is there a US presidential candidate WORTHY of the position of chief?

allow us to toss out a few pieces on this:

sanders is a fan of the current roman pontiff why? what is pontiff doing to help move people out of poverty in mind to grow up and out of doctrine stagnant and demonstrating partiality---paying into--supporting and priding itself in it?

kasich thinks 'mother' teresa should be on the head of Us currency

clinton is under fire because of what?

and biden? (should he decide to run) ... look at his bad luck ... just awful---all those deaths ... why would his god allow this? *note: the God I believe in does not test the Spirit or person in this manner, just letting you know ... but biden? my heart goes out to his string of losses ... why does death follow him? why is he receiving such terrible loss of loved ones? these are valid questions--------yes? any sane person would wonder should he become president what might befall the country? no apologies on this question ... the orthodox would not likely vote for biden as they do not believe in coincidences ... just sayin'

look at the list of roman catholics ... who/what do they support above serving the people? rome or the US citizens? and we brought this up before the huge extravaganza of this current pontiff in the TRIAD tour ... politics is not immune to deceit and dishonesty and using whatever it takes to get elected ... so, ... think before you say, hey religion matters not. that a candidate believes in a Supreme Being is not necessarily cause for alarm ... it is where and how they are FED that every US citizen should be doing their research ... 

and these are just a few ... 

* those desiring the barbaric war regime ... well, look at the mindset: the teachings in this

the US is finalizing a deal to provide more weapons to Saudi Arabia?

the blood is on whose hands?

remember, what you believe may be what you receive ... and if you are paying into and supporter the murder of others---esp innocent women and children---parents and couples ... animals-wildlife ... destruction of land and seas ... and the air we breathe ... well, what do you expect in return? heaven? hell? a life of virgins? to be rewarded? if so, for what? 


the KINGDOM OF GOD IS WHERE? in your midst