in his office of bishop of the rcc? bigoted and discriminating against … 


and that imam you sit with … also bigoted and discriminated against WOMEN? and others, based on their BELIEFS AND PRACTICES?

COME ON, BERNIE!!! stop with the HYPOCRISY!!! do you not see what needs to be seen? how can anyone bash trump when his own eyes are encrusted with planks of the old, dark days of women refused and DENIED seats at the tables of men? bernie, how is it you do not see this? are you of the old way, too? so used to the mediocrity? the women as property … shame on you, bernie and SHAME ON YOUR PARTY SUPPORTERS FOR NOT PICKING UP ON THIS! 

UNTIL YOU MEN and in some cases, women, SEE THE HYPOCRISY OF YOUR WORDS AND ACTIONS … to hell with all of you .. you will not have our vote. 

bye-bye, ignorant, discriminatory people … you will get exactly what you pay into, what you serve … 

;), but i still like you, bernie, but you better get on your staff about these ad ops … might make you look, you know … which i do not think you really are, just NOT thinking how this might look from the eyes of a feemale  … just used to the same old same old? oh, and did you get my email :)


it's 4:03 PM NE time and not one comment? if this had been a protestant school there would have been dozens of posts on this but not one militant atheist ready to go after this organization? meanwhile, last I heard there were at least 1/2 if not more GAY priests in the rc priesthood and many of them sexually active and … this school is unaware of this? also, help me understand the government involvement in this school. does this school receive any government assist? if so, would it not render this a law breaker? 

hmm …


huh … government vouchers help catholic schools stay alive … so that they can discriminate against gay employees? 

and this is a bit of a change … well, well …

Do us all a favor, be accurate and call “it” Roman Catholic” not just Catholic,
as it is, at times confusing and it also implies that “it” is THE Universal church,
which, of course it is not. Roman is specific and distinctive. IT does not
speak for ALL Christian churches.

so, I wonder what defines universal? what does this involve regarding those "christian" beliefs as UNIVERSAL.
could this be part of that backlash the papal office is experiencing? backed into a corner? pope seemed pretty determined to speak for ALL christians as he strutted his stuff in america, PHILA, NY, and WASHINGTON … as the GOVERNMENT OF THE US seemed quite content to accept his version of GOD as the christian version of GOD and  … this includes that canonizing of the terrorist, junipero serra. well, well …
but where were the noreen voices demanding government NOT pay FAVORITISM and all that $$$$$$ to a ROMAN RELIGIOUS LEADER?


okay, I see it now. goodbye. 

france, germany and the netherlands