Last month, Fox News hosted one of the most-watched television events of year: the first debate of the 2016 presidential election. But after nearly three hours of buzzwords and rhetoric, there wasn't a single question asking candidates where they stood on the issue of money in politics. 

As CNN prepares to host the next debate we have a message: We want answers. 

Join us in telling CNN that viewers want answers from candidates about their stance on money in politics.

Fox News asks zero questions on how we fix money in politicsSo far in this election, about half of all campaign dollars are coming from fewer than 400 wealthy families. That's a concentration of political influence that's unprecedented in our lifetimes, and it's pushed regular voters to the sidelines. 

More than 5 million Americans have called for a constitutional amendment that would reverse Citizens United and stop the influx of money that's turned our elections into a race for cash. We want to know where candidates stand on the issue, but when Fox News hosted nearly three hours of debates featuring 132 questions, moderators never brought it up. We're not going to let that happen again. 

As viewers, we're calling on CNN to ask candidates how they'll address big money in politics. Sign our petition today.

You and I are CNN's target audience, and when we speak, the network listens. The upcoming presidential debates could be our chance to hear real-talk from candidates about their solutions for fixing elections, or they could be another forum for sound bites and political spin. As viewers, that choice is in our hands.

This isn't just a television broadcast, it's our democracy. And with your help we can take it back.

Thank you,

Janet Domenitz
MASSPIRG Executive Director