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Yours is a worthwhile question. If their god is all powerful, he can fix it- so why doesn’t he, and more to the point – why did he make such a mess in the first place?

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your flower girl is a pathetic noise box who goes by the name of atheist max ;)

to answer that question, samuel … why doesn't he fix it and why did he make such a mess? HE DIDN'T! you did, or should we say … man did. and SPIRIT cannot help what man does not admit. it's really quite simple, samuel ;)

if I were to tell you that you are that "god" who messed up Earth and its inhabitants, what would you say? if I were to tell you that you deny what you cannot see within yourself, what would you say? you of all people should know what man is capable of … so, why do you deny what is within and without? 

too gnostic for you I suppose. to be more to the point … Spirit cannot use what Spirit does not know, and what man does not see he denies. is it the fault of Spirit that man refuses {this}? it's like a dad denying he gave birth to a child. he abandons the child for his own desires. do you see its poignancy? man did not carry the child therefore he could easily walk away from his part in it? it is not necessary for him to suckle as he has not the instrument for this but … who will pay for its worth? who will see to the needs of both? if child loses mother … who is left to defend child? (*please note where this applies in religiondom)

oh my … Lord, Lord, Lord … those that know you to be real experience some semblance of you but too often it is only through their religions, but me … little me hears you and knows your voice. 


you are not meant for the religions of man. I know this and you know this, but don't you want to understand what {this} is all about? I mean … don't you desire to know of Spirit? if this is real and how this operates? do you desire to hear this voice to know if this is real? there is no trick … I can help you. It costs you nothing but a desire in honesty. I will give you a dream, samuel … a gift from us to you, dear one …  happy NEW YEAR! a whale of a dream :D


one of gnosis understands the wisdom of the child and why the story of Jesus in PERSON is relevant to understanding God … understanding Spirit. to be practical … a dad impregnating a woman and abandoning  her and child … forgets that he was once a child. he forgets what it was like to be child---this innocence and vulnerability. he is without care; without concern; without compassion and he is without the love needed for both. one of gnosis understands dad abandoning child has abandoned his father … (fatherhood) … because he abandoned gift. child is gift. child offers dad gift through his giving. man, believer and unbeliever, asks why God abandons the children to die  … without understanding who/what gave birth to the children. nonbeliever blames the god of the religionists not seeing his own lack of understanding and his own part in the girth of population and  … society's degradation and devastation (and he is player in this). even if he is not biological father to the abandoned children does he serve in society in such a way that keeps children in peril? what in his choices keeps healing from taking place? the story of JOSEPH is a poignant reminder of where and how man denies gift. if Truth is God; man denies this repeatedly where he denies gift. Joseph did not impregnate Mary but was bonded in agreement to a marriage between man and this "woman", but MARY represents WISDOM in the story. SHE represents everlasting Life in and through the Living God. Joseph heard the Angel of the Most High and what was born from this is Child. GIFT. Vision of Truth. a paradox on the Living. we do not worship Mary, an unseen metaphor; we revere the TEACHING this provides through use of Spiritual Metaphor. {this}, too, is Gift. {this}, too, is sustaining Life as we are in constant vision of {this}. 

do you now see? do you hear its paramount fielding? PAUL's teaching of being child is essential understanding in the waters of survival, surviving society … and it is also revival as mankind often nearly drowns in something of his own making, which renders him unconscious … and … putting away the things of a child is parenting in this same teaching. in order to raise child one must not desire childlike manifestations that cause suffering or that deny the responsibility needed for gift … to assist in surviving society and … helping society to grow---mature---become toward HUMAN.

cont …
one of gnosis views religionists and the devout as children abandoned by their 'biological' father. their biological father is popes and bishops and priests, pastors and imams and even the politician (all of a form of manmade law: the lawmakers) ... as these see to their doctrines … their creeds … their brick and mortars … while breeding more of the same. they care not for their children suffering and dying under pontiff's pilate … both church and state. what do they do to honor the Living God? are these men unknown? unknowing? worshipping childlike manifestations that have no power to amend? to survive society? who can help them but the one not believing in these creeds and codes on religion? one of gnosis builds his house on rock. rock is solid foundation … 

cont …
solid foundation: rock verses sand

Jesus was teaching this paradox on Love (God+Spirit). God IS Spirit if … if man is building his house on TRUTH not tablets of stone (inked creeds---doctrines of man non sustaining in Life). WINDS OF TIME (a woman;) wash away these creeds and doctrines built on sand as society comes into some knowledge, but be aware of the knowledge coming to … discern in its housing. from the outside it is nicely whitewashed but inside it may be unclean. this speaks on the dishonesty of church and state and men parading answers, deals and policies having been murky in the process. a lack of transparency in any church or state is a sign of foul play. big people grow big appetites. institutions consume far more than they are willing to admit. do not allow yourself to be betrayed by party and party affiliates that deny truth … deny information … deny answers and deny transparency … and, in taking sides, take care that you not betray others. take care in your favoritism. if sound … when you go into these houses, look for the signs that show disease … or, malpractice.

cont …

again, we post this:

there is a gnostic saying:

I can take you down with one hand but I would rather use two; that way, when you fall … you won't fall so hard. 

where do you stand? the god of islam is not my God … as you can see by what we have shared, but we are not immune to the necessary awareness needed in man's voting  … his backsliding … his obsessive tacts … his instruments of policy building … his grandeur and his pontificating. the bastard dads are what to HUMANITY? who must step in and survive society? who is being called to act in accordance with a faith-based CONSCIENCE, one build on solid foundation? who is being asked to take up the cross? if man cannot help himself, who will help him?



the religionists, including the scripture theologians, need to ask one very fair and honest question:

did GOD really make man? 

I see what is posted in response to the heaven dilemma and again I say … ah, nope. man is still waxing and waning in his god …. HIS god. if you understand what is meant by THE HEAVENS and have any experience in where this is and how this operates … baby, you know how very far man fell from {this}. regarding "scripture" understanding? man stagnates in dry wells. sad, but true. but man is no where near revival in the truth about himself. and the word when is not even a word in the Language of the Spirit. get out of catholic mindset and start walking …. slowly … carefully …


I have my eye on the political climate now … while working gnosis. it is important that I be here but I would rather be painting, working in the dialogue of the Writings and writing the trilogies. I would love to move the Arts but … everything of religion is politics right now. the marriage between the two is quite evident in all nations, and there are people in america with clout that are misleading the people, quite severely. I do not fear some of the outcome, but I do mourn for these people throwing away their lives for something irresponsive. the non believer is of most importance in this day … and we watch where and how he releases. sam harris (see link) is moving … his voice is very important in countering the radical reactionists like ben. ben is eager on the political front but he is novice in the motions of the "jew" … it is clear he does not understand theology and its impact on the masses. sam is doing his homework and ben is reactionary histrionics.

regarding the radical/extreme in theory of the patriarchal mind:

there will be a shift in 'governance' … many using militancy for control will find it easier to marry into families of affluence and receive their credentials necessary for the law they desire. remember what religious governance demands obedience and where patriarchal dominion is in charge. please show your daughters while young that they are not slaves to these regimes. they need not marry into second class citizenry.


I noticed a while back that I was not using the word "pray". several years ago I did …  but the misuse of prayer in this world has caused much consternation. one of gnosis communes ceaselessly. where two or more are gathered [in my name] there I will be also. *recall what Philip shares about the name. Spirit does not demand prayer breaks for his sake ;) a few bathroom breaks maybe  … but not prayer breaks. when there is a need for quiet and deeper concentration, we do this at home. our communing allows us responsible parenting. we do not stop parenting because a god demands we pray. if we cannot show our LOVE in the work we do, we are not in communion with the Living.