it is of supreme importance that each country get a vote on yes or no regarding this … if this is to be on that table. no one person or one group or one party should be speaking for all the people on many things because these have proven repeatedly that WE are not in agreement. whoever spoke for the US of america … did they ask what american thought? did they get a detailed record on this? no, they did not. things go down in history saying this nation and that nation---ITS PEOPLE---did this and that. I did not. take the WAR … I did not vote for war, but america is now accused of being warmongerers and accused of being responsible for much of the horror in places like allepo and … I dID NOT. but you voted for obama, didn't you? someone may say. yes, but I voted based on what obama had said and obama did not keep his promises. is that my fault? I WILL BE MUCH MORE CAREFUL THIS TIME AROUND ... because I do not want my money going to warring and killing. weapons of mass destruction and the like. this is not where I am.

okay … what should be done about the resolution? I hope the powers that be can begin to understand that not everyone likes these other powers---worldly powers--- to speak for them. a vote should be taken, along with additional info. people love to use those pew studies and such so go to it:
the resolution:
1. yes or no

2. please include date of birth, current residence (state and country), religion (if applies)

and we shall see more specifically if the world is wrong and that jew is right. yes?


just read grudem's note to tobin grant @ rns. hmm … did grant lie? I did not read grant's pc. did he lie? I have not read anything grudem has written, except his recent pc @ rns, dated oct 13, 2016 ... so I ask again, was tobin grant untruthful in what he wrote? maybe david gushee would like to answer that question. being so progressive in his christian ideal and all, so morally just and more socially progressive, and so ARTICULATE FOR WOMEN's RIGHTS AND THE ABUSE AND RAPE AND DISCRIMINATION AGAINST FEMALE women … and girls … so horrified and so angry at the poor and unjust treatment of female and ... the view of female as a second class citizen in the US and around the worlsand, he must be so PROUD of his supporters posting on grudem's pc. so very proud. this same entourage that give him the thumbs up on his commentary … they represent his ideals. they have an awful lot to say day in and day out about christians... christians they hate? it's almost as if they were the ones to firebomb that NC republican building, thinking of eradicating … no, not eradicating … that is too soft a word … ANNIHILATING what they disagree with---what they hate. gee, where have we seen that attitude before? where have we seen that mindset at work? it was a house of christianity, they thought and believed it their right and their duty to destroy it or send a terrorizing message? are you proud of hillary's supporters, your students … your offspring, david? because they are looking quite … militant in their makers. 


was looking into a question: why americans hate socialism. 
not seeing any reliable info … got tired. was up at 3 something this AM … it is now 8 something PM … but I leave you, the reader, with something that made me laugh. maybe you have seen this before (the image) but I have not. a commenter had an image of morgan FREEMAn dressed in a white suit and under the image it said: tired of driving miss daisy.

MONDAY … again? we are on a role! ;)

so wikileaks got silenced? you think? this will mean war … shame on you silencers. you will be found treasonous for … what you have done to your nation. if nations blame other nations for spying while spying on other nations … theirs will be a catastrophic … meltdown of society because … you could not simply admit wrongdoing and clean house and leadership step down. you just had to interrupt the wire. zap. okay … you were being asked to admit you are what you are and you chose deceit. 

again, would not want to be in the shoes of the democratic party or you … for all the tea in china. 

let's look at BLACK GIRLS RULE michelle obama. hmm … what to make of such a forlorn, antagonistic teacher. imagine yourself in her class? not. why didn't the demos or anyone for that matter, call her out for such treatment of whites? this patriarchal institute couldn't DO better? she could not be ABOVE it? she could not set a better example than … black girls rule? I am appalled, repulsed … ashamed for her

this is what is fed to the children. oh my … no wonder the world is a mess and full of ills, war … disease. you think me an alarmist? seeds … seeds … seeds grow where? how? uproot the disease, folks, dig it up … before it becomes a demon in your house. 

a nation---THE BODY---should be able to speak intelligently … without smashing its opponent. what was michelle obama's point? secretly creating a war for …party agenda. and using the young girls is in very bad manner. can you not see it for what it is? and where was her voice on the bill cosby issue? something about those bills that she just seems to look the other way? and all those parades … proud of what? proud FOR … ? children and parades. what do YOU teach them? piggy cults are piggy cults. get a life, please and stop MISUSING the children for your your own failing agendas….


take howard stern. I remember yrs ago hearing one of his talk shows and I WAS HIGHLY OFFENDED but he is invited to be a judge on some talent show that kids watch … and I wonder if people are really that dense … that dark … and they attempt to annihilate trump but allow stern to walk a free, ignorant man … 

oh, but he is not running for president they say over and over, but he probably has had more access to children by way of his power and influence and media freedom that has planted seeds … ugly seeds, disgusting seeds ... of poor and abusive treatment of female. trumps were likely raised/feeding on this stuff and the howard sterns of the world have been THE VEHICLES for SPREADING ugly thoughts and ignorant port … creating the man you see so much in industry of malpractice and … illicit behavior. but our government is quiet on this front because they, too, are guilty, guilty … guilty of regarding and treating women as SECOND CLASS CITIZEN IN THE US OF A. they are more interested in your class grade than honesty and the very important understanding of …

hillary is not a role model for female as female … acting as a cutthroat politician.silencing victims … refusing to admit her wrongdoing … is not a decent role model for any person, young or old, rich or poor … citizen or migrant … male or female. and trump is what trump does. hillary's deeds are heavily whitewashed by media, by her team and to a grew extent by washington itself. they should call WASHINGTON government the great white shark having drunk the blood of innocents .. or maybe the great whitewashing ton. 

yes. let it be known today that washington is the the great whitewashing TON. lotta weight and no budge. too fat to do its job rightly and properly. piggy pit washington.


comment on the wikileaks cut:

"If you were wondering whether WikiLeaks's actions during the U.S. election have made Twitter users (among them vast swathes of the media) take it a tad less seriously, these LOLs may be your answer."

This has to be the most naive statement a journalist ever made. So why in the world would journalists take political news about corruption less seriously during an election -- except, say, under Stalin or some other dictator where elections are a total farce anyway?

Well, for anyone who knows journalism at all, election time is the most crucial time for such news, since that is when the voters most need it to be informed about the election.

Get it Ariel Bogle. And please don't tell me you are a real journalist.

__ he was your hero when he showed the war crimes but now you think him your enemy? hmm … democrat, you are not a well. 

oh well.