22 For the Jews require a sign, and the Greeks seek after wisdom:

23 But we preach Christ crucified, unto the Jews a stumblingblock, and unto the Greeks foolishness;

24 But unto them which are called, both Jews and Greeks, Christ the power of God, and the wisdom of God.

in the previous we addressed silk's intent to dismantle a commenter's belief in Christ as dualistic, quite shallowly, but one cannot understand what he has never known. just because man said this is this and that is that for HIS OWN dualistic enterprise does not make it correct speech. and it certainly does not speak Truth on the Writings. to accuse a gnostic of dualism as the hierarchal system of man has done, shows he is trying to hide not only his ignorance on the Christ, but also the real dualistic nature of himself ... in things like … the roman catholic hierarchy, islamic creed and its adherents, and others like it, having demanded political power since its beginning, while using religion as a guise, and is what makes it … roman catholicism, islam, judaism … and even christianity to some degree if … if demanding itself be married to the storerooms of caesar, desiring caesar's share … in all its abuses, dishonesty, improper and unjust treaty, deals, brotherhoods … worldly acclaim.

but what of the TEACHING on the PROPHET'S SHARE? 

it is judaism and roman 
catholicism  … islam and others like it, including many claiming self christian, that demand government give it money and give it -give it-give it … saying it is being attacked and … denied and …
where in this Day has catholic and jew and even muslim been told he can't worship? it's that he wants what others have and insists he be in charge … and be given special status, and given additional money and that's a lie. the banks of these methodologies are loaded … brimming over with all sorts of "things" … and they want more? demand even more attention? because they FEAR losing clout?

but where is the gnostic in this Day, and what does he demand from government(S)? 

CHRIST speaks differently. 

12...and I, ENOCH, was blessing the Lord of majesty and the King of ages, and lo! the watchers called me, Enoch the scribe, and said to me: 'Enoch, you scribe of righteousness, go, tell the watchers of heaven who have left the HIGH HEAVEN, the holy eternal place, and have defiled themselves with "women" , and have done as the children do, and have taken themselves wives:
You have done great destruction on the EARTH: and you shall have no peace (understanding) nor forgiveness of sin:

13…and ENOCH went and said:'Azazel, you shall have no peace (understanding): a severe sentence has been passed against you that you should be bound:

azazel is the high priest  of ignorance. he hath called himself 'home'. he hath made ornaments of his ailments. he hath turned the pastures blood red and made them dead … full of deadened weeds, for his own luxury. 

who follow azazel? many. such as? we will not tell you this… as it is not for you to judge.

so there. not all are of the children of the Spirit of the Living God. and I am not used to judge but to warn, and to call out the insolence and the abuse … the evil. have you not heard of this in the Writings? this is not demagoguery or … exorcism (good grief, no!) … this is a part of the Word of the Living … GOD.


does it bother you that not all are children of God? first you might think to ask which GOD? there is no such thing in the Spirit of the Living God as the Abrahamic Religion, because there is no religion in Spirit. this does not mean religion cannot be used to quell the fires. but religion is not God in Spirit. TRUTH is God in Spirit of the Living. okay … whose Truth? 

people either want to mush it altogether, dishonesty and abuse and corruption … hypocrisy and theft … malpractice and inconsistency … arrogance and diseases … all into one mass religion calling it "god". well, you can be of any god you want, but Spirit of the Living in my Faith does not include all beliefs and practices and anything goes typography. heck, what would be the point of supreme being if all are in pope's heaven, including his clergy sexually abusing children, and his crusaders having murdered millions of innocents and … his rotten inquisition with his obsessive and misogynistic hierarchy brotherhood? I am NOT with this malpractice and I am not with this abuse! and islam looks like a dry, barren desert where I will NEVER go. 

and who would want me? One of gnosis, a gnostic, is not accepted in these places so … no, I am not a child of any of those ports. 

communing … last night I had some questions and I waited, asked again, and again while fighting off sleep. suddenly I realized the answer was coming in visions. this is a whole different LANGUAGE! I get visions often, but this was somewhat different. it was as if "something" was trying to communicate with me, something I am familiar with but not fully fluent in. hmm … it was slightly startling. something needs me? I 
asked the Angels of the Most High, you have been speaking for this, haven't you? YES. you have been interpreting for this! YES. the Universe? Yes. 

what were my visions? well, one was me holding water and bringing it to my mouth … over and over. 

amazing stuff, let me tell you … utterly AMAZING.





remember when we were talking about fear? pastors, don't waste your time tweeting. that's for the birds.


lesson one in AWARENESS (101)

one of the things most noticeable in journalist's/media's … party's … campaign's … PREACHER'S …  crusade's … events/agenda  is … the USE of teachings of a notable figure such as JESUS/PAUL … disciples such as FRANCIS (and boy do I have things to share about Francis!) … is the misuse of 'people', PLACES and PERSON … for political gain. IOW, using "religion" for political agenda---self-centered streaming and … the misuse of the Writings. when one paints herself or USES the spiritually immature, the poor, the vulnerable, the enslaved for … a painting of … oneself as … "good", one is being fed what? leftovers? lies? wasting away in marriages of defilement?  

I ain't good. don't nobody call me good. don't nobody say L Thiel is a 'saint' or a … wonderful gal, just full of great serving. I am … a bit of a  … well, you decide. but I argue with the Angels of the Most High and I curse, oh yes! I curse. YOU LIE! I have said more than once … but I know deep within my heart of hearts I AM … being foolish, but I do weary the Lord, like a Child of Wonder not satisfied to play in the sandbox … I wander. I want to know why the Universe was calling me... 

I thought you'd never ask, they said ;)

but l am being faithful here, faithful to my calling. faithful to my Word and faithful to {this} Work. when I was pulled over for not stopping completely at that stop sign even though I did look both ways, I told you all "my bad" … and yes, I let the drivers license expire because … I was shown that this would be of purpose. no great crime committed. it was like I said, "my" bad? cost to me and no one else because the storm trooper does not have to be at the court house and the judge said, not guilty (maybe a little time on the part of the public servant but isn't that what he gets paid for :D … and given some unnecessary nasty treatment from an officer many years ago and the belated efforts on their part to admit wrongdoing in soooo very many cases involving MY kind, I was given a little of their time FOR those lost at the hands of INJUSTICE and cruety, murder and dishonesty----BAD behavior) ...  it was not of me to post the seedings and not tell you what I did: I broke "the law", but not in a reckless and dangerous way. there was something Lord needed for me to see/hear.

did you know that jill stein got arrested on wednesday? ;)

will find the article and post.

also, upcoming … the underlying reason for that above article.


FEAR. yep. people do not know they are being used this way. one thing leads to another and before you know it ---bam---there it is and pastors, what do you see in that RNS article? my first thought was, is this a BIG A.D. or what? coming from an RNS juvenile  when … just yesterday a commenter posted that opus DEI pays RNS for all those roman catholic articles and there are so many about that pop-up pope calling HIMSELF francis that you might think RNS is in league with the Vatican and that, my dears pastors, is something you need to watch carefully for. who gets paid for what? and … you need to ask yOURSELVES … "am I judas of the Christ Story?" 

and when the gnostic speaks from the place of Truth, like we said … watch evil flee and try to hide behind … what?


we are calling you to ATTENTION here. did you not know? are you dealing in blood diamonds for those marriage vows? not a bad question to ask those USING YOU to marry them---eh?

the vatican  and those like it hates one of gnosis---FEARS THIS---and will use and misuse many to keep its agendas hidden. and this is true of any evil entity. look, and you will see! 

now, about that hillary cheerleader article … are you really that numb? that dumb? as a woman "you" might be misled with this gender thing happening, but as a 
pastor, who-what are you? you are to be neither male nor female but both. you are called to be fishers of men not defiling yourselves in the women of whoredom. and that women thing in the book of ENOCH is not female, necessarily, but the marriage of ill intent and ... the marriage apart from God of the Living. apart, which is … political indwelling, religious indwelling … 

come on now, who believes hillary is honest in these jesus rah-rahs? she places THE STORY in the context of her humble deeds? she lowers TRUTH to a dishonest place of political party agendas? she bastardizes the Person of the Teachings of the Writings on Life? 

sorry, we are not subdued. we are not hoodwinked and relegated to the dust bin of hillary politics ... and trump? good grief, why did you pastors paste up his image in such fearful methods? you gave him his fame.


by BIG ESTABLISHMENT DENYING stein voice … they gave her the momentum to speak in another language for … 

moving the people away from the fascism of the DNC and … the republican honky tonk whatever. 

hmm … and to make a mountain out of the libertarian's hill on NATIONAL TV? good grief, what silliness . we looked. that man knew of allepo but is wired differently. the INQUISITION needs to understand that not all think like it. 

so there.


stein was there to protest the ND oil pipeline



back to that speech by hillary

“We need a president who will do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with our God,” she said.

our God? her "god" is not my God. and when we walk in Christ, we don't say … and walk humbly with our God. what do we say, pastors? 

you see, you cannot have it dualistically. you cannot plow the ox and the ass yoked together. if you do not get the meaning on this … look around you. what has politics and religion wedded together done for the people, truly done for the people? the killings in america are alarming. the elderly attacked in the street in broad daylight! beaten, shot … children and … knifed … elderly beaten and sliced in their homes! schools filled with rape and violence … ALL types of schools. look at what WELLS FARGO has been up to? wow, just wow. obama's handiwork? remove it! how much longer will you listen to them preach that they will rid their institutions of the criminals! the abusers! has the RCC done it? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! because YOU ARE NOT PASTORING FOR IT! do you play puppet for the politicians? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

Depart from me you of lawlessness. I never knew you ….


hmm … went to RNS to read an article from what I think was an islamist, having to do with the "modesty" of how women should dress, and the exchange that erupted between the author and an atheist in the comment section. but … it appears to have been removed. why? is this what CONTROLLING RELIGIOUS NEWS does to free speech? free exchange? 

some don't want a certain group to look bad for reasons of … ? regulated by a political party under whose LAW? 

kinda reminds me of the RCC and those like it … only writing what they want the people to read: BELIEVE. hey, isn't that a communist method of controlling the people? but it only creates anger and that anger comes back to attack those controlling "the information" that people are allowed to read. truly, in this Day, coming from the DNC card sharks and their religious allies … it is a form of fascist enterprise and … those aligned with these to make their money get attacked and removed right along with those with the intent to play god. ;) history has shown us this in that pendulum swing.

*here it is, my mistake, I think ;) … had to look under BURKINI to find the pc I saw this week and thought would be up like the other pcs published this week. still to read ---

and this brings me to something I was communing in early this morning: the immigrant.

I saw a movie last night by that name. and I was again reminded of the way Man uses the women and children in the most awful ways, including those movies and stage productions. NYC … liberty? ellis island's treatment of the foreigner was … hmm, how shall we describe it? so many women and children forced into prostitution … and new york's "finest"? corrupt to say the least. of course not all when you think of the movie serpico. 

has new york's finest, including those judges and … priests … who did nothing but take their confessions and judge them rather than actually DO WHAT WAS NEEDED TO ASSIST IN CHANGING THE CLIMATE OF THE INDUSTRY THAT USED THE 'FEMALE BODY' AS A WHORE … that viewed women as sex objects, betraying them and denying them rights, justice and truth. taking-taking-taking-ABUSING-MISUSING-RAPING … "jws" making MONEY off of women in all kinds of ways, but primarily if they removed their clothes and "fucked" Men the way Man demanded  to be …
okay, that's what you believe? then it will be what YOU will receive, and that includes religionists treating women as lesser. will the abusers pay for their crimes? hey, if you are claiming Christ as your adversary get ready for … what you did/do to others. not because Christ is an abuser but … because Man chose AND CHOOSES his god, and those going along with it without questioning the mandates and the acts born out of these methodologies …go down with THAT ship. if God doesn't "know" one how can Spirit of the Living "show" One … what is right and just? it's what Man chooses that will be his council but not necessarily his friend. it will be what Man has chosen as his god that will be his judgement. 

I wonder if silk has an excuse for MAn's behavior in these acts. the LIBERAL is liberated to have has his way without regard for the injustices … and what does society end up looking like? 


are these men going to be charged or aren't they? or like the HIERARCHY OF THE RELIGIOUS … are they ABOVE THE LAW? does being THE LAW make for change in law? according to its own man's-dates? if one is coming from a DECENT UPBRINGING, a decent holistic place of revelation … parented and advised in PROPER AND JUST AND HUMANIZED 'schooling', one DOES NOT BEHAVE AS THESE MEN. these men are a danger to society. these men, like what we see in the immigrant movie, the NY officers and judges and influentially-seated with power at the tip of their pens … are demonics. yep. these are the EVIL of society. no one in his RIGHT mind would ever think to use-misuse-abuse a child or woman the way these men have. no ONE! these are used by EVIL for death and destruction but … what do our societal leaders do? pander, party and placate. this is insanity at its finest. men having violated children in this way belong in the prison for the REST OF THEIR LIVES, however … the prison setting can be changed for what? how? I have in my heart a way but … who hears the gnostic in a society bent on destruction?


you see, what Man does not understand about CHRIST CRUCIFIED is this:

jews demanding signs with "select" vision, not impartial but "jewish" how jews do FOR jews not what he does not see or what he does not understand because HE DEMNDS SIGNS that secure HIS BELIEF AND HIS PRACTICES, ignorant though these may be, and if policy says … PC says … this is this and that is that and in Man's unknowing, unaware state, he does not see his own planks and how these obstruct his view … in his house and storerooms built for him and his legion of artifact … contained and containing, obsessive and unjust, steering in the night without proper guide … a blind helmsman leading a blind crew … or one LIMITED IN UNDERSTANDING … and the greek in all his 'smartness' cares little for those having been placed in the dumpsters of his dormitories is, well, a CARE-less attribute, brining in academia … of his own meal plans.

CHRIST CRUCIFIED is dying unto the old that releases Man from his blindfold, arrogance, ignorance and destitute allegiance … to a SOUL of Truth-filled intent … not paying the gods of disease for a Universe being destroyed by Men of selfish intent and war-mongering appetites, religious zeal and political injustices. hypocrisy after hypocrisy building itself in the sandboxes of time but … REAL, LIVE elected One going the distance for a gold yoked in Wisdom of She, where Thee can be Made unto the image of God as/where Spirit of the Living is …


was going to put "is" (as/where Spirit of the Living "is") in caps but one must be careful in this Day … for what does this look like? you see how 
the language of the people changes? for itself … but WHAT does not change? the Moving of the Living Christ (see that gnostic lit from the book of THOMAS we shared a few posts back, and also take note of this analogy: shooting arrows in the dark, and when the light of Day comes … what is revealed?)


allow us to explain


be back soon … I always need to get up and go … go outside to hear the step from here.

___ okay-returning …

I was not to write much on the israeli-palestinian conflict. only to point out an obvious: which would you choose? not conflict, necessarily, but which law or belief system would you choose? palestinian law which is currently under ISLAMIC LAW, however you see this or … the law or belief system currently used in the nation of israel (with much orthodox judaism) … ?

in all honesty, I choose neither, but I am not living there. are YOU living there? american citizens, are YOU living there? do you have any true understanding of the way things are? or are you fed by profs and priests and politicians telling you this and telling you that?

we have been saying for years now: preaching is TELLING and teaching is SHOWING. both have their place but do understand how each should be used.

if I lived in the nation calling itself israel< i would leave. yes, I would pack up and go somewhere safer, esp with children. and it's not netanyahu that concerns me; it's man's understanding of "civil liberties" that concerns me. 



like we said … hitting close to rome?



Shut up and sing!

a comment to a commenter on silk's pc (see previous post)

"Do you really think Jesus would send an angel to a pedophile hiding in a cave that tells him to kill all non-muslims, enslave their women for sexual torture, and behead the men? The demon worshipped in Islam is NOT my God..."

I'm afraid, buddy, that you are dead wrong about that.

According to regular posters here, and the gospel of John, Jesus and God are just one of the same. According to the first five books of the Christian bible, that's exactly what El-Yahweh-YudYud-Jesus commanded. Deuteronomy: slay all the unbelievers. Keep the midianite virgins for yourselves.

And on and on and on.


what can WE say about this OT verse? "slay all the unbelievers?" I did not write that. JESUS did not write that. Paul did not write that. James, JOHN, Andrew, Thomas, Philip … did not write that. it appears as if some have been misled. beginning with the jew? a jewish scribe, perhaps? a LAW-ABIDING jewish scribe? but did the jew, and those of judaism, and the roman police and governing bodies, slay the unbelievers? you will have to look at the history of these to know the answer to that question. 

be honest, ben and co. … did any of the NEW TESTAMENT disciples slay anyone? some might chime in with, jesus said to execute them in front of me! (how many times did atheist max post that line in his endless commentary on RNS? … let me count the ways;)  I am slayed by the very thought! I am slated to do the same, perhaps? anyone can MISINTERPRET A LANGUAGE OF AEONS AGO. and non believers do, endlessly. both in their scribing and in their accusation. 

WE will have none of it. preaching is telling and teaching is showing. by their fruits you shall now know them.

if a Child trying to say mother but says mobber instead,, do you cut out his tongue? only inquisitioners are of this methodology. only murderers behave this way. does ben know the difference between a child of One and a child of men? if he hath no god but his own material wealth then … he would not understand the word in the context of the Writing.

was islam born out of Truth or a Lie? by their fruits ye shall know them. was JESUS, as the story tells, a slave owner? a rapist of any kind? a murderer? and his disciples turned "apostles" did they MURDER anyone or take any slaves … or rape any man, woman or child? ben needs to grow up … at least a little, put away the ignorance of men, in order to understand at least some of the Language used in that Day. it is foolishness to play otherwise. he has no agreement---no verification on these accusations … as he JUDGES without evidence. he can point to the RCC and other claiming Jesus as Savior and say, look, look what these men have done! yes, and he would be correct but, that does not answer the bigger question: did JESUS, PAUL or … enslave, rape … murder?

did the prophet of islam? did you execute the joe hill s on Earth for what reason and for what purpose? man made his bed and who-what lives in denial?

if you claim intelligence  SHOW IT.

shut up and sing! remember that incident with natalie main of the dixie chicks? she said something to the affect of being embarrassed to be american, was it? I will have to look it up, but bush was commander and chief at the time. she played and sang to an adoring crowd until she spoke her policies, her belief---how she felt. the dixie chicks went on to write a pretty cool album that won big. remember? and their "look" changed and they changed … their lives changed. 

I was born in america and because of this the world calls me an american, but that is not WHAT I am. it does not describe me. it does not deploy me. it does not call my Name. it does not render me a Child of God, Spirit of the Living. I could have been born in Israel, or Greece … for a reason, yes, but this is not my Name. I did not pray to any of these names like the United States, Israel, Greece or the men that gave these titles … giving them their status. names come and names go as rulers ---dictators--- have come and gone and what was once a CHRISTIAN NATION becomes an ISLAMIC NATION under something like SHARIA LAW or … a secularist or communistic or fascist or … roman catholic or hindu or … under those with power and influence. does this stop the warring? no. does it stop the rapes and murders and abuses? no. does it stop the death of innocence at the hands of demonics and careless, negligent … self-centered, often arrogant … ignorant, without proper mentoring … MAN? no. you will know them by their fruits---yes? 

cont …


hillary has worked for decades to start educating children at an early age? 

hillary tells the world that half of trump supporters are a basket of deplorables … huh, will continue this in the next CHILDREN … of a lesser god  ;)