the media and religious news sites is nonstop on the topic of homosexuality and ssm

coming from one of gnosis ... we move from the sectarian to the ART OF DELIVERANCE :D ... and when we say "sectarian", we are not referring to atheists, nonbelievers ... liberals or progressives and not ... religious ;) we don't like to use the labels if we can help it, labels like lefties and right-wing nut jobs and fundies and whatever else society uses. we shared before that sectarian means "of this day" ... whatever it is--whatever it engages in. this does not mean we float in a fairy field of no involvement ... as this would not ascertain or encourage our 'worth' in Christ-------in the Spirit. 

you will know them by their fruit

becoming:  if a nonbeliever were to step into my place (heartmind), he would be saying, oh my God! if a believer were to step into my place, he would be saying, oh my God ... I did not know. and that's right, they did not know. and this is not because I am good. recall Jesus saying, "why do you call me good? no one is good accept God alone." it is because I am moving into impartiality ... a no man's land ... which isn't really "land" ... it's sea ... a stream of continuance. mankind is land which does what? crumbles to dust. rock is formed and shaped by what? wind, rain, water ... MOVEMENT. for one like me to stop and pitch a tent in religion of any denomination of doctrine would be death.

no man enters heaven no matter what he claims ... no matter what he calls himself. I shudder when I hear religious say things like: oh, he is in heaven looking down at you, smiling ... ... ... ... he is so proud of you right now ... 
knowing that the flesh cannot enter Heaven. the "mind" of man cannot enter, either. the only place that can enter that narrow is what? the heart. and what has {this} married within? 

man cannot fathom the Heavens. the LIGHT of {this} is beyond his ability to see. no religious has ever seen its place. I asked to see {this} once ... Agl John ... and I was given a glimpse so brief I do not think it can be measured by man. I was not permitted to gaze like I have been permitted to gaze at worldly and spiritual art and ... within gift and ... what I saw was so bright no mind can be in {this} Presence, but it did share itself in the shape of fruit: what is used to make wine (spiritual drink). I was in awe. and for man to claim he has knowledge and understanding on the MIND OF GOD, insisting he knows where people go and how ... hmm, nope. his one man and one woman marriage might be a big lie---a dishonest hoax  ... for all he knows  ... in his fleshly existence. the mind is easily fooled and sees what it wants to see. I know of how man is conned. what people should be seeking if they desire understanding in the Writings is purpose---purpose in this day, and where and how mankind must move into humankind. he is not there yet. 

if man continues with military weapons and strategy within these acts ... to kill others, and guns to mastermind attacks ... and misinformation ... and the grave disparities in society while behaving insensitive, negligent, careless and woefully ignorant ... within the mediocrity of verse ... and illicit denials ... feeding on junk that is destroying his ability to perform sensibly, honestly, and in the healthiest way possible ... trying to use cop outs and false images to manipulate and control ... paying into systems that demean and deny ... wellbeing and confuse ... he has not entered the place of

continuing ...

where it says ... HOSEA 2:8

so, ask your governments why they continue to demean ... why they continue to use the mastery of evil: this weaponry to solve their problems ... to fight the war of the ages ... to move mankind ...

ask these why ... and why they still feel the need to parade self and their brother religion above the citizens, as if they carry the compass of LIfe. no, they do not ... they are merely stones in the building ... and some, not stones at all

ask these why they continue to use the marrieds, breeding them ... to pay for their housing and their stores, and their expensive dining ... and the education of their corse hair---that which is carcass and not breathing? why don't the men of institution knock on the door themselves? why do they expect the burdened marrieds to feed them? clothe them and give them drink? while they trot before the people in high airs ... acting as if they have lived.


they want to emulate a murderer?

say what you want about israel, but if these groups are not being parented properly, how can ANYONE trust their moves? their mindset? what recourse does anyone have in this instance but to police for protection ... in the hope of not having to use force, esp weaponry. give an inch---take a mile? history shows us what and where? rome wasn't happy with just one or two states; they wanted the whole world. with limited conscience, or immature reasoning and PARTIALITY (pride of___) ... what ends up happening? 


pope is paraded in PHILA ...