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found this comment to a yahoo article RE: pope's warning not to be taken in by ... conspiracy theories (warning to bishops at synod)

The Vatican and its Popes have a long history of murder and skullduggery hiding behind the name of God. The left wing Liberation Theology Jesuit Order is now in control of the Vatican. These Christian Marxists are in bed with Latin American revolutionaries who are illegally invading the US seeking to undermine the US and reshape it into a Fabian Socialist state. Look up the association between the Catholic Cardinal O'Malley and the racist revolutionary group La Raza for all the information you need to validate these claims.

oh, hey ... it seems someone did:

one of the commenters says: socialism is just a halfway house for communism


FACT: has the pope or his 'advisors' or the VATICAN given up any of their wealth? I am sure they have shuffled it around to hide it ... but are they willing to give up everything and follow CHRIST?

secretly, I hear them say, "christ who? what?" yo, bernie boy ... ask the pope to give up ALL his shares and the bishops and the cardinals and the archbishops and the priests and the ... 
never happen ... why? THE RCC NEEDS THE POOR TO SURVIVE ... and that lib theology they are secretly trying to justify and secretly worming their way into the states is what? fascist marxism ... go figure.


wow ... the desire to kill 

where on Earth did man ever get the idea? 


responses from catholics on forums where the RCC/vatican is questioned on their "skullduggery"

"the catholic church is the largest charitable organization in the world!"

see, did we not say: the rcc needs the poor to survive? are these all catholics in impoverished countries run by catholic dictatorships? 

pride cometh before a fall ... esp should the "charitable organizations" be investigated ... much abuse and deception ... theft and ...  

the fall of rome-------------again?