both roman catholic dogma and islamic dogma forbids female certain offices. we posted on this in SPIR and here in OWA.
they BAN women from higher offices and these offices do involve female directly as CITIZENS OF A DEMOCRATIC NATION … so, where lies the hypocrisy?

a comment on rns/charges in the leaks

“widespread criticism of the Vatican’s apparent rejection of press freedom.” It was Pope Francis who, as absolute dictator, enacted the law criminalizing leaks in July 2013. On the flight from Africa to Rome he stated about this trial: “I gave the judges the concrete charges.” He also restated what he had said in Uganda, “there is corruption [in the Vatican].” Every man in a position of authority has now been either appointed or approved by himself. If the possibility exists that anything damaging to himself will be revealed, the defendants will be pardoned and the proceedings shut down.

hmm … if the possibility exists that anything damaging to himself will be revealed, the defendants will be pardoned and the proceedings shut down. 

there will likely be a proceeding because it is in the best interest of the vatican to establish a precedent on this activity. they will "toss out the pope", because it is more important that their secret societies remain secret … and populist pope is not proving fanatically as they had hoped. he is looking more and more like what he really is, and the vaticants know it … can't fight against a rising tide, eh, vatic ants? you cannot win this time. you can run and hide behind your skirts and your dismal dic-

tating … but the investigations will be like a fire in a barn full of hay. you were warned.



"catholics" have a tendency toward overreach. just ask their 'saint' teresa of calcutta, their saint juniper serra and their saint john paul two and his macial maciel of the legionaries … 

the question is this: WHO?WHAT pays for and takes care of the refugees once they are in the states? and who sees to their safety and education in a decent and proper manner? the government? the cities and towns loaded with homeless, prostitutes, mentally ill, diseased, drug addicted … pregnant and afraid? the human sex traffickers? what is in the mind of the catholic church is this: we are the largest charity in the world and we take advantage of our neighbors. 

catholics like to wear their titles and credentials on their sleeves. haven't you noticed the more is better in all aspects of their lives? big cathedrals … big families … big heads: we are the one true church --the infallible. 

the day we listen to a catholic for directions to a wellness state is the day the Earth stood still. anyone still bowing to a pope and his think tank are seriously in need of a new god ;)

un-huh … yup. do not play us for a fool. there are other ways, but people want to play their p-o-l-i-t-i-c-s. 

just read where a family in s korea murdered a woman while doing an exorcism. wow, just wow. Lord says, what? I never knew you … depart from me. last we witnessed, the vatican is brimming over with exorcists. dang, you can have that code of ethics! stay the heck away from my family. the world of men will increase in these carnal lusts … watch what comes… the terrorism is just getting started. will your government protect you? why do we have people attacked and murdered daily? children sexually abused and murdered? young men and women trafficked for sex? an increase in heroin addiction? more and more youth murdering … an increase in mental disillusionment? an increase in radical methods? an increase in warring minds? 

the government is for any and every freedom but cannot protect its citizens from overeaters---overachievers and those preaching madness, and people are criticized for being honest? what a hack-eyed world. but we do not fear the muslim. the muslim fears me---a gnostic, and not because I am in anyway a militant, but because I do NOT align with its god---its prophet, and will not bow to and respect its creed and … not afraid to say so. what rns and others like it do not understand is that the ideology of systems like rome and islam want the world to respect and tolerate its dysfunctional beliefs---its discrimination and its desire for large. it demands citizens respect its noise, whether loud speakers calling the world to its prayers or swallowing up the media for its own gain. 

 sorry, nope … we are not fooled by their demand for attention. if the government had and sense it would arrange to get the ORPHANS out of syria first and move from there but … politics would rather use the refugee carelessly, not carefully. 


oh, and here is one for you :

so why is obama in negotiations with iran … he should be saying, hey, stop with the abuse and the bans then we will talk! nothing changes in the exchanges because man trades his soul for a deal, or would that be … legacy? 

added Dec 10, 2015
hmm … could it be? a big departure within the episcopal church? guess we'll just have to wait and see ;)

and …

welcome to mohammad, catholics … will it be difficult having your child bow to a child rapist? or is that something you are used to? as for the ideology … the two are like the bestest of brothers … chow

note: the vatican has had this game underway for a while … it's their way of jumping on the growing bandwagon. they use any and every thing they can to try to stay in the spotlight AND in large numbers with women pregnant, denied seats at their holiest tables AND … 

don't forget pope jorgie's peace treaty initiative. … and the praying at the wall with his muslim brothers. why would these marriages surprise anyone, except those DENIED communion and marriage.  

I can just see it: mommy, daddy, who is our savior? Jesus or mohammad? who should I pray to? why does it say that the prophet mohammad married a six year old and had sex with her at nine? but I am nine! and that man was OLD!!! and the websites say we are to be like mohammand … and why will I be denied because I am female? 

can you confuse a child anymore than roman catholic gods and islamic prophets and martyrs? good luck to you, catholics, in your INTERFAITH failure. so, scam, what happened to FRANS?
the point is you missed the point of the post, as you miss the message of the Word, but hey, it's your deal not mine. you can twist and turn it all you want, but your institution cannot survive without the poor. it uses the poor to keep itself alive and promoting ITSELF. it is ignorant dogma that puts people in these places of destitution and warring factions and rome set the stage for it wayyyy back … and has it changed? continues to whitewash … saving itself while the rest suffer what? 
how will you explain the abuses on female, scam? the lies and the abuses? why don't you tell the WHOLE STORY, scam? what happened to the women there??????????? you keep misinforming the people, scam, and what do you think is going to happen to you AND your stories? 

NOT EVERYONE SWALLOWS YOUR STORIES HOOK, LINE AND SINKER … you dig? some people take the time to do their homework … 
and … since both islam and roman catholicism continue to demean and deny FEMALE … guess what comes? well, scam, seems your priest has shown the world a sign … 

and the world scratches its head on why the youth are dropping bombs and shooting up parties, schools and … religion and politics and their secret love affair with power and control.

not saying this couple can't fall .. in love, just sayin'


and now angela merkel the queen of conscience? preaching to the American people what they should be doing? LOL! I don't go to churches, angela … they pretty much booted me out because I AM … a gnostic. where have we seen this before? ;) and no, as I said earlier, I am not afraid of muslims, but I cannot respect what does not respect me.

if nobody likes me everybody hates me guess I'll go eat worms … big fat juicy ones little skinny goosey ones, ones that don't have germs … I'll bite their heads off slurp the juice out throw the skins awayyyy … if nobody likes me everybody hates me guess I'll go eat worms all dayyyyy …
roman catholics taught me that one when I was young

… odd that I should still remember it? maybe I am a fish ;)