does obama still say 97% of the world is in full agreement with his nuclear deal with iran? 
hmm ... something not quite right about this ...


comment on the catholic women wanting to be deacons ... oh boy! yahoo!

So let me get this straight. Even if there is scriptural precedent for women as deacons (Romans 16:1 — Phoebe) conservatives say “no how, no way.”

Their argument for only male priests is something like “because there are 12 apostles, all men.” An argument they get — from scripture.

This makes no sense.

It makes no sense because it is nonsensical :D the roman cath-o-lick church is not GOD, and certainly not in any way a "vicar" of CHRIST (?)... therefore, their priests are ... uh, let's see ... 


whoops, forgot to add what card sean o'malley @ boston said about womenpriests:


oh? just a man, sean? is this what you think?
he's just a man ... and I've had so many men before ... in very many ways ... he's just one more.

we know, sean ... we know ... you cannot hide from us


The Great God Pan


“Four times as many U.S. adults say their opinion of the Catholic Church is better now because of Pope Francis…”

And this is why he is so dangerous. I miss ol’ unlikable Ratzinger.

do not worry, Pan, GOD does bring good from the wreckage 

there are those genuine, honest and of a place to carry what others would not, refuse and deny, and what others could not due to the many stumbling blocks, ignorance and the big-headedness of the pharisee. man is given choice, and when he chooses to ignore the fatalities and abuses of his own institutions and theologies ... his own practices and preaching, deceiving others either expressly and excessively for his own agenda (self centeredness which people often mistake for sincerity and truth)---allowing ignorance and mediocrity---paving a way for indecency, shortsightedness, theft, confusion and gross neglect (all the popes including staff and many laity of the rcc, and those like it), or because he is INDOCTRINATED (which is a danger to others when permitted to abuse law and order) ... 
those of this recent and continuing hogging of the limelight, untruths and refusal to admit the bad ... flat out refusal and DENIAL (the usual coming from the vatican ethic) ... all pandering and those in support of these disingenuous escapades ... both political and religious ... will be revealed for their carelessness, insolence, selfishness ... abuse and MURDER ... (as we see the back lash) ... and the HYPOCRISY of these antics and system of belief,  will be front and center: just the way this organized RELIGION and its cohorts claimed infallibility and absolute truth on Christ---demeaning, silencing, torturing to get its way, even canonizing abusers and terrorist agenda for their own self-serving purposes ...... in other words, the truth is coming out about who/what they are, and what they did to society in mindset, and how they have caused much heartache and bloodshed and ... the denial of this in their lust to be GOD'S MOUTHPIECE ... arrogance and constant parading of self agenda and bigotedness ... and all those paying into and supporting this will be seen as negligent fools, idolatrous and horribly _______.

one can only warn----yes?

you reap what you sow ... 

you see, catholics and co refused to highlight jorge's own HISTORY, and refused to be HONEST about his intent ... the vatican agenda ... and in this they lost integrity and credibility and will be seen as a less than_____


found this comment to a yahoo article RE: pope's warning not to be taken in by ... conspiracy theories (warning to bishops at synod)

The Vatican and its Popes have a long history of murder and skullduggery hiding behind the name of God. The left wing Liberation Theology Jesuit Order is now in control of the Vatican. These Christian Marxists are in bed with Latin American revolutionaries who are illegally invading the US seeking to undermine the US and reshape it into a Fabian Socialist state. Look up the association between the Catholic Cardinal O'Malley and the racist revolutionary group La Raza for all the information you need to validate these claims.

and? anyone CARE to elaborate?
oh, wait ... and bernie sanders FAN OF POPE FRANNIE ... a socialist? quite the ring---eh?