one of the very first 'understanding' a mature SPIRITUAL GNOSTIC breathes is that he does not allow himself to be used as a whore ... for religious ... political ... manmade agenda. when he comes INTO the bridal chamber ... becomes of {this} place of restitution, he knows he cannot permit himself to be prostituted (the bed) ... and when he understands how and why this is ... he is KNOWN and knows that his place is not of elevated status within the titles and vocations of mankind's schools and ideologies. 

and why is this? God shows no partiality ... God is no respecter of persons. 

to parade self as something for adulation by others is a grave error. I write this that I, too, may know its aim. we do not even enlist ourselves for this game. the WORTH does not house itself within the corridors of mankind's as the bridal chamber is within the realm of the Spirit and heard within the ANGELIC SILENCE OF TRUTH. saying God hears this or does that or ... while standing in the whore's nightgown, feeding derelict dissertation ... of the woes of sainthood, brotherhood ... is fornication with self and selfish parts. NO ONE KNOWS THE MIND OF GOD. to pretend otherwise for bravado and recruitment ... or to cover illness ... a blanket of smoke ... is salacious lust and illicit in terminal bearing. 

the crowd pleasing is ignored by the wise

peace and love