as we have shared numerous times ... we are not of religion, and we do not engage in the practices of sects as mandatory belief in a God we know as impartial. we are not anti-religion, but do comment on the unfaithfulness of these ... particularly in the area of partiality (favoritism) and where illicit acts overwhelm. the Movement SPIRREALISM is not a religion.

that said, the situation with israel and palestine is not unique. it has been the enactor for the world to see in the systems of man and where these lead. betrayal, idolatry ... confusion-------------------------the age old story. politics and religion in the spotlight ... a death wish hosting its particulars ... frozen mecca ... emotions boiling (as we posted on this boiling and what we saw evidenced in this in the media: a gay black man in VA shoots three individuals then himself

the beginning of something? an addition to the ongoing war? hmm ...

pro-israel according to j street, judaism, or any other sect, has no real meaning to a gnostic ... as God is impartial and ISRAEL represents a synergy ecclesia ... not a mortal ... 
but the elements arising are of interest and do carry weight

there is a cloud emerging that is anti-ISRAEL and anti-state of Jewishness, which does not allow for peace in the SPIRITUAL SENSE. 

know this