please read the first comment by ra fast and  his leftness's response. this is the mindset of the left. the progressive? the liberalist? this is what I see posted on RNS in droves … from this same mindset. black or white. "all MY way or you are a f'ing  … everything bad", according to fascist lefties. the comment by ra fast had absolutely NOTHING to do with all that two left feet posted in response. even the part about anti-semitism. not to speak for ra fast, but I see where he is going with this. why he posted it, but egghead two leftie is … of forced intent. UNJUST. this is scary should IT take control of the nation. truly. it is an ignorant, self-indulging, delusional state of being. this is overkill, heavy-handed and has taken the nation by storm. fed by those with a two-fisted approach FOR POWER---FOR CONTROL and for the sole purpose of annihilating the opposing place. it's militant and grossly unfair. this reminds me exactly of atheist max! remember atheist max? he would put words in your mouth and accuse you of everything under the sun he detested and thought he could get away with. damn … atheist max, is that you posting your crap to ra fast?

hmm, me thinks ra fast was checking in on something. how about you?

interesting how a seemingly disparaging post then reveals the train wreck of the bully, the deluge, the false principle, the cat-scratch lip service, the liar. and get this, his leftie would probably call ME anti-semitic for calling him out on his obsessive practices. ha. 

THE YOUTH ARE IN SERIOUS TROUBLE IF TAUGHT HOW TO WALK BY THOSE WITH TWO LEFT FEET … there is no room for thought. like religionists … teaching you what to think instead of how to think. IOW, my way or you don't deserve to live. you are not entitled to voice … breath … sharing. pity.

he is a brat. fed too much of his own hooch.

scary … 




In a video being released Wednesday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that though the court's decision had reined in the Justice Department's power, the government would work to "ensure that every voter can cast his or her ballot free of unlawful intimidation, discrimination, or obstruction."

the JUSTICE DEPT should have have set up rules ages ago but of course, it, like its admin … use PEOPLE, GROUPs for its own party agenda (trump is using the evangelical we know but the clinton will not admit its own disingenuous attitude). the two left feet syndrome is a bullying syndrome, but it is difficult for this very large group to see itself for that very large, long-reaching board sticking out of one eye. and it has gotten longer and longer, thanks to the agenda seekers. what two left feet does not want to see (willful ignorance, denial) in how and where it has used the black people, the latinos … or simply, we can call these "people of color" ... and again, if you say it to one and not to another shackles get raised, and you are called a racist by two left feet having grown fat through use of "people of color", not CARING to see where he steps inappropriately (black girls rule michelle?) ONLY that he might be able to smash someone else's face, race … religion or … person. two fists in action. one fist to clear his path (large, growing larger and fatter … taking over properties, stealing the minds of the youth, the little one) then pow with the other, right in the faces of … his opponent FOR  … his cause,agenda … POLITICAL position-party.

 if he wants power and authority, he boards that train with bullies.

 how do we know this to be true? WE are a victim of catholic mindset, that UNIVERSALIST IDEA of thought:
my way is the authority and you must bow to it or die (be silenced or murdered--pick your history lesson). disparaged, slandered … and they use the media of THE TIMES … to gain that heavy, upper hand. 

we ask: what group completely annihilates what disagrees with it (him)? what group silences his Conscience? two left feet. it is not RIGHT way; it is lazy man's purgatory way. what leftness has not considered or hopes no one else is CAPABLE of considering is …  truth. THE TRUTH. does leftness in his two left feet consider the amish as conservative voice that he has degraded and undermined in his fascist tendencies … his bullying rhetoric? he lumps a lot of people in with his christian conservative bashing. and there are others, maybe not claiming to be christian (heaven forbid), like myself, who is clearly CREATED AND INSTRUCTED differently … not permitted voice, because of the bully of the left, who thinks himself smarter and more moral and just than everyone else … but he sits on fools gold, a sandpile … in ignorance, BLOCKING THE WAY … and since WE do not use force … we are not like him … we must wait for the powers that be or … the laws of the age … to realize the disparity … the ignorance … the injustice, the bullying, the unfair advantage, the cheating … the poor parenting, poor teaching … disingenuous and arrogant practices, where "their discrimination" STILL reigns supreme … but, if "the law" is lawless … without TRUTH … honesty, IMPARTIALITY then man must die that LIFE may be born. but the death is brought on through his OWN resources, not brought on by Spirit of the Living. it is just a matter of Spirit of the Living turning {this} face … away, and man cries out in his despair. if he endangers many lives because of his denial, his greed and desire for that golden calf … his lawless state … his two-fisted belief and practice … (including his love of boxing) … his entertainment sending mixed messages to the youth who are in a different place than dad or granddad or brother … it is dangerous, dangerous feed and must be removed else … ISIL thrives, recruiting the disillusioned with the hypocrisy of society thinking itself moral and just … angry at GOVERNMENT playing  itself honest and caring. .it's a lie, and a very large and growing lie and that big, fat bubble will burst. evil knows where to find the feed of the ill-bought.

we can see right through them. we see in that darkness as if in light, but it is not light … it is truthfulness about the darkness. but darkness has no foundation in arrogance. it has no fortitude in overbearing proxy. it has no home in Truth. CHRIST DOES NOT LIVE WITHIN CARELESS, DISHONEST, DISINGENUOUS, DECEPTIVE … undying port. if man cannot understand his need for renewal by ridding himself of these apocalyptic tendencies toward other … he knows not Love in the manner of Truth. he can claim Christ as his savior, but does SAVIOR of THE LIVING know him … where he has made his bed in ignorance? 

there are minorities of a conserving nature or belief and practice hurt by the left of today. will RNS continue to foot the bill for this errancy? 

example: I saw what I thought was a new article on antisemitism. I got excited because it started out to look like INFORMATION by addressing the difference between anti-semitism and zionism. wow, I said, this might be good! it was not good. IT WAS TELLING ME WHAT TO THINK. IT WAS PROPAGANDA for two left feet as anti-"jew" litany. it was two left feet agenda, and sadly, praising itself as NOT anti-semitic THROUGH bashing ... a group, and that group (in america it is how left has tried to twist and point diners to: the conservative as the one to blame … even if putting WORDS IN SOMEONE's MOUTH, like his leftness did on that RNS article <RNS, you must be so proud of your creation: the bigger, more powerful, fascist, oftentimes bully … the LEFT. the attitude being, let's go in as junipero serra and overtake these peoples, forcing OUR way … very roman catholic in mindset, belief and practice. then again, how could it not be roman catholic. AMERICA IS based on roman catholic belief! this is HOW children are taught in american schools) … is the zionist and its supporters. hmm.  

jew, you might want to listen up here … the article made the zionist THE ENEMY, by using the jew. much the way the clinton admin uses bodies (LGBTQ, blacks, latinos, women … children …jews and many others) and trump, of course, using the evangelical … this, an anti-Semitism bait card … to praise itself, hoist itself up on the A+ moral podium, pretending at good. it slyly slipped into "how great is our art, we in the UK, are NOT anti-semitic … it's that nasty corbyn and his labour party and all those nasty, cruel, lying, thieving ZIONISTS costing lives!" (painting a pic here)

wow, just wow. hey, jew, how do you feel about them there apples? maybe your anti-Semitic stance took on another form: hate zionists. 

if you hang on that branch long enough, gaining weight … it just might break. but who-what have you damaged in your fall?

is the day of atonement finally here?

the magi being instructed to return by another route is sorely, sorely misunderstood.


this isn't much but it is saying something:

what I had been thinking while working today is that zionism is a movement. it is a moving vernacular. it is not a place of resistance. one might say THIS IS the messiah of the jewish nation of ISRAEL. to condemn zionism is to condemn the nation of jewish inner thought. you attack this and you will be attacked. unfortunately, people know not what they do. they mock and disparage something they cannot possibly know, and the jew must begin to understand this form of ignorance and educate … not ask for money and special attention. you walk that road to freedoms as any believer might …taking nothing with you but WHERE you are … in celebratory release. this is trinitarian G-D, folks.  this is the MYSTERY spoken in the Writings. not spoken OF, spoken


one must stop acting like beggars and start living as BELIEVERS. elijah spoke and what have you done? where are you? pandering, pacifying, placating? why are you still at the foot of the mountain? move that darn thing out of the way! by climbing it. rise above it! don't allow it to conquer your Heart. if you allow the stumbling blocks to bury you, you are a dead man. let the dead bury the dead. BECOME … one in Truth by rising above these shenanigans. let them know you are not to be stilled by their poor ecclesiastical teachings. let go of the title jew and join the chorus of ISRAEL in the Spirit of the Living. don't allow rome to enslave you, again … for G-d's Sake … don't succumb to the bastard regimes of profiteering. are you a Body of stealth or a Body of wealth? grow your archangels, please …  


these argentines have less than you and look at them. a 16-year-old … they raise up her broken VOICE because she was brutally violated and murdered. silenced. they SPEAK LOUDLY for the RIGHT REASONS!

where are you? hunkered over your desks, tallying up your prophets? hmmm … Lord, LORD … I never knew you! but I hear the voices of the bereaved and I ask YOU to HELP THEM. do you think their roman catholic pope will? he smothers the voice of female at every turn. he plays part politics to deny HER place in the Kingdom of the Living---which begins HERE, NOW … on GOD's Earth, so misused and abused by Man.

where are you? I can't hear you … I hear your judges … but I do not hear your ANGELS of the Living.

you begin to speak up in these crimes and you will begin to discover who-what your real enemies are … those who betray you. you will know them by their … tweets.