if BO can roll out the "green" carpet for a political puppet calling himself francis ... brady can putt on that green with the trump cardinal


why go for the jugular? we do not believe this is appropriate behavior. if the opposing party is exposed in a lie ... as it appears trump was in this case (and btw, we are dead set against casinos) then let it be the sound byte for others to make their choices ... TO THINK AND TAKE ACTION IN WHERE THEY WANT TO PLACE THEIR SUPPORT AND THEIR MONEY ... 

a PUBLIC DISPLAY to annihilate an opponent is not Christly. 

isn't that correct BO? sharing the MARKETPLACE in a just and fair manner does not mean humiliating and wiping out others publicly

your lie of 97% of the world being for your IRAN DEAL should have been challenged ... and we are challenging it ... along with other comments you made that were not true. you take advantage of your prestige, your cool and hip status, your smartness and your hollywood contacts ... to undermine ... and you should be ashamed of these sneaky tracks ... we have been watching the parades ... taking note of how and where you have changed from the man of hope when you first came into office. you have made side deals, away from the eyes of your students ... away from the eyes of the citizens ... we have seen what you are doing

the people will experience great sadness ... and anger ... when it comes out

I woke from a dream just now where I was discussing something with you. just you and I ... 

even if your fans never challenge you on your hypocrisy and your "exaggeration" (no different from trump's high stats?) ... you still have to ANSWER FOR THE MONEY SENT TO WARRING NATIONS THAT MURDER INNOCENT CIVILIANS---WHICH INCLUDE CHILDREN ... you and all the rest of the US Government signing off on these deals!