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hillary has worked for decades to start educating children at an early age? 

hillary tells the world that half of trump supporters are a basket of deplorables … huh, will continue this in the next CHILDREN … of a lesser god ?

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was just reading of brock turner having to register as a sex offender. and even some angry at his short sentence believe he should not have to carry that registered offense for the rest of his life. 

let's look at this in a way that demonstrates TRANSFORMATION. first, is brock a sex offender? yes, and in an indisputable way … he committed a CRIME against another, a young woman in a helpless state, which shows brock to be mentally disturbed. he is not "right" in the head. some seem to want to ignore that the young man is not right in his thinking, and how he acts/acted. whether it was 1 intended aggression/rape (however you view it) or 101, he committed a what is understood as a serious crime (and what if brock has a STD that he has passed on to the victim(s)?) yes, admit that it is an evil act and you will start … to BE ABLE to address these types of crimes and maybe ALL evil acts in a more sustainable manner and … you will begin to better pastor those coming together sexually, and those coming together SPIRITUALLY of Christ, and there is a difference as not all are children of the Living Christ, and in this, by your fruits YOU will be known. okay … next, did brock admit he sexually offended/raped? how did this play out in court while on trial for the crime of violating another? how did his family, friends, school, judges, media … react---respond? first responders or latent responders ... who/what addressed the matter in the most honest way? IOW, who understands there is a victim(s)?

state who is the victim and you begin to be able to deal with these types of crimes and very possibly ALL crimes in a more sustainable way.

 is brock a victim in this evil act---in his disturbed state? yes. he was subdued by evil. he was not able to resist the thought imposed on him by evil  … evil coming from ____ (you fill in the blank based on your knowledge and understanding of evil and where this comes from). why was he unable to see/understand that his thoughts that led him to evil acts was bad, evil? offensive feeding? was he impaired by drugs? alcohol? a culture of sex offenses as common core? poor advising and lousy role models?

now, where in his lifetime has this sex offender been mentored? what is his schooling, parenting, feeding---"pastoring"? what has society permitted that demonstrates or demonstrated to brock that sex offenses are evil or … not evil, not a crime, not something he should refuse from his psyche? did he have a sex offender coach that never got caught, and maybe coach(s) is offensive in his language toward female. maybe his dad is offensive in his language toward female. has his dad offended female … sexually? how do brock's AUTHORITATIVE LEADERS---those with power and influence mentor/teach/demonstrate that sexually offending, raping, misusing and taking advantage of helpless or vulnerable young women is wrong, bad … EVIL? and the same goes for committing crimes on CHILDREN which is even more alarming given that children are virtually helpless in the hands of men named FATHER and the like … and so much smaller and less physically strong and much less knowing of how evil attracts, lures, uses and misuses … and how institutions deny very serious crimes that can and do cause mental illness, substance abuse … even suicide, death … the crime of murder coming from the heads of those in denial, dishonest … wedded deficiently. what was one becomes 101 and 1,001 and 1,000,001 and … through decades and decades and decades ...

who in american society has committed this type of crime and gotten away with it? bill cosby comes to mind and he is now in the spotlight in a very big way. but who else used women, esp young, vulnerable women … for sexual pleasure and … who has raped women … and gotten away with it because BIG ESTABLISHMENT LOOKS THE OTHER WAY AND PROTECTS NOT THE HELPLESS AND VULNERABLE, AND POTENTIAL VICTIMS, BUT THE OFFENDERS---the criminals, the evil. those not right in the head? 

obviously it is those not right in the head … who turn a blind eye and lie, hide the crimes … pay off people, silence people, shuffle the offenders to keep them from getting caught … and viewed for what it is: the BIG ESTABLISHMENT AS DANGEROUS TO THE CORE.

is bill clinton a sex junkie? are you? was jfk a sex junkie … viewing female as lesser? how does a mentally deficient state of mind, wallowing in ignorance and failed teaching premeditate the future of our youth? what is being promulgated in this Day that endangers FEMALE---YOUNG WOMEN even little girls? what teaches, even preaches that male as common core is master and king? or that religious doctrine and creed or … democracy done this way or that way according to this man/tribe or that man/tribe is …right thinking?

who in their right mind trusts a politician of dualistic practices in this Day? 

cont …

"after ten yrs be taken off after he has proven that he has successfully rehabilitated himself."

how and where is that going to happen if he is surrounded by unstable methodology? improper belief and practice? 

it's almost as if people never read the news, as if they wear blinders and earplugs, having learned nothing about what's out there---inside---and of the world. and who-what can you trust to see that the offender is properly mentored? too many professions are part of the DEAL. making money off of being bad, gaining power and influence from following the dishonest road and going along with the wrong steed. I recall several in my high school that were engaging in improper acts with young women---students---one even got caught and was told to resign. what penalty did he pay for his very improper behavior that damaged the reputation of a girl even younger than me? and he was the same one that attempted to prey on me. good-looking guy … paid attention to the youth … I came very close to an experience that I know I would have regretted for the rest of my life. thankfully, I refused even the kiss he was offering … in the back room. no one was paying attention to these men and if they knew, they looked the other way. I ran and that was the end of the "flirting". something within said, no, no, no, no … no, this MAN is much too old and he is a teacher, not your teacher but a teacher to students … and using his profession to prey on young women. that was high school … big and boring. a good-looking teacher paying attention to a young student, attending the track meets and … oh, that's right … how many student athletes keep their mouths shut even though they know something is dead wrong because … they will lose their seat. won't start in the game, maybe won't even get to play and maybe … maybe they will not even make the team. expected to play by a different set of rules? why didn't I say anything to the administration about the teacher trying to misuse me? the school was too big. to me it looked like an establishment rigged … and in a lot a ways it was. I was too young to take it on but I am not too young to do it now … but I am not to do this alone. 

where are you pastors? where are the Elect---the Chosen for the turning of those tables? it begins with the story of Ruth, which has never been fully realized for what it is … in TEACHING. leave your brother, your … for you are called to something more.

the schools are riddled with filth … politics, religion … health professions … drug companies … how in GOD's NAME can you or your CHILD be safe in these waters? allowing hillary or trump or a number of others to lead your children…
the YOUTH when … they are not honest and … have engaged in crimes? allow crimes … 

your child ends up joining the military, who will keep him safe from criminal intent coming from the INSIDE! it's better for him to not yearn for these uniforms …but what is taught to him about these professions? what ads are luring him into these ugly zones? and WHO_WHAT puts your nations into these bloodbaths in the first place? when there is so much more to LIFE!

no, it is NEVER acceptable for ONE in the Spirit to marry into these professions when they are riddled with this filth! if you go in you better go in SPIRITUALLY MATURE and ready to do BATTLE, be rejected and lied about and slandered and refused by … them and much of the world, because you are being called to witness as Christ is Witness. and when they attack you because they fear the truth and fear losing credibility and money and influence and POWER/CONTROL … even though this is the better thing for them because they are not "right" in the head, and their acts are dishonest, if not criminal, and they take advantage of the weaker and more vulnerable, the youth ... the helpless … destroying … stealing youth, breeding captives … seeding illicit beliefs and practice … through tHEIR laws … sending your lovely children to fight their bloody wars for them … 

ask yourself if you and your family will be protected?


would the same people who told natalie of the dixie chicks to shut up and sing be kate's brethren? hey, kate, shut up and walk. ;) but, you see … people paid to hear the dixie chicks perform, not wanting to hear politics but … would there be politics in what they sing? the lyrics may be full of … 


who-what is kate uptown to condemn these athletes? has she made war her god? america? demanding sept 11 be a day where all must bow to its 'sanity'? freedom of speech or no speech? shut up and sing … hmm. 

pretty amazing how every morning I come to the computer to share and there is an article or two or three that shows an example of what we have been showing. and … the 911 celebrations were part of what I was shown last evening just before bed. here is the exchange:

lots of 911 celebrations throughout the day. why don't I share in these?
you are not "american" … you see all in the same Light.

you see, if I took time for these american celebrations then I would need to take time for nations all over the world in their celebrations as every nation has suffered and lost thousands, including syria … and I do not have that kind of time. but I was shown to listen to a pc on first responders suffering the side effects of that horrific incident called 911. some were exposed to toxic dust/chemicals, not to mention the trauma, and are now suffering from severe physical ailments, like cancer.

my Work goes deep, far and wide.

so in this you see how easily in the economy of man people are condemned for not bowing to the PC of this or that of dualistic belief and practice. in kate's limited vision, these athletes were being disrespectful of 911. I doubt this had anything to do with making a big statement about 911. it is a growing trend of something to do with blacks. it is a statement on disadvantaged place and poor parenting---governance. it is a statement on dishonesty and disease. kate is really just showing its face---that north face.
if kate is to be honest, she would ask how it is that football games were still being played on the 911. maybe she should not have been watching it. these are men using their influential seats to make a statement about a disease. people still eat on the sabbath----yes?

…. I just looked outside and noticed my front lawn covered with blackbirds (where I planted nanking cherry seeds two days ago in containers and covered with leaf mulch… the nanking cherry that birds absolutely LOVE … hmmm … are they anxious already? maybe a sign for an early crop? these are just seeds mind you). anyhow, what I was to say is this: kate uptown, who-what is she? we are not logged into her beliefs and practices as we view sports illustrated (and I had to look her up because although I had heard the name I had no idea on what she'd done) swimsuit issue modeling as the old male feeding. did you know her work? baring her bod in the swimsuit issue of sports illustrated? do these acts just feed that immature mindset of Man? continue allowing for man's drooling practices … indecent view of female as a tool to promote sex toys … female as … toys for tots? if you are of this mindset do not ever think you are MOVING INTO SPIRITUAL AWARENESS … or that Spirit of the Living God can use this breeding and seeding so …  kate, you play where you play and please, stay out of our way with your super model artifact. when the american can say he refuses to support dropping bombs on civilians and is free of the crime of dualistic dishonesty and murder …. paying into and supporting the meal plan you advise … including using female as a pin up for poker chips … then he …

may no longer think of himself as … american, but worthy of the King.  let me remind kate and those like her, JESUS and those chosen 12 never chose as a disciple OF CHRIST, one spending his hours pouring over images of super models in bathing suits ;)

get a LIFE, boys!


Thomas asks "the Savior" "Tell us about these things that you say are INVISIBLE and hidden from us."

The Savior said, '[All] bodies [have come into being in the same irrational way] that animals are produced, and so they are visible, as [creatures lusting after creatures].Those that are above, however, [do not exist like] those that are visible.rather, [they] live from their own root, and their crops nourish them. But the visible bodies feed on creatures that are like them, and so the bodies are subject to change. Whatever is subject to change will perish and be lost, and henceforth has no hope of life, because this body is an animal body. Just as an animal body perishes, these modeled forms also will perish. Are they not from sexual intercourse like animals? If the body too is from intercourse, how will it give birth to anything different from them? So, then, you are children until you become perfect." 

Thomas answered, That is why I say to you, master, those who speak about what is visible and difficult to explain are like people who shoot their arrows at a target during the night. Of course, they shoot their arrows as any people do, since they are shooting at the target, but it is not visible. When light comes, however, and banishes darkness, then the accomplishment of each person will be clear. And you, our light, bring enlightenment, master."


Thomas spoke and said, "Blessed Thomas, surely this visible light has shone for you not to keep you here, but that you might leave. And when all chosen ones lay down their animal nature, this light will withdraw up to its being, and its being will welcome it to itself, because the light is a good helper."