she was in the gym watching the news and saying, oh, god, I hope there is no eastern or middle eastern involvement in this … 

she is afraid the politicians will use this to 'attack' islam. okay, understandable as you never know what noise will come out of politicians, and if any of it is actually true … about anything. including what those in high offices already ... are saying

but let's look at this another way.

woman grows up in america … she is discriminated against in many facets of life. it's a man's world and she works hard to get rid of the discrimination … her current president has two daughters … great, he might understand her plight. what does he do? not only does he permit a patriarch of a discriminating hierarchy to join him on the political stage, AGAINST LAWS HE SWORE TO SERVE … he permits this same to canonize a terrorist type figure on public property … property that belongs not just to men but to women … in the USA. but that's not all, he asks that we respect religions that do not allow female the same services as male: we are lesser persons in their view. we can never be priest or … we are not worthy of their titles and special mandates, AND … in islam, female is not permitted seats of governance. 

okay, OB-wan … why in america are you supporting this discrimination? why are you supporting this and asking that we respect religions that deny female worth, character and vocations? PAYING vocations AND positions of leadership? have you lost your little mind or do you just not care about your daughters? or any female? 

DOES OBAMA WANT A FEMALE PRESIDENT--EVER? NO! it is hard to believe that people don't get this, even people who spend day after day claiming they support women's rights! have any of you thought about this? connected the dots? it is so damn obvious … good grief!

so, lady in the gym, do we want you populating america with religionists that deny female? tough question, eh? it is pretty darn difficult to respect what does not respect me. I don't dislike you I dislike your dogma, and I don't want it infringing on my rights or the rights of my children---DAUGHTERS … DENYING THEM THEIR RIGHTS should you grow to be a humongous head like the size of the roman catholic church in america … and in every corner of the world. 

but that's not all … take little me, a gnostic … and the big head of the POLITICAL INSTITUTION called roma, given the grand treatment with millions of dollars spent for him to walk across the parking lot and back and kiss a few babies along the way, condemn a few terrorist acts (but not his junipero serra, as his mission was of rome---God Authority) and smile for the cameras, the journalists and the politicians (abusing) …

and, during his visitations, he says for the world to hear: watch out for those gnostics ………. do not be fooled by the gnostic. 

? he does not say this of the atheist, or the muslim or any other, just the gnostic. pope jorge says the atheist is going to heaven. why? has he ordained it? :D in his infallible state, he is GOD and knows what will be? he is an ass … that's what he is … and all the people slopping around in the dark bowing to his every word do not see it? 

CATHOLIC, TELL ME TO MY FACE … I AM…  A GNOSTIC … not of gnosticism but of gnosis, AM I GOING TO HELL BECAUSE I AM A GNOSTIC? … read up on what your holy father said about the gnostic and what your institution has been saying about the gnostic since its inception. what say you?


on the radio this afternoon I heard a muslim woman talking about the fact that islam is not like those bad terrorists … and that if you wanted to learn about their religion you could come to (town, place, time) and she said that this gives the muslims a chance to share their faith. 

these incidents of terror give the muslims a chance to share their beliefs and practices.

ah, no thank you … your prophet was a child rapist and a murderer … and a thief. you will not catch me within five feet of your religion classes. and your prophet cannot have me.


so, has anyone asked, " where was st junipero serra  yesterday?" 

maybe it's time OB wan give up his sword and the pope of rome resign. time for people to start connecting the dots … how many muslims voted for obama? you can figure this out, can't you? 

wolf in shit's clothing? yes, well … religion is religion and politics is religion.