catholicism demands itself be truth on all subjects

read what catechists of rome say in regards to homosexuality, heterosexuality ... men ... women ...

now, look at what they DEVELOPED for their god. browse through history and what do you see---hear ... a lot of suffering ...  screaming and crying and pleading and ... a lot of ritual prayer and practice ... a lot of bowing to gowned men enforcing doctrine and teaching ...


men with a penchant for control ... zealots caught up in theological fanaticism and peasants and especially women and children forced to be as rome advised ... enforced. breeders and slaves. politicians in league with religious doctrines---a fascist organization ... not a loving disciple of the Christ. now, where in this ideology is there CHRIST? they made the institution of roman catholicism their god and they attempted to overpower all of the Earth with their understanding of a handful of verses, and created for THEMSELVES a 'church' to serve their desires by using and MISUSING the Writings.

huh ... quite the history----------yes?

it did not go as evil planned? why? and why is it now looking even more hypocritical than it has ever looked? why do statements like catholicism is Christ's church and the pope the vicar of Christ sound fanatical, even dangerous? well, one has only to be honest about the suffering, torture, the murder, the abuses, the corruption, the politics ... their purchases, appearances (the excess) and their constant parading in the public squares preaching ... we are the [bull] ... (you know of what we speak)

what happened to the Word where it says: take nothing with you ... no money ... and call no one father but your father in heaven ... and, love the LORD your God with heart. soul, mind and strength and your neighbor as yourself? making up excuses for WHY you decided to change the WORD OF GOD to suit your own agendas is not ...

asking and seeking ... it is a mind in serious DENIAL and a mind in judgement. the clergy/STAFF child sex abuse is a manifestation of that denial ... and it is now time for this Earth to see the vagrancy of the catholic mind (and not just roman catholics) and its derelict institutions.

sex is sex ... however you decide to view it ...but sensuality is a SPIRITUAL UNDERSTANDING having to do with the SENSES that we will not allow staunch religionists residing in ignorance to ruin with their catechisms and errant comments. know this. if any religionist attempts to degrade this place of Understanding, there will be a worsened backlash  ... a backlash that has already begun because of the dishonesty ... manipulation and  ... partiality. 

if you have been aware in the histrionics the last 3 years (what is really the result of much fatality and corruption, lies and abuse) you are in some way beginning to realize what is coming. if you say you are a believer in Spirit ... God ... a seeker of Christ ... you don't hole yourself up in lavish headquarters and play God ... you dig, and you dig ... until every last speck is out of the way that you might see DAY Light. remember, you have been milk fed.

there is more ... and it is not catholic



a commenter posted that this boy is conscienceless ... and yes, she is correct
he has never developed a conscience apart from what he wanted for himself ... to satisfy his own small area of need. this is not unusual ... this has been a malady of mankind since he popped out of his mommy's womb, and all things play a role in his health and wellbeing ... including what happened to him in the womb and what both mom and dad fed on to make him happen. 

this conscienceless person has been around for a very long time. it is an underdeveloped place of restitution----a dangerous place when cornered. it is an imbalance in compassionate growth. the boy was obviously adept at kicking a ball on the field but he was unprepared---unskilled ... at managing his mind, and what makes up his mind ... 

heart never entered the picture, and this is what we call impoverished portent ... another youth ripe for igniting but unmanaged, unprotected ... undernourished ... developing into a serious, serious danger ... to himself and to others. schools and health professionals are not fielding these cases as they need to. and the exposure to what I call "the crash and burn" entertainment ... which often pushes areas of the mind into a lazy, disrespectful arena to play ... prioritizes in a dysfunctional way.

why we are seeing more of this in american society has a lot to do with difficult divorces, often during vulnerable periods in a child's life ... a feeling of abandonment and a feeling of being unloved ... possibly even unwanted results from this ... with a lack of attention paid to the child developing and struggles through the parents anger, fights, disrespect for one another and ... we begin to see a primitive self-survival start its meandering ... limited in knowledge and understanding

teachers need to be very aware---very careful  ... in what they say to students  

a commenter mentioned that the young murderer desired to control the teacher and is why he violated her twice sexually, but what I see is emotional outrage. he wanted to demean her as much as possible within the mindset he was in at the time (the stick ...) ... it was reactionary release ... and not so much a control thing ... however, the part where the student said that "he became the teacher" is interesting in that he suddenly realized that the tables had turned ... he felt because of her insult (whatever it was ... and again, teachers need to be careful what and how they say things, esp in front of peers), he was then permitted to teach her "a lesson" ... but of course, his lesson was framed in the worst place---anger, hatred ... and----

where have we seen conscienceless behavior in institutions? in men confined, insulated ... immature and apart from REALITY of the average lives of citizens? the denial and COVER UP of child sex abuses 

these men SHOULD NOT be in a position of teaching anyone anything ... they are of criminal acts and criminal intent

so, why does our government continue to parade and applaud these? and deny VICTIMS voice, and why do they continue to ENDANGER THE LIVES OF THE YOUTH? and women? women at risk who are forced to die because institutionalized mindset is without a properly developed conscience?