now, mr spots ... you can't possibly be attacking kim after your big shindig with the pope and all that TIME, SPACE AND $$$$$$$ spent promoting a henchman establishment anti-ssm as big as the size of ... washington's RELIGIOUS PARTIALITY? 

this just takes the cake ... 

you are looking quite like a man who has something against women?  very strange ... very ... that you should make references to this after your very loud and expensive religious carny show with the roman pontiff who happens to be the source of teachings highly hypocritical and highly discriminatory ... not to mention  ...

dangerous to children

but why would you care? 

and your patronage to institution that demeans women and denies them 'equality' --- to move out of contractual marriage and that female as PROPERTY mindset ... is, to say the least ... questionable


fighting wars on the bodies of women and children?

obama makes references to kim ... after having bowed to the pope---THE SYSTEM RESPONSIBLE FOR THE WAR? 

what he was doing was shoring up his IRAN DEAL and using rome through their political puppet ... and since the demo party is struggling to come up with a viable candidate for this upcoming presidential election ... obama and co used pope to acquire catholics and those like these ... 

so very sad ... such awful governance

and here we have incorrect reporting ... the pope has NOT set up a tribunal: HE JUST TALKS and TALKS and TALKS while doing nothing substantial (read previous post on OWA: rhetoric is not the same as worth, or being WORTHY)

deception is their key to "success" 

parading self--praying loudly for all to see? what does JESUS say about these affairs?

you will know them by their fruit

bishops that covered up the CHILD sex abuse are guilty? gee, are you just now coming to this conclusion, pope?

now, you might ask where they received these ORDERS TO HIDE THE ABUSE ...ahem you ought to know, pope ... as you are one of them

We do not wish to spoon feed here but ... put it altogether

over the weekend I heard from democratic voters ... who are leaning toward kasich ... and these are agnostic or non believers in spirit ... so, what is this saying? they have shared that clinton comes off disingenuous (someone likened her smile to that of a cheshire cat ;) ... they say she is disappointing ... 
and sanders they are not impressed with ... and interestingly, when I brought up the USE OF THE ROMAN PONTIFF in government affairs ... they appeared awfully shallow ... and coming from one who hates what he sees as "the gimmicks" of the roman catholic church ... "but it's the pope!---the pope!" and I said, so ... since when do YOU consider the pope (of rome) worthy of the affairs of the US? another said, you know ... when the dalai lama comes, you don't see this extravagance ... and he said, but look at the number of catholics ... and I said, so, what happened to separation of church and state?

truth ... we don't care about your gimmicks and who/what you CHOOSE to worship ... but laws are laws and when they get broken, who/what suffers?
 who gets caught up in the derelict parenting and the dangerous forays? who ends up being used and abused---sexually and ................ when certain titles/positions are permitted to remain in control or given more control without care and concern for the safety and wellbeing of its people ...  or when people USE others disingenuously---DECEPTIVELY---to gain votes or confuse and steer people to vote for your party or your policies ... we no likey ... 

WE DO NOT VOTE FOR THOSE PAYING INTO AND SUPPORTING DISHONESTY ... ABUSE ... HIDING AND COVERING UP ABUSE THEN LYING ABOUT IT ... SMOKE SCREENING and ... WHITEWASHING and obama has been dishonest and cares NOT for the youth in all of his pandering and political partnering ... and now he spouts his attack on poverty in the WORLD? ... when he should be focusing on cleaning up his own house---getting rid of the dead wood ...not spending MORE OF TAXPAYERS TIME AND MONEY ON ENDORSING A SYSTEM THAT NEEDS THE POOR TO SURVIVE

ISN'T THAT RIGHT? sound like someone else we know?
when you pray, you are not to be like the hypocrites; for they love to stand and pray in the public squares and street corners so that they may be seen by men ... 
to pray ... go to your INNER ROOM

think, folks ... how are you allowing yourselves to be used ... what is your hard-earned money supporting