being a female I am offended daily by mainstreaming. that's our word for society's lusts. it does not matter what you say you are, if society claps for you when you say things like "black girls rule" or you make crude jokes about fucking women, or about a woman's "private" parts … and you are too popular, and too financially successful, and too influential … to be brought down by society's civility, which is highly overrated  … you are no different from the alt-right in the news recently, because your underpants are showing. your INTENT is clear. to us, anyway. obviously not to society.

 but how long do you think it will take before people figure out how hypocritical society really is? and who do you think society will go after once they wake to the civil sensitivities of Truth? or at least a part in this ...

let me just say that I do not boil over by these offenses. I look deeply at where and how these connect … and connect and connect … all the way back to the beginning of Man. I took some time this morning to familiarize myself with what the alt-right is, or say they are. from our vantage point they are a REACTION to society's pretend "moral" sensitivities. because they seem to not have an ideology other than white-ism … whatever that is, because it really does not exist … other than the paint one puts on each day as a sort of war cry against something overrated or overly indulged in. society gets what it pays for, no?  … applauds and matriculates. you would not be knee deep in elite colleges with growing reputations for sexual abuse now would ya? and other crimes. fraternizing does what for the mind? are you in denial about these crimes? how "good" is your money? how clean … how honest … 

what I found in my search is that the alt-right looked familiar ...  a group building itself in the day of rome. imagine a movement that was getting the attention of people feeling oppressed, sluggish at heart, misused and … slaves to something church-statie, you know … the rabbinical courts and the roman ruling classes. either side, it was like a wall of oppressive concrete with wee man in the middle. how does one get a cold sitting in a tin can … far, far away? easy. who then stole the vines and fashioned an archway, saying, this-away … and now, or we will kill you. hmm? got any ideas? 

this alt-group is just stealing from previous powers to "look" strong. kids playing bad ass, a sort of renegade kirk, or would that be kurt … or kirch? it's religion even if its theology is a mess. because it hovers over others trying to look menacing. in some cases, however, the meanness grows into a bastard ship … a sort of romulan vessel of great size and scope. but you needn't overwhelm yourself, because it won't happen with these altars as this is just a cold. 

but if you are one that believes the genesis of judaism where all mankind descended from adam and eve then it would be a connection to judaism where you would find yourself, and the jews complaining about these alt-right groups are actually complaining about the offspring of their own family members. and they would only have themselves to blame for the offense.

and that unfair and ignorant view of female.



COMMENTS TO THE ARTICLE ...the atheist's post stating a commenter is in support of the KKK:

1. has the commenter stated this?
2. how/where does his posts tell the atheist he is in support of the KKK, or is this a slander tactic used by atheist?
3. is atheist jumping over important info to label a commenter, thereby DISQUALIFYING ALL COMMENTER'S COUNTER COMMENTS (like atheists and roman catholics have done with me)?
4. do you see similarities in thought patterns -atheist-RCs? end results?

lingering question: 

is it hypocrisy to allow BLACKS to promote black or all black ideology, theology, organizations, institutions, titles … for title, money, funding, teaching purposes, jobs, access to jobs, influence, power, special status … but not WHITES and others? 

additional questions:

do you assault an innocent and put lives in danger because you are of a DUAL mindset  … destroying individuals for personal and political agenda? 

which groups are showing themselves hypocritical … and lacking in credibility? 

note: you are being watched


okay, let's have a recount. what interests us here is that the DNC makes sure its THEIR candidate that has the loudest and more $$$$ voice so … recount. typical of big party politics they spend an outlandish amount of money and do all sorts of "questionable" feats to get their way.  the republican party went through something unusual. trump wasn't their candidate … it was the people that spoke the loudest using trump as their megaphone. trump really isn't a leader; he is a businessman and he spoke "we mean business" through a wild card. and like we said, some didn't even know they were angry until they were angry ;) gradually, for a number of voters, it became clear that they were sick and tired of the "democratic elite" or is that the liberal elite? the obama strain? if you were following any of the commentary even democrats said the media was biased so … who owns the media? WHO_WHAT in a struggling economy and high crime areas and …. terrorism on the rise … has that much money to PAY for PLAY? hmm?

now … does the media speak for the people, speak the voice of the people, or do most of them speak for their own group policies? or is it just a matter of the DNC big bucks paying journalists to pave them a nice, smooth road to the white house. hmm … like we said, though, hillary did not look like she was prepared for what is out there. living the life of the elitist big money politician for such a loooooong time left her lip service oriented. it showed … really showed. and journalists, melding two different yarns to make your bed does what to the bed? 

do the recount … we have a really good idea of what will follow :D

wasn't it something to see when the democratic party kept saying how fouled up the republican party was? remember how it was all over the news during the election? what do we now see with the democratic party? what did WE say was happening within the democratic party? tim ryan may be too late. they had their time and do be honest, please; did they see to their many promises? did they stay true to their rhetoric? are they any more moral than their opponent? less BIASED, less patriarchal?  and … more fair and just? or did they want it all? a fascist type mentality that was in rabid release?

more honest? is the DNC more honest? when it came to SSM, obama had to ask his children. it's okay to consult with kids. nothing wrong with that, but why couldn't obama see things within himself? what was holding him back? and like we said, the whole marriage thing is sorely misunderstood. they should have called it a CIVIL UNION (all) for state-government purposes and allowed each religious/church group to deal with the marriage vows according to its beliefs. one and one, not twenty and one … just one and one … a civil union that encourages and reminds ALL to behave in a civil manner, and the couple can choose the venue that best suits his beliefs and practices for the ceremony should it desire this. and a person against SSM would have to address his religious-church institution and not interfere in the government process and government process should not be interfering in these unions in a heavy-handed manner ... 
should not be unless … children are in some way placed in a precarious situation. easy enough to see in these institutions/beliefs-practices where child is endangered or in some way … abused…  along with FEMALE.

and gay man could look at those against SSM, not mean-spirited opposition, and please understand there is a difference between opposing something and being mean-spirited about it, although it was clear most liberalists could not tell the difference as they showed their glaze …. but the gay man could look at him against SSM and know that he is being honest. but those USING him AND the gay man for personal-political and religious agenda is not necessarily honest and caring. not necessarily genuine. and we warned them about this. and like trump used the evangelical … the democrat did much damage using minorities …

okay then … recount them their numbers!


this is just the beginning




IT speaks in a courtship. every time I chastise I am saying that dual citizenry cannot KNOW Divine Presence, and the more one makes the effort to regain the relationship in God as CREATOR of Truth, the closer one gets to being known. and BEing known in the Spirit of the Living is a step closer to Being protected. this is gnostic material … not being made up in suits of two different yarns. of course materials are mixed these days but the SPIRITUAL METAPHOR is not to be disregarded. if Man chooses to go back the way he came, he will never make it alive. 

the magi were instructed by Truth, and escaped the wrath of the kings of men. do not be caught in unawareness … your titles will not save you. your party initiatives … and who can say when those you trusted will turn on you to save themselves … to save from being caught dealing off handedly?


spuddie is going to get a kick in the mouth. hey, he should have learned but he reduced himself to ignoring reality. for his agenda he allowed himself to become less than credible.

our SOURCES have shown us that the asinine letters are as poe trolls … by atheistic tribes … to further an agenda, creating divisiveness … esp since their gods have lost seats of power and influence. could it be to allow all people to know them by their fruits? to see who is what and whereas man has great difficulty in knowing friend from foe. are the nasty letters from islamists/muslims? some. christians? not seeing any at this time, but there may be some coming. now you tell me, is it EVIL leading man to bear false witness… or man as evil? if atheist doing these acts then atheist would have to admit he is evil, as he does not believe in spirit, unless he does not view dishonesty in these schemes as evil. now if islam attacks atheist because it's easier for them this way (in their quest) then what will atheist do?  he will have to come into some knowledge on his ignorance regarding both religion and SPIRIT. and as we prophesied some time ago, it will be ... mostly ...the atheist and not the nones coming into gnosticism, as a religion. others will come into gnosis, but it will be a few Believers in-of Spirit of the Living God who will lead the way. I am One in {this}. as CHRIST arose so too will the Gift of the Magi, and we are not alone.

so many religious are without understanding. bible bumpers playing in go-carts. MAN's extinction. this is real. the time comes where all will believe in SPIRIT … some will choose the dark side. some will strive for light. the warfare will be of SPIRIT. man is without understanding in these matters. he will be caught unaware. he is easily deceived … as you will soon see. what a shock to them it will be.

I am of gnosis, not of religion. I have no issues with security checking on islamist … or roman catholic, or christian or … atheist … or none … and as we have shared, if doing this openly and honestly … what have I to hide? but I remain silent on areas BECAUSE man behaves wickedly and will hurt my Being should I share certain things. this is the SILENCE PAUL SPEAKS OF IN THE NEW … it is for GOOD REASON, it is for safety and protection … not just for me, but for those of my Spirit. evil will attack the unborn like a swarm of killer bees. my few steps in the religious houses showed me +the EXPERIENCE+ of what can happen, and worse … this is real, folks … very real. 
 a nation does not get well … will not heal … while in DENIAL. using each other maliciously and dishonestly … if people are offended by vetting for the purpose of securing a nation, PROTECTING its residents from potential harm, esp the young and the vulnerable (and it is true people like the clinton establishment and their offspring do not see these as they need to be seen)… as a first step in careful legislature … and government continues to allow itself to be misled by liberal religionists using him against her, creating for themselves an islamist type mentally, born from the clutches of roman catholic rule … you will lose everything. obama is misled and america will suffer the consequence of his team ideology. america will know pain and suffering … as a body. no one will be without sorrow. 

you were reminded recently on what JFK did … castro … the bay of pigs … this is minor compared to what will be upon you. 


I started to read this and had to laugh … a sort of sardonic laugh … a man telling other men how women think. 

hasn't this been the way of MANKIND since the beginning of Man? 

then again, does female even know herself?

but did you hear what the german woman said? german men drink too much beer, watch too much soccer and are too white. LOL!  where does this women spend her time that she would desire looks over INCENSE, and that her choices are so limited? this is the culture of america, too, folks … but if your LOVE is not bound to religion of varying states of mankind, you have other options that do not find itself in appearances … and living inside a box.

do YOU desire islam for your wife? how about roman catholic appeal? how about political attire?

or are you much, much more in SPIRIT?

mr flirt teaches the things of adolescence … what of the arcane?


if you are wondering where your tax dollars are going

we said this was coming … 
that your gods will be silencing you soon?

what will your gods find on me? anything they should be concerned about? do I pose a risk … to society? am I a danger to others? my FAITH … my belief … is this a danger to you? to them? what have you to fear from me? 

does evil have anything to fear from me? how about dishonest people? how about abusers and rapists and drug dealers and … corrupt institutions? 

now does any HUMAN BEING think that the islamist's prophet muhammad did not do the following? and can any HUMAN believe that a follower/worshipper of this criminal is … suspect?


yes, this is the right thing to do, folks. you will need to be investigated as you are in a country illegally, but if your lives show honest intent … you will be allowed to stay. there are things in place for this. but don't harass those having voted for trump, however … do not condemn others as you had received … and do receive, even if feeling a weight on you. many of us feel a weight … we carry it with us until others undress for the New. but it is important that you come forward and show the authorities your intent that you will not be counted among the "ticking time bombs" that are scattered throughout the nations … some even in attack planning mode and … 
law enforcement cannot tell you or any other where these will attack. families are at risk. students of all ages are at risk. 

do not believe us? look at the recent incident at OSU. he didn't know he was angry until he was angry? he went on a rant on FBk stating that he'd had enough of the attack on his kind? hmm … did you know he would plow his vehicle into students walking to class? then to begin slicing them with a knife? did he seem the type? 

obama and co. does not know what he is dealing with. where he has made his bed … and he continues in denial. 

ticking bombs all over your universities---your communities. makes you want to stay home rather than go out, even to school, work. and it's not just islam. MENTAL ILLNESS IS ON THE RISE. WHO-WHAT WILL BE NEXT? and why chance it---yes? is it worth the $$$$ … is it worth your life? maybe it is time to hold the politicians, press, presidents, pastors, priests, bishops, popes, imams and the like, and … professors along with the health professionals … accountable for … 

who-what opened the door and let it in? like priests that prey on children … don't know they are sexual deviants until they are sexual deviants? is this a thing with Mankind? you will always have your poor (this, btw, is SPIRITUAL POOR) … 

the 18-yr-old … a victim creating victims? he was upset that the US was attacking his people so he attacked his fellow classmates? did he not know the extreme of his tribe is attacking in the most brutal manner? did this not count against his religion? did his own prophet-god not do the same to others? so … who-what is it that YOU follow? 

what are you allowing to mislead you? where will it hit you … next? do you know?


the difference for us is that we are not PROUD …
 of being jewban or cuban or american or jew or christian or islamist or catholic or MORE-man … we undress for HUMAN. WE ARE OF IMPARTIAL STATUS. we strive to move out of hell for heaven on the good EARTH … being contaminated by

mankind, in all areas of seeding.