a must listen to … the WOMAN speaking on freedom




as we learn more and more we see how the sheer numbers of people coming and going … coming and going … makes it very hard to detect and catch terrorism, especially when governments allow areas of cities to fester with lack of employment and bad habits. there is more to it than just these two, of course, but bad habits can turn into seriously bad acts where, like the woman shared in the video (see link attached -above), people are not respected. she said "allah will replace them"  … there is no personal appreciation for life---an individual's life. we cannot stress enough how the attitude toward women in any institution with DOCTRINE DENYING FEMALE SEATS OF 'HONOR', VOICE, and impartiality is a DANGEROUS LIASON (doctrine as cult through patriarchal dominion). but who/what set this up and persisted in this attitude, relegating female to the lower rung … breeders, coffee servers and male pleasers for his establishments? there were female priests in the early christian assemblies but rome snuffed this out for its own credential and hierarchal business exploits. 


Why does God need a throne? Why does pure spirit need a place to sit?

:D excellent question, ben! I love it!!! 

pure SPIRIT has a throne within the kind-hearted and the pure of Spirit. the one hastening to feed in the realm of deliverance. The CHRIST LIVES WITHIN one of unselfish domain … but never does {this} sit … idle and ignorant. the throne is a moving vernacular :)



no, not seeing that this is accurate information, and … there is a big uncertainty in the FOUNDER of the faith of the muslim. who is its founder? this has been the big question from the start. what type of being needs child brides, several brides and war to establish his autonomy? it's an errancy that we can never align with and is why The Christ is not of the same god as islam. THIS CAN NEVER BE … no matter how much religionists try to sweeten the wire.

in addition, so many years under roman catholic rule … so many years. you do not understand what this is. the early followers of the christ---the original christians---were brought out of the house of bondage, not relegated to improper sentencing. the roman church, and many catholics and roman catholics don't know the origin of their church, but we have posted some on its inception … it took the Writings and created its own dynasty, forcing belief and practice, much like islam at the house of its founder. this is not and will never be of The Christ no matter how much the religions try to push their interfaith agendas. roman catholic  is not The Christ in pure Spirit. it will never be pure in Spirit as it ordains for man's allegiance and self-serving principles. in their attempt to weaken the Word, they will strengthen the peace  (the understanding) for those not in agreement with the charades of these. they play at truth while filling their pockets and their pews that man might sell himself to the caliphate organizations. we are not rooked into these paradigms, if speaking liturgically and canonically. how one uses his house is his business, but The Christ is of select partnering in the call to impartiality. do you not understand what is impartiality? do you not understand the Spirit of the Living?   

we will no longer pay for institutions … government must concede on this very important issue. WE WILL NOT PAY FOR THESE MILLIONS OF HOUSEHELD CALIPHATE ORGANIZATIONS. no more! GOVERNMENT, DO NOT BURDEN THE PEOPLE WITH YOUR PANDERING SCHEMES AND PARLOR TRICKS! you will be held accountable for forcing citizens to pay for your pope pandering and that canonization on american soil. that was illegal according to the laws of our constitution … you ran afoul and you will be paying for this. and now, with the growing islamist organization you insist we agree to your agendas? no, we will not be paying for any more houses of worship. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! bring in the syrian orphans for care … to start, but do not ask the citizens of america to slave for your lazy man's purgatory! do your job and stop asking citizens to go against their conscience. stop stealing their money for your self-serving agendas.


here is a comment on an article at rns , another poe fest?

“…a significant symbol of the Jubilee Year is the move by the pope to allow priests to forgive the sin of abortion.” No man on earth has that power or authority. The Scriptures say you can be justified by faith to have peace with God through Jesus Christ our Lord and BY whom we have access into His grace.(Romans 5:1-2) There is no Scripture that authorizes anyone else to wedge themselves in between a repentant sinner and the cleansing blood of Christ. And there is no “Jubilee Year” as applies to New Testament Christians. The “Pope” and his fellow clergy are mere frauds making merchandise of people’s superstition. (2 Peter 2:3)

did not read the article this comment came from because at rns they are all the same pope rah-rah without proper edification. but it is true, NO MAN ON EARTH HAS THAT POWER OR AUTHORITY to forgive as this pope advocates … and with all the scandals … the corruption and abuses in the rcc … priests dishonestly engaging in sex with men and women, sexually abusing children, lying about these, and covering up all sorts of racketeering … HAVING SWORN OATHS OF CELIBACY … and do note WHAT JAMES SAYS ABOUT SWEARING OATHS … which priests would be of the Spirit if any? 

WOULD A CATHOLIC KNOW WHO HE CAN TRUST? which priest is true and honest and just? and how is any just while paying into and supporting the disease … the discrimination and the demeaning of female? to us those vocationally ordained are not life. they live for doctrine and distortion of truths within a system of denial and abuse. COME OUT OF THIS FORCED FEED! you are not cattle with a feed bag tied under your chin. 

we do not trust the rcc given their terroristic methods and dynastic world agendas to enslave and DENY The Christ and in denying The Christ they deny the people, crucifying {this}, misleading and creating spiritually poor men and women …
and that love of a bloodied Jesus hanging limp … nailed so horrendously to the cross they established for those not thinking as they think. the brutality continued under the roman regime abusing Christ's Name … what horrors … what insubordination. no child should be subjected to this imagery. no child should have to endure staring at this bloodied figure. what do the catholics plant in the minds of the youth?

and ...

why would a Living God through THE CHRIST permit man in his empire's to absolve the sins of others as if he is the FATHER on TRUTH (WISDOM)? this pope just keeps urging and encouraging the lies and the manipulation and the seduction. do your research and look at his patterns! canonizing the terrorist serra to lure in the hispanics who were moving into other church denominations … pushing the muslim prophet through islam … using islam to get the people into cages for the vatican agenda of a one world religion of histrionics and disease … lies and seduction, abuse-abuse-abuse … encouraging the mental disease of their 'saint' teresa of india. what a fraud … what temptation and sickness. muslim beware! protestant beware! catholic beware! be aware of the antics of this administration … and ask your governments why they spend taxpayer dollars to support this?



enslavement? talk about a ticking time bomb. what of the children in the US dominated by men in insulated beliefs and practices? 



hmm … we read several articles that stated the woman driving the car was screaming, "allahu akbar" … but no major news stated this and, we saw that law enforcement were quick   to announce 'facts'  about the woman's reason for this horrendous act. do they usually respond so abruptly with such details? about the father of the child and ? no, they never respond with  these details so quickly and to announce "this is not an act of terrorism"  IMMEDIATELY? hmmm … so, which is true? is the law using the media to once again deny the people the truth? or those article I saw pushing another agenda? TRUE WITNESSES, what say you?

ah, a witness …  refuted by snopes who is relying on "credible" news agencies owned by …. ?


well, folks, we shall see … as the details come out bit by lagging bit … 
if law enforcement is lying and covering up (do they ever lie and cover up the truth? ;) and the major news media either misinformed by law enforcement or used to lie and cover up knowing they are not printing the fuller story … what timing … what BOMB will this ignite? 

it is always better to state the truth and deal with it in a manner factual and not reactionary ---either way--- than to hide information and be caught in untruths. 

*careful on this one, liberal left and islamic sympathizers and anti-christianists and anti-semitics and un-American … we are listening for your feed. the patterns show themselves readily … 

and obama, what say you? lies or truth?

you know, when this story first broke, I was like, wow, they found out about her husband and that he abandoned her and the child ---already … homeless, destitute? that was quick! and I was thinking about what we had been sharing on this in our country: these very concerns! over and over … and how to bring in many destitute while NOT addressing the needs of the abandoned moms and children the hungry and homeless and the mentally ill was/is to be indifferent, ignorant and reckless.  now this … islam connection and her "words" that news is not reporting? that happened or did not happen? i can see where people might make up a story on this … but to come from a witness posting, but where are the other witnesses who would have heard her screaming. ask her daughter. she is likely traumatized but I see no reason that she would hide the truth … unless she is unable to speak. 

"was mommy saying anything while driving the car onto the sidewalk?" "was mommy upset?" no need to attach info to what the child may or may not have seen. it will take a while … but where the f- is the dad? in questioning we hope! he is responsible for child's safety, too … or maybe he is not a responsible man. 

regarding the STAR OF BETHLEHEM … 

it is Spiritual Symbolism for hybrid. It was prophesying the coming of human born of the House of Enoch. It climaxes in our day … THE EAST, as we move into the fourth vision of Acts. The bright star never actually occurred … it is in the Coming ;) or the BE Coming … 
This is the REVELATION of The Christ. did you think that the Living God would be ignorant about man's dualism? ha! he knew of BABYLON and its disease. shepherding the flocks by night is a SPIRITUAL PHRASE for keeping watch in the darkness of man's making as the chosen rise in and for THE RETURN… as we have shared repeatedly in SPIR and OWA. 

*note: Enoch meaning … profound, experienced … "teacher" … PROPHET … dedicated … impartially laid and instructed … born of Wisdom.  Light officiating … shepherd tender … and much more. 

ADDED: religious within established, manmade organizations … are as varied as the colors of the leaves of a tree in autumn. you could ask one of christianity, one of judaism, one of islam, one of roman catholicism a question about his 'savior', or what he understands of God, and get one answer … then ask the same question to someone else of each religion and get an answer that is very different. what binds these all together is their desire for religion and the name of that religion, what they claim as housing truth. religion is not God, however … how could it be? especially if one believes and understands that God is impartial. if man wanted to prove this a reality … that God is not religion … he could summon one thousand individuals and ask that each start a new religion and call it God's Authority or … God's Truth. and as people moved out of christianity and judaism and islam and roman catholicism for these other religions…  in 100 years, what would God look like? it would look like whatever man made it.  and this is why we do not accept manmade doctrine with all its rituals and … as a necessary to know God or to be of Spirit. a child without ever having been told a single catechism or a single verse from any religious text can experience Spirit, and is why PAUL speaks on becoming like child. as one of gnosis---one in the Spirit---enters each NEW place of understanding, he is like child and this, my friends, is part of the concept of the TRINITY. this is what was being identified (ID'ed) in Father, Son and Holy Spirit. we shared on this before in SPIR … the Triune of the Living God. 

Father established his presence in the OT … Son was ignited in the NT (and this a Prophet much like Enoch) … so, where is the Spirit? didn't Jesus as prophet on truth say he would sent an Advocate? where is the Advocate? ;)

allow us to share something from a book I mentioned in an earlier post: 
ZION IN AMERICA by henry l. feingold

early in the text but jumping to … Had Christian hostility been merely directed against the commercial activities of the Jews (Jews both secular and of religion) they  might have been able to endure it (changes in 12th c portugal and spain). But it was made of more volatile stuff. In its ascendancy the Catholic Church of Spain could boast of possessing more than its share of militancy and passion. Years of struggle with Islam had generated an unmatched crusading zeal and a suspicion of all non-Christians (non-catholics). The memory of the favored position of the Jews ( in their "golden-age" of exile … the contributions to science, culture and commerce and the freedoms to share and be accepted within the society held by the Moors) under the Moslems could not fail to rankle the aroused Christian masses who had been taught by their priests that the Jews had betrayed and helped crucify their Lord. As if to compound the felony the Jews of Spain subbornly (stubbornly/ typo, pretty sure, although I think I will create a meaning for the word subbornly because I like it) rejected Christ and the Christian Faith. 

this is huge. it really is. this was significant in setting the course for so many jews and so many christians. the jews were no match for the spanish catholics full of zeal for their truth and to exhibit stubbornness in an environment prevailing through militant means is understandable. if one is in agreement that militancy … force, torture, murder … is unacceptable in representing God, one does not align with it. one cannot align with what it knows is wrong about God. the jews had much to learn in many areas still (female place and much more …) but … forcing belief and practice is what? the god of "christianity" must have looked and felt like hell. this is not a god any truly wants unless that one is filled with a desire for power and the passion to control others.  



I do not believe these stories because they sound contrived. RNS is known for not providing the fuller story because of their promotion of agenda, religious, political … whatever, so, no …again, this sounds off. the reporting is incomplete too often … and if you do extensive research and hear directly from those involved in these incidents, you get a different field. and … there were so many stories involving RELIGION that RNS did not report on and when asked about it the writers largely ignored the questions, which leaves one with a sour taste … and the eye scrutinizing … and RNS having lost credibility …

which brings us to something I have noticed on the reporting regarding trump's statement of "banning" muslims from entering the US. those of you misrepresenting the facts to support self or party agenda (much like hilary's lie recently) WILL RECEIVE RIGHT BACK AT YOU. I am not a fan of trump as I hope you understand … for a number of reasons, but I value honesty, and I do not care who you are or who/what you work for I will not hesitate to call you out on your lies … and half truths for political/religious or self-serving agendas!

added: http://news.yahoo.com/latest-sanders-says-blands-death-result-her-race-184126152--election.html

bernie! yes, it is time to understand what is going on in the justice system and the treatment of women. 


what is the difference between what graham exposes and what the roman catholic doctrine espouses, including their holy father, the pope? how is it that the posters bastardize graham but can't seem to recognize the institution that attached dogma to both abortion and homosexuality? check the vatican vaults if you are not clear on what all this is saying …
and why aren't those claiming they know exactly when LIFE begins according to their gods of science questioning the roman catholic church on these highly controversial topics? if this causes so much WARRING then revisit the original doctrine establishing this and get to the bottom of this! 

none of you understands the Writings so … get with it!

interesting how so many MEN comment on something they know so little about ;D … a child in the womb (experience). a growing "child" in the womb. at what point does this blob as some seem to believe it is … become something real in the sense of growing into a living being? well, it is a living being at the very start, and it continues to be a living being unless aborted. strange how man has such indifference toward life. animals in the labs being tormented by scientists testing them ---using them for their experiments … huh. such indifference. such callous, ugly power-mongering indifference. SPIRIT is in all living things, folks, and is not without hearing. man will be held responsible for his manipulations. it is coming. now … we understand why child as being is aborted in the earliest stages. we understand the many reasons. we also understand that SPIRIT lives on and moves elsewhere when it is not wanted, or it cannot be … come. God does not snuff out Spirit. all are given choice except where child as gift is denied choice … where mother as gift is denied … wife as gift is denied and so on.  

what comes will send shockwaves through the communities … 



surprised? there is no doubt in my mind that the phila visitation from the pontiff had everything to do with this. 

such politics … 

philadelphia fails the youth … watch what will come for the city.