what was it the roman pontiff was saying? 


and the roman catholic church is the infallible teaching on ... what was that again?

and 'saint' francis of assisi did what for the poor? 





"I am a gay priest who is proud and happy about his identity ..."

Number one revelation in GNOSIS: coming into SPIRIT ID ... one is not proud of his homosexuality, heterosexuality, bisexuality, race, religion, ethnicity ... big house, little house, car ... plane ... religious institution and ...

why? because GOD shows no partiality: is no respecter of persons. to love "neighbor" as self is to be of equal citizenship regardless of parenting. to be in the IMAGE of God is to be what?

pride hath no partner ... in Spirit Awakening. 

however, the gay priest having stepped out and voiced his position is being honest, and honesty is where one needs to be to begin anything within the rise of heart to mind. THIS IS WHAT IS MEANT BY THE RETURN (having shared in this numerous times in SPIR) ... and where CHRIST speaks on his return. not second coming---Return. man misunderstands the language and began calling it "the second coming" ... ask if these exact words are part of the Writings. RETURN is in reference to renewal---rebirth ... that place of revelation (and restitution): a revealing in truth and untruth

now, look at his dishonesty ... just for a moment ... he had been a dishonest man at his place of work. how many more like him are being dishonest? he said there are many like him in the priesthood (gay priests) ... and this is really nothing new ... but think here ... do not stand in denial on this. this is a REVEALING as Christ speaks on this where he speaks of his return.

now, where is the CATHOLIC on this revealing? where has the catholic been on this for a very long time? in dishonesty, and not on this rock. priests galore ... nuns ... hierarchy ... laity ... in dishonesty, while claiming teaching 'infallible' ... while claiming itself the church of CHRIST ... while claiming itself God's mouthpiece ... while continuously paying into and supporting the institutional head and all those orders, with all that swearing of oaths that weren't truly honored as intended ... but who was/is dishonest? this cannot be the CHURCH spoken of in the Gospel according to Matthew (which is really Thomas, if you read the Writings through the heartmind of Spiritual Integrity), but Thomas, our Didymus ... will not make a stink about it as "he" is impartial ;)

missing what we share? okay ... let's share more ...

how many catholics take communion even though they have divorced ... remarried without that sticky annulment ... are gay and taking communion ... having affairs, lying, cheating on this or that, even taking communion from priests they KNOW are being dishonest (according to their church doctrine)? how many pay into and support and CONTINUE feeding and fueling dishonest practices? how many know priests that abused women and children, took advantage of situations ... political favors and ... but hid the abuse? how many bishops, popes, cardinals ... laypeople? staff? how many pay into and CONTINUE to support THE HEAD of an institution that allows these abuses, this blatant dishonesty, which really shows itself in society as HYPOCRISY, and ... how many CONTINUE to pay into and support at risk women dying in catholic hospitals ... young girls at risk ... ? hmm? in many countries? and poor and dangerous treatment of gays ... and others they claim to know and judge? like ...


gay man ... you are being honest in speaking out, but dishonest in vocation within INSTITUTIONAL MALAISE. what if your institution said: ah, we cannot afford to lose all those gay priests in schism ... because we will lose laity, our supporters ... let's tweak teaching and find a way to accommodate these priests ... kinda like we did with the nuns by allowing them mother superior position and to silence our hypocritical and errant manifesto on "female cannot be a priest" (btw, need to break this to you again, cath-o-licks, but I AM a priest ... just not swearing oaths in institutional dishonesty. this would be a different kind of priest ... the priest JESUS, Paul and others speak of in the Writings) .... and kinda like we did with those indulgences way back ... THE WHAT?

the INDULGENCES ... oh, thoooooossssse ... you mean, giving special treatment to keep the money and favors coming in?  kinda like allowing married priests to join the institution? hmm ... lots of BULLsh** ... lots of dishonest practices in attempts to keep the same old skins.

continues ...