I had to post this. I did not read the article and only a handful of comments but this stuck me as somehow … real (from merritt's RNS interview with a theologian). 

Wow....just wow. Do you really mean that you don't think Hillary has broken the law? Lying under oath to Congress on her email scandal? Perjury is a felony. Lying to the FBI....a felony. Accepting illegal contributions from Muslim countries...estimated to be over 2 BILLION dollars. Pay for play....it's called influence peddling....a felony. Accepting donations from foreign countries through Canada then processing it to be delivered elsewhere....it's called money laundering...a felony.....shall I go on or is this enough for you?

like we said, do as I say but not as I do? or is that … follow MY (h. clinton/dnc/liberal left) way to heaven on Earth for … we hold the power, until we decide to betray you. any seasoned apprentice of HONESTY would should be asking: 

have you the citizen of america been betrayed by the clinton establishment? by the DNC? how adept are you at spotting a liar? seems the wresting coach incident did not get through to the abused or those abusing. ah, but your day in the sun is finally here. have you checked recently on how you look in bright orange jumpsuits? jumpsuits are again in style(then again, maybe they were never out of style) … 



your average jew, maybe even the non average jew, does not know the history of luther. much like the story of the CHRIST, the jew lives in ignorance on WHAT {this} is. if he knew, it would not be so hung up on his jewness ;) (but we can in all honesty and IMPARTIALITY say that if your average christian and even your non average christian KNEW Christ, he would not be so hung up on his … christianity). he was told/taught something and from this he reacts. much like how a big establishment in a nation owning/controlling the media, the written texts, verbal influence  squashing the voice of the little guy and especially the voice on something opposing that bigness, and certainly, its badness … and where it is corrupt, murderous and dishonest  and, of course, silencing victim  only certain things were permitted to be shown, known, talked about distributed  sold, used  and history shows us repeatedly how and where man in his institutions writes what he wants the people to read, creating an untrue system of belief  and practice. masterminding history for generations that follow  man. THIS IS WHY Spirit of the Living is SO RELEVANT AND SO IMPORTANT>it cuts through that sea  for safe passage from the foe (the disease) of ignorance and denial  WHILE MOVING, while moving out of slavery and abuse, misuse  dishonesty and even that which is known to be evil. 

romanism by way of the catholic church told/tells many fibs. look at their election. who chooses heads of state in vatican city but itself … ALL OVER THE WORLD to govern the masses, including you, the jew. where is the choice for the believer? where is the member's vote?

but what was luther really trying to do amid the masterminding of his foe? tell the truth. break from disease and corruption and misuse of teaching (as he knew it). did it get messy? beyond his wildest dreams. you cannot fault one man for doing what he was sent in to do. he moved out for change, and not only for change … for safe passage. I KNOW and so should you … that if it had not been for "luther" the jew of his religion, judaism, would have been wiped out ages ago. I would be a twinkling in some ONE's eye, but would not have come to fruition. the atheist would be as the jew having to work as a slave for roman catholic ideal---its beliefs and its practices. or be renounced and imprisoned, possibly tortured and put to death. 

where is your mind, folks? living in …cornered state of affairs? who-what supports and pays into criminal acts? abuse of child? who defends this sickness for money and stature and big establishment? you, the jew? what was going on back in the day of luther that made the jew unsavory to luther and others? were they a perfect muhammad in their use of teaching, on female? God? life? impartiality? good verses bad? what did the jew and those of judaism actually believe and put into practice? one can say many things today but if you research for TRUTH, there is quite a different painting hanging in the achievements. 

please, don't walk the parapet in the dark, often drunk on waxed wine, as the idiot, thinking he cannot fall off.


each BODY must face what he hath poured out into the good Earth and its inhabitants. call it judgement day, if you wish, but each must own up to his own … behavior and support … beginning with the eldest on down. you know the illustration of Jesus writing in the sand? where men accused the woman of adultery? you know it, I am sure … 



yesterday afternoon I was furious about something. I was shown serious malpractice and I was so angry I almost shared some damaging things, but I was also shown … not this way. but will they see it? I asked (often it is that he must see it for himself). no. then how will they learn? by doing. 

until you experience what it is to be betrayed, you do not know what this is, what it means… you do not have experience nor do you know what's involved. people often assume betrayal is a one-sided situation, a one-sided case. we shared on the story of judas way, way back in SPIR …and JOHN. won't go into it again here but betrayal has dimensions, reasons for itself. in the case of luther, there were members thinking this is a betrayal, without having experienced  … or having first-hand knowledge of what betrayal is. they had not seen it; did not understand it; therefore, did not act. they saw only: this is WAR! these did not care to research or to learn anything on the accusations luther had made against their institution. luther was angry. he had a right to be angry. something he felt strongly about was being poorly used, misused, treated with contempt … blasphemed … much lies and corruption … in the RCC, this body. he had to call it out and get out of that hell (more than one hell like there is more than one heaven? something to consider in your … trek). he did the right thing. he moved out for the right reasons and in doing so, billions upon billions of lives were saved … for growth, for liberty … FOR HUMANITY. but so many died! hollers the anti-luther sects. this was not luther's choice. it was the choice of those who reacted in poor, immature, ignorant SPIRIT. haughty spirit. blindly led. fed the wrong information about oh so many things. firstly, THE CHRIST> Spirit of the Living God does not use military means and torture and inquisitions and cut-throat deals to solve problems. there is warfare, for sure, but this is known as SPIRITUAL WARFARE and it does not involve weapons of mass destruction. but people, you are allowed to get angry. you are allowed to be the luther of your Day, but first, one must understand ---know--- how your anger will impact lives. 

was "Jesus" angry at judas? where in the Writings do we see his anger at judas? the STORY shows us anger in the temple courts. yes? but where is Jesus angry at judas? 

monks, hesychasts, monastics, priests … where is your anger? ovulating in meditation day and night says nothing. if you have silenced that voice you have lost that voice. remember the parable of the mina? remember the temple courts? why you left for the monastery? are you in hiding? why? what have you done that you should hide that away? hmm … I see the priests in their "clubs", away from the eyes of their bishops. they do not like their bishops or those hypocritical men promoted, ordained by their headmaster the pope, but they put on a show for the masses to show solidarity as "the one true church" while nesting apart from their cloth. how insipid. how false. how lazy … you deceive your own body. 

DO THIS IN REMEMBRANCE OF ME … how on Earth did you forget? was it because of institution? system? party politics? one-sided mindset? irregular feed---inconsistent and lackluster? protection of your seat, your influence in influential circles? what are your stumbling blocks? what have you made as your gods?


that email situation placing hillary and her camp in questionable place … is not to be swept under the rug. there is much, much more in this pc. what I was shown a while ago IS betrayal, of more than one dimension. it's like layering of clothes when the weather starts to get cold. there are layers of deception within that body and in in order to get to the root of the malpractice, a removal of clothing must occur. but first, the private server. this is obviously a no-no in that government position, if one is to trust government … but if person(s) using a private server does not trust government, or needs to hide certain activities, a private server she/he will use. so … why the privacy of communication? who-what was hillary conversing with? hiding info from agencies like the FBI would be one reason, and I see this as a reason for that private server. was hillary and her camp engaging in illegal … activity? was hillary engaging with terrorist camps? terrorist nations? if so, why? 

the questions are numerous but we will share on this: hillary (and camp) betrayed the nation of her birth and is now being betrayed … by her own party. this is an inside deal. an inside tactic made to look like russian hackers (and now the big fear and the info pushing of "the leaked emails have been tampered with" a steady stream of layering, of course" and that trump-bush video, which could have come out months ago and saved the american people a lot of time, and money, but … ) yes, russia, like the not so united states in america, and other nations have hacked and do hack, but I am hearing muslim. I heard it some time ago and I hear it again. could this be the link in that private server and if this does involve muslim, how is obama tied into it? 

oh, and I WE would like to add something else … just to tickle your ears. those muslim/islamist tweets against trump … you know the ones regarding the abuse of women (did not read them but got the gist fairly quickly … titles are telling) … how come we don't see these tweets regarding their own wife beatings and misuse/view of women and girls? I mean, seriously,  see the rampage … 

more than telling. and if ask them about this … what do they say? I am not in any way to be filled by this bull's shit. are you? if so … you will undoubtedly KNOW betrayal. 

+for me, probablymorethan anything, on the day to day? is frustration. frustration with the denial of people----HOW THEY THINK. where in hell are they that they cannot connect this smelly cauldron with the one who mixed that drink!?



I said several yrs ago that churches should become museums if not being used. the architecture is often a work of art and it is a shame to loose these pcs but if people no longer attend the parishes, and the money stops flowing in while the upkeep is tremendous … make it a museum. first, upgrade for safety and if not possible … if a fire hazard … it may have to go bye-bye, but keep valuable parts to be used in a new place. and start collecting art … for it as a museum … art relevant to the liturgy. 

now  … wouldn't it be nice if the owners of this brancusi donated this to a small church as a museum, asking only that those paying for the pc donate what donations they received thus far to help the needy, the sick, the orphans roaming the streets … have the money go toward something truly worthwhile and maybe that church will take in the orphans and raise them safely … in exchange for that work of art. a win-win situation if everybody does their part. 

THE SAYING GOES: to see far is one thing … going there  another.