… of the pie. should this barbarism allow them a slice of the american dream?

people should know by now that where they   have tried to be a civil protest may turn ugly .. could easily turn DANGEROUS … will  cost lives, property … sense and reason degraded and people burned out stupid. 

do you as a nation reward this behavior? it will continue if obama and his train continue in the white house because he and his hill will not PARENT appropriately. they do not set a good example in their anything goes religion, and they have not addressed the truly BAD behavior throughout the cities and towns. they have not got it in their policy … in their pandering, dishonest voting strategy. and honestly, the other camp is no better but … who-what can stem this rising tide of illness? it's not okay. any liberal bullshitter thinking this lifestyle is okay is delusional. it's not okay. any dead-beat dad of the please be a gone era of brutal, barbaric behavior in civil rights activism is without the ability to think rationally and realistically and will create for the youth a hell beyond belief. 

by not speaking out against this barbarism in an INTELLIGENT AND PRO_ACTIVE MOVEMENT way is really just more noise. it says and does nothing to make for TRANSFORMATION. much like the RCC and their towering morally ill advised pope … he is a talking head with what? regarding the house cleaning so desperately needed in his "church"  and it is HIS church not mine and please God, not yours. what YOU do not understand in HOW evil works is what you see in the news article. if evil is allowed-supported-covered up by ANY industry in your world … while you pay into and support ANY dishonesty, malpractice, bad practice … AND IGNORANCE … you create the scene you see happening in places like NC right now. evil loves this game and will use any poor bred-badly seeded arenas … but where did all this evil mindedness and mean-spiritedness come from? who-what has TAKEN ADVANTAGE of situations from day one in its own creation? look to your political enterprises presenting itself as an angel of light. 

IT IS COSTING YOU $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

this is outrageous in this Day. truly it is … from our vantage point, this should NEVER be happening so … we look to the leaders. WHO is teaching that this is acceptable behavior? who has raised these rough necks to put lives and homes and businesses in danger? well? or is there no well or perhaps a very dry well? hmmm … could it be that OBAMA AND HIS TRAIN WAS THINKING ISLAM WOULD STEM THIS RISING TSUNAMI … because he and his team do not know how to lead. they are what we call dead beat prods. 

bringing in hundreds of thousands of upset and angry and fear-filled refugees will add what to this rising problem and it is a problem? obama was hoping for a miracle in his islam (his ideology) done his way … but he does not understand CALIPHATE RELIGIOUS. he does not understand how it operates. like that dead beat papa calling himself "saint" francis … he initiates and brings upon the people what? 

lazy men not doing their job


interesting. the 18% is a bit strange in that religion is important personally but they don't engage? not sure what this is saying … but this group does peek my interest because if older, and I am seeing 50 on up … this is the age of PRIESTLY CONTACT (royal priesthood). it takes Time and experience in family life and work fields before you truly understand "the people" … the general population and where they believe, work, breed and seed, and where the truly SPIRIT CONSCIENCE are searching. and SPIRITUAL MOVEMENT ALWAYS BEGINS IN THE SPIRIT CONSCIENCE. a connection ignites and blooms. is truthful and real, but unfortunately it often gets sabotaged by politicians and religion-minded secularists. they see a good thing and highjack it … much the way rome and … (btw, in exchange within Savior and Disciple, there is a discussion about this--gnostic lit)

the nones we are not particularly interested in as they seek after money and entitlement, although some do engage in do-gooder work and volunteer in places to try to help others experiencing oppression and starvation, but we don't see transformation in these articles because the leaders orchestrating, calling the shots are not wise and often feed their own in their way … and this is important, but does not work if governing large groups in diverse spheres. you feed your own to give them strength to do the Work of the Spirit of the Living God, but in a way that can reach ALL people to allow them choice for a HEALTHY AND IMPROVED PERSON, a move toward -for-Humanity. and this is where some nones may move out of these places, but generally speaking, we do not see these as person but a group, a group making up a wordy-worldy society. not to say these are unimportant in light; it's just that we cannot work in fields of grey. 

which leads me right where I wanted to share this morning. ANGELS of the Most High within Spirit … of the Living God … do not see everyone. this is a misconception on the part of pastors and priests and patriarchs. religious assume God is looking at them. although many … if they really believed this would behave quite differently ... so it leaves One to believe that either religious is ignorant on the TEACHINGS OF THE CHRIST or … deceptive and is actually working for another god or gods. and ignorance as god soon leads to multiple gods as these feed from the trough of the false prophet or the false teacher/leader. so how a pastor pastors is very important. unfortunately these are often stuck on themselves or have been misinformed on SPIRIT, both good and evil. 

addressing the … "God" does not see you … for if Spirit did see you, YOU WOULD KNOW IT> …!!! an orthodox priest once told me of the time he felt God look at him. he said he will never forget it, it was such a profound and somewhat 'aware' experience. I remember the time (early in this work) I was whiny about something, not realizing the foulness of things … and not yet shown the reality of my work, when in communing, I felt Spirit turn "its" face away from me… just for a moment. whoa! I never want that to happen again, and I will share from THOMAS (gnostic lit) before I end this sharing. that experience was to clue me in on something vast and amazing regarding The Christ. I was not yet shown my ID. I was focused on how to market Book One of the Ophelia Trilogy. I could write it but was very uncomfortable and ill-suited to then sell it. :D. all advice on this topic was saying to sell yourself ---get yourself out there---it's how YOU present YOU. one person even saying, "it's great that you are good-looking, it will work in your favor." and I shrunk in all those bits of information. it felt off. not right. and I was shown to wait … and it's been years now and I have even had to endure a little ribbing about my not pushing the book. what, is it a hobby or a business? these are primarily nones or non believers, but also religionists of the industrial face. they do not understand the fullness of things. after a while I was shown that another, a religious group, will receive the trilogy and work with it. so … I wait and focus on what I am used for now and it does get exhausting sometimes … but oh, so important for what will follow.

It was highly interesting to learn how Angels of the Living God do see, and I desire to learn more in this, but it does take discerners and believers coming  … but not wedded and embedded in religion-politics or lethargy on the Writings ... to engage in 
here. this is where the FEMININE DIVINE IS SEEN, experienced, and shown the way. an Angel shared that a priest having seen SPIR/SPIRREALISM and engaged somewhat was seen through another engaging with me. this was important for me to hear and I have been keen on this ever since. 


we know that there are a lot of nones. more atheists/nonbelievers and the influx of another big, political religion is also not a surprise. it's all been done before. religion, big and growing will sweep in with its mission to take control when "the natives get restless" so to speak, and I do not say this in a derogatory way, because that restlessness is actually a good thing when not turning violent or mislead. Truth does not change but as you see man does, like a pendulum swing. and politics in religious attire is really an entity in itself, governed by a caliphate ORDER that most men neither see nor understand (as entity). obama sure does not see it. he does not understand what he is dealing with. but it is a repeat of something already been done and many muslims and islamists will begin to see how it is that history repeats. many think their religion ---THEIR PROPHET---the savior of america and the rest of the world desire that all things be turned over to their allah. not happening, folks. it did not happen with roman catholicism; it won't happen with islam … because there is something else at work unseen. 

islam's allah … hmm. why does the roman catholic pope believe that A TRIUNE GOD of Christ would need Islam? would need their prophet? has anyone of his institution or any believer in the Christ asked him this question?  we think not as who-what is allowed to spar with the pope of rome? :D …. they know he would look the fool. his words are prepared by his stick mates to advertise itself. itself being a brand of religion steeped in political ensemble. and those condemning LUTHER for breaking from the roman fat church of indulgences better get a NEW head because they do not UNDERSTAND what is Written! luther condemned the jews! they holler. Oh? condemned them or called them out? and btw, can YOU explain what is a jew? if the JEWS of that time were stoning women and paying into and supporting malpractice … unjust governance in any form … they should be called out! someone should be nipping at their heels! if the jews of that day were doing the same today would these same ink heads be condoning it? hmm … people just see so very insularly, based on so little info and poor directing. 


addressing ben of oakland's comment "I know lots of people who look at porn often." and I only read his first paragraph and this line. 

not sure how to see this. "he knows a lot of people" who look at porn? if he knows them well enough to know that they look at porn then he must know them, but in what manner? is he some sort of counselor who sees a lot of people and they tell him things, personal things? not sure and I do not want pigeon hole ben but I want to show you a slice of my life. I don't KNOW anybody who looks at porn. I see a lot of people that use porn from a distance I see and know things about them, but I do not personally know and spend time with any look at porn. I cannot be around people who look at porn and grow what I grow. do what I do, if I did … things would be different. I would not have SPIR/Spirrealism … the Spirit Art and these Writings. I have had to move away from people engaging in these types of affairs, although I can honestly say I was not seriously close to anyone using porn.

  this is part of what is spoken of in the Writings on leaving brother, sister, dad … if one  truly desires The Christ, one cannot be KNOWING people engaging in porn in any form other than of a counseling position and even that is questionable. if you DESIRE to be known, you, esp new in Spirit, must, I repeat, must … leave these affairs. as a child you are surrounded by peers saying, ah, come on … take this [drug] … be one of us … just once. you won't get hooked. do you want to take the chance? porn from our vantage point is really really really lousy art. bad art. if you understand Spirit of the Living you understand how this offends and degrades you as a HUMAN BEing and as one seen and known for the Elect. so … we do not go there nor do we engage with those engaging in pornography because we cannot trust what they share while on this … 

one is to scale back on "parties" theories of man … get out from under these weights, which includes the alcohol and athletics (sports games,etc). I am a semi-monastic right now trying to turn our residence into a working farm--- think I mentioned already that it's an old house and needed a lot of work … and working in the Spirit Arts, as you see here and my other site/galleries, along with the books. I have actually been MOVED away from many things that would have caused distraction from my preparation. I realized not long ago that I was apart from so many things I'd experienced and endured and these are now passed. I will never return to these relationships/friendships … places. I keep moving but right now … it's a lot of back-breaking work and I am small but it must be done. 


ah, plato's tripartite theory of the soul :) … now you begin to see in 'art' how I am being schooled. if anyone has been following our sharing … you are making the connection: plato, socrates, aristotle  … and why I said early in that man needs to return to these philosophers to again learn how to think. and why I have said that I do not believe the characters in the OT actually existed. these are stories born from some things that came before. a jew is no more chosen than a greek. it is ISRAEL we speak … Mother Mind, the ESSENCE OF THE SPIRITUALITY OF CHRIST (if you recall my stating this many times in SPIR). 

this scholar's book … a thirst quencher. I have been waiting for this to be released. I was shown something was coming regarding the old testament but not just the old, but the new as well … and this is part of that. I shall order it pronto.

I wonder … will it be necessary reading for the public/parochial schools, or are they gearing up to impart islamic studies? 


a commenter at RNS

There's one thing that the religious believers seem to not understand, and that is once you see faith and religion for what it really is - essentially a con game - and become an atheist then there's no going back. Once an atheist, always an atheist. It proves that knowledge is the real enemy of religion. Once you find out that gods are manufactured figments of early man's attempts to explain the natural world, and that religion is an outgrowth of this thinking, then any attempts to return to religion will make the nonbeliever feel like an interloper at best and a hypocrite at worst. Want nonbeleivers to become believers? It's actually easy, simply prove that your god exists!

first of all, we said before … it's not my job to prove GOD exists. and I am certainly NOT going to try to explain all the religious gods out there because I DO NOT FOLLOW THESE GODS! if you are ignorant, unaware of a higher LIFE, a living out of your reach because you desire your own belief spectrum … it is not for me to say you can't, but ONE cannot know Spirit of the Living if one has the attitude that no one except the atheist is telling the truth! lol … how silly can you be, atheist? if a child came to you and told you he heard the voice of an "angel" in the night and the angel said something YOU did not understand … do you call the child a liar? grow up ink heads your day is coming … and this just might be a necessary and good thing ;)


the child

this is important for everyone to read:

this shows us another view of the "refugee". this is a minority unlike other minorities. similar to the yazidi(sp) … and their desire to flee persecution, however … in reading news-watching video of grieving PARENTS and other family members ... on those fleeing egypt where the boat capsized and other places, I am reminded again and again of the responsibility of PARENTING. in desperation a parent may allow a child to make a very dangerous journey like this youth, but does anyone truly understand what is at stake? we have shared on this many times both here and SPIR. can the receiving nation deal appropriately AND SAFELY with these refugees, many of them children? in all honesty WE say no. the struggle sometimes begins in a new land with different beliefs and practices and a different language. the 'welcoming' nations are NOT parents they are merely shelters. sometimes EMPTY shelters. providing these people with housing, food and a few toys does not save him from himself. a new battle begins and what nations seriously do not understand is that for many of these people, it's like walking ALONE onto a battlefield. who has his back? how can he articulate his feelings when it seems people cannot hear? THESE PEOPLE NEED PERSONAL MENTORS to walk with them through-to something other or something else. it will never be the same as it was with money and food and shelter … and perhaps schooling, but this, too, is frighteningly new. 

who-how can this be done properly with hundreds of thousands of refugees? asylum seekers vary and some are just eager for more money and more freedom as many were not really being persecuted. they just want something else-something new-something more than what they have and … or they do not trust their governments and experience fear. others are truly alone in those fields, trying to navigate … express their fears and concerns, get by and there is the terrorist slipping in among them. does your government/lawmakers and others pushing agenda know the difference? do they have any real sense of the dynamics in these affairs? WE say no. 

we might then go on to tax the lawmaker and those pushing the immigrant agenda and ask what FEAR they create for their own citizens by bringing in so many ill equipped to assimilate and transition into a new and different society and … we might go ahead and ask HOW they plan to MENTOR-SAFEGUARD both refugee/immigrant and citizen? the problem that screams louder than anything else in the politics ad policies of this day and everyday is HOW FAR GOVERNMENT REALLY IS FROM THE DAY-TO-DAY OF PEOPLE LIVING INSIDE ITS BORDERS. they are DISTANT and living quite differently from your average citizen. they rely on "experts" … experts on what? how? they rely on NUMBERS … whose numbers? which pot are they dipping into to provide the necessary for ALL people living inside its borders? which of these politician talking heads is willing to step from his perch and walk hand to hand  with both … to try to understand the real strain? most have lived too many years in a privileged atmosphere to fully understand what is at stake. they not only shoot arrows in the dark; they rule from a place of inconsiderate and inconsistent proof. and they operate through a strategy called PARTY INITIATIVE or PARTY AGENDA without any clear understudying of the situations at hand. yes, a lot of talking heads deciding the futures of billions where THE YOUTH as the FUTURe of the NATURE ----OF THE WORLD---is in jeopardy. 


arbustin makes a very good comment, a very important one. this is key to UNDERSTANDING not only the story (as SPIRITUAL metaphor) but much in the Language of HEARING. so why do preachers miss it or twist its purpose/meaning?



Plato's tripartite theory of the soul is a theory of PSYCHE proposed by the ancient Greek philosopher Plato in his treatise the REpublic. 

in getting back to the atheist but not just the atheist but the politician and the religionist … there is an unseen order. it exists in human beings but not necessarily in mankind as man is understood in gnosis as the lawless kind … until he sees himself (this is step number one or the first order of business having to do with TRUTH)… now ...some see a type of order through use of (feeding in/on >on having to do with "ON this rock I will build my church"<) policy or politics, some see it through use of religion … some see it in nature … some through a Spiritual path. a good number of years ago but after my entry into eastern orthodox study (more of the PHILOKALIA style of interest and practice rather than following the ritualistic patterns of manmade religion) I had a dream and in this dream I was given instructions (I should say here that many of my dreams are like this). I was told that there are two paths to Truth, and by giving Truth a capital T ... is our way of separating man's idea of truth and Spirit of the Living God Truth.
TO ADD: people may make fun like atheist max, but he hasn't a clue on what I speak … like a person not understanding another language and person more fluent in another language speaks english, but english does not have all the words person needs to express something or explain something … but atheist makes fun of person for trying. this is very bad manners and someone should tell atheists that to say untrue things about believers speaking a language he does not understand is truly ignorant. he can say I don't like what you are saying, but to state outright something bad about something he knows nothing about is … bad, sometimes evil and making fun shows atheist to be of a lower place not just in understanding but civility, an order man can see and adhere to. religious acts are another story. religious posturing that has a direct affect on atheist … certainly he can speak and is why WE speak on religious deals and steals, along with that political attire. 


Saturday … somewhere in the above was Friday but I have been busy and do not always heed the system to date.

the following I borrowed from an atheist's comment (part of) @RNS.

The statement "Once an atheist, always an atheist" is still true, since once you know that atheism is really all about - the lack of belief in gods due to lack of evidence - there is only one way to revert from atheism to theism, and that is encountering evidence that one deems sufficiently strong to prove the existence of a god.

HOW DO YOU EVIDENCE EXPERIENCE, ATHEIST? we posted something above and we will post it again, with a slight change of wording:

if YOUR child comes to you and says, "Daddy, an angel spoke to me in my dream. She said, 'do unto others as you would have them do unto you.' What does this mean? and are there angels?"

do you tell your child it was just a dream, pay it no mind? if he persists in this and starts drawing that angel and other angels (what he sees as angel) do you take your child to your "shrink" to have him examined? do you then put him on drugs to try to get these thoughts out of his head? do you force an opponent on him, a contrasting theory or belief system that will overpower his experiences?  

and how is TELLING (preaching) against another's experience without having experienced it yourself any different from what a believer might do to an atheist? like, what the RCC did and still does. what islam and others do? 

if someone comes to me speaking in quran … all I can do at this point is ask WHERE-HOW this came to be? with so many blaming "those damn holy books" what delusion! what sky fairy stuff! all I can do is ask how it is that his "god" is telling the truth. I cannot say to him that he is not experiencing anything. that what he is experiencing does not exist. it does exist! he is proof of that existence. his words and actions are proof that it exists. and, of course, atheist says, it was just men who wrote those holy books! and atheist goes on to say that the language is horrid (while feeding on horror movies and movies filled with rape and misuse of women and children and movies and books and posters/images filled with war and violence :( … without understanding that much of the "art" is metaphor. not all and not all of these books, but much of it is illustrating TEACHINGs on something (example: I came not to bring peace but a sword, which does not mean what atheist WANTS it to mean, or what the RCC deemed it meant). okay, what are these words teaching? we go back to the man speaking quran< where-how---WHO-WHAT---is this man having written your teaching? was he even real? real as all you say? research would have to be done to gain knowledge on the words written by the creator of islam. now, it sounds very much like most islamists believe their creator of their holy book, the creator of islam, did have many women and did war, killing many. he had slaves, and used virgins and many were children. they may not want to see their prophet as having misused female or having had slaves or having had sex with girls, very young girls, but that is what is written and what many islamists hold to (his bio). and many claim that the warring was necessary for this or that reason. that it was an accepted practice, esp of that time. even atheist believes in war to solve his problems. he pays into and supports much of what uses violence to get something he desires.

there was a Time when there were no politics and no religion and no war … where the mind was engaged not in power and control of other lands and people, but of understanding the UNIVERSE and its inhabitants. what happened? (yes, and that monkey man theory was just a tribe of sorts that died out for obvious reasons. much like dinos dying out for obvious reasons) … and if UNIVERSE needed to find a way to stop the aggression and the MISUSE of female, the environment … and what is given/gifted … not drugging for everything man can't explain … not drugging or warring for every problem he wants to solve … but UNDERSTANDING through … 

through what? how might UNiverse do this?

let's say (agree?) that the HEART ofGOD is the ID of the UNIVERSE. {this} IDENTITY. would atheist agree on {this}? and the questionable and the place where questions are most important is  … would be  … that of SPIRIT, the angels, good and evil. could we search for Truth, together? if the Universe as God's Heart is Wisdom … could we search Wisdom FOR Truth? in SPIR we shared an illustration---a peach with its seed. some peach types are self-pollinating and some require another to produce fruit, but both need the seed to produce a tree. right? the seed is … TRUTH. it holds the key to producing both tree and fruit. some may like the tree for its shade, but typically when one grows from a peach seed one desires the fruit. 

two paths to Truth. if we agree on WHAT is God by agreeing that the Universe is worthy of all of us, for without the Universe there would not be … anything… we would only need to determine through various means what is good and what is evil. what initiates for Truth and what initiates for Evil.

from the gospel attributed to THOMAS engaging with Savior … coming … next …
you see, I really, really like KNOWLEDGE … but I LOVE Truth. Truth is what allows Understanding. like the next step in the order of things. a child must first be born before he can breathe … for his own choosing, for choice of ___. there are two ways to get to heaven: infancy and death. in infancy you are not given the opportunity to choose but upon death you have chosen. and man asks, but hey, you said that the first heaven is in the here and now and that hell is also now, while in darkness (ignorance or a type of ignorance also … lack of understanding). yes, this is true … because … because that death is death against darkness FOR Truth. you die the old, beleaguered, unborn tree or branch (remove with that sword that JESUS said, as this is necessary for a healthy fruit-bearing tree---a healthy YOU… that YOU might carry the cross of forbearance. that forbearance is edible fruit, which is … TA-DA! and not ta-duh? … Spirit of the Living God, your coming into a marriage of TWO! yep, you carry {this}. 

now, if you have a dream that you are feeding on someone or something (often sexual---whoopee! ;) … this is Spirit sharing in Light. ahhh, Light … now what is Light? WE have often shared  … "Light on Love", in SPIR. so … what is Love? Love is God (as CS Lewis once said when he said God is Love or  … Love is God … in Mere Christianity and I said, whoopee! not only is this knowledge but UNDERSTANDING! I LOVE IT! because the "God is Love" thing just didn't do it for me. it looked worn and yuppie-fed, but Love is God was like saying …your world is reversed, turn it around … return to … ).

sharing in Light is the ART OF DEFINING … Truth. and this comes how? through I AM … as in I am the way, the truth, the LIFE … (or one could say LIGHT) … no one comes .. (comes? as in has a release? as in a climax type … ?. but God knew what God was talking about ;) … to the "father" but through … me. 

what is me? is me JESUS or THE CHRIST? both … as this is a marriage of the two. a joining for … Truth. and when PAUL says Jesus Christ he is saying one path and when Paul says Christ Jesus he is saying the other path. now… can you discern and study in these of the Writings? without overbearing attribute? 

also, simple things like Light is needed for the seeds growth and water and … 

and we will get into the water later.



a 20 year old originally from turkey. his STEPFATHER said not to … because he was having a hard time

this is your world america. every few days or every couple of weeks you will have someone going on a terrorism act. your children will not be awarded a childhood because of these episodes. many parents will begin to wake to the reality of this world, and some responsible pastors will wake and begin to advise appropriately … and that's not all … more is coming. several years ago I heard (regarding some toddlers in my family) they will not see childhood. my first thought was, oh my … they will be murdered in one of these horrific acts? will it become that bad in america? but God never places that kind of burden on "me". but I do know things about worldly face and what it brings on itself. what LORD was showing me is that our littlest most wee ones will be growing up in a climate that will not permit him the freedoms that his older family members had. parenting parts will just say no. no, you are not permitted to go to that birthday party in that town, with that type of food being served. "but he is one of my classmates!" sorry, no … no, you will not be allowed to go to the mall with your buddy and his parents, or the zoo or on that vacation, camp, scouting trip … community service mission. mom does not trust your friend's mom, boyfriend, cousin, brother, grandparents … stepdad, half siblings, older siblings, pastors, priests of that church mission, leaders of that organization … who live with them or spend a lot of time around your friend … or pay into and support something mom finds offensive, unsafe, illegal or … careless. what? his parents and oldest son smoke pot? no thank you my son has other plans … for his life. what? the birthday party involves a movie in a crowded mall in an area where immigrants and naturalized citizens are impacting the environment without proper jurisdiction? prayer calls five times a day? no thank you, my son has other plans. what? his parents smoke cigarettes … in the house where you will be sleeping over? no, you cannot sleep over. and you cannot play there, for inhaling their smoke is bad for you. what? his stepdad has porn on his commuter? loves his porn … no, my son has other plans … for his life. what? they drink alcohol a lot? look at the drunk drivers who have killed not only their passengers but others on the road. and on and on … not to mention the high alert drug scene and these types of terrorist acts that happen anywhere. yes…  everywhere. are you safe?

is there a way to fight this? is there a way to stay safe or a lot safer … with less obstacles? 

you can start by working in your communities to change laws and to change minds. your child is worth it, because the US government is looking out for its party initiatives and this looks a lot like a far distant vision from the reality that you live from day to day. tell your lawmakers and priests and popes and patronizing paste-up portraits to sh** or get get rid of that pot altogether. it does not WORK!

so sad, folks, for the loss of precious life … not just in the state of wshington but in all the places in our universe including the birds losing losing losing lives … in air ways of travel, and war. you kill in this fashion, thinking yourself above the Law of the Universe … maybe it comes back at you. God knows when a sparrow falls, as these are of {this}. ----spiritual metaphor if you've got the intellect for it.

have a story for you …

earlier this week I was standing across the street from my house walking my dog (standing because gracie was sniffing every tenth blade of grass---hearing gone, she takes more time in the sniffing of things). I heard a loud, piercing noise coming from a bird in a large tree in my yard. it was a persistent cry, but I could not see it and was not sure of its purpose. . later I will look up the sound … I will have to go with what I think it might be. I have a bird book that has birds voice. I sensed it was telling me something but I did not know what. then yesterday towards the end of the afternoon, I planted a fading mum in a bed that I had had blooming in a pot into a prepared area in a bed (I don't ditch my mum, I plant them and if a hardy type, they come back every year). I had not been to that part of the property for a few days to inspect things because I had been focused on the front porch that I am painting, but I looked around to see if it needed another mowing in spots (I use a Reel Mower because I am moving toward less noise, fumes, gas … yadayada). while looking I heard that same bird cry again, same tree. I looked up and saw movement and suddenly my eye was drawn to a large branch fairly high up. it was cracked and hanging … dangerously. ah, I see it, I said, thank you, bird. the bird ceased his cry. how is that for communication? 

that is not the first time … it's just difficult to listen sometimes with all the noise and distraction going on and … hanging around people who don't believe … you, two … three

where there are two or more IN MY NAME there I will be also

+that night I communed on the greater meaning of that branch and I was told … jerusalem. and I was told that this involves iraq.