was reading the comments on gushee's latest post @ RNS and had to stop. it's nearly always the same. I was hoping to post it here but … some things have a way of taking over, some things like … ignorant children. children poorly bred. leave them, gushee, why do you try to pour water on a house fire using a pitcher? surely you know you will be in the same seat in the same house with the same subject for the rest of your days. paralyzed and waiting your turn at the pool? 

I was talking to a youth recently graduated and offered a job  … I think it's now going on 2 months? not completely sure but it was well before the end of summer before the start of school. it's a teaching position, part time … at a college. seems there is an issue with the incompetence of paperwork---a system rigged for false initiative. incompetent people operating within a failed system. how is this graduate supposed to feed herself and pay rent and bills without a job because of a silly system? all that money spent to stand at the pool waiting … feeling somewhat paralyzed against a big establishment and … graduate is well behaved, not prone to rocking the boat or making waves … it has nothing to do with politics, she says and I say, hey, it has everything to do with politics! those candidates go on and on about helping students get jobs but … it's all using and misusing for votes. heck, bernie abandoned the students … and so do the colleges after they rake in the $$$$$$$$. a problem with residence? hell, graduate has been living in college for the last 4 years AND in the same general area even longer … what f-ing more do you "forms" people want? and they take soooo darn long to process the paperwork that things expire then they say, oh, this is no longer valid or, hey, you have international experience so you now need these forms and … um, could these forms people be any more derelict in their job? and what will hillary or donald do about feeding these graduates and keeping them in safe housing … bills paid? 

nothing. as "their children" were given the keys to caesar's storeroom … 

and what will the religionists do as big wanky puppet for these politicians?


upcoming … the liberated atheist's drool …. 


here again is the commentary pc I was looking for last week. lotta writing on there, in looking at the comments.

first, for claiming non belief in SPIRIT, atheist sure does use "the bible" a lot as evidence of … 

things like … subjugation of women, written creed to enslave and undermine female. "it began in the bible" ? is this their witness on the FACTS? hmmm .

no, it did not begin in or with the bible. the subjugation and enslavement of women was an accepted practice and "JESUS" stopped it through a process called freedom of deliverance … remember that crucified CHRIST? if you understand what this is you understand how and where the process seeded to release female, not for boy toy sales at the ten cent peep shows and mega bucks super model boob jobs and skimpy suit ads. no, these are still considered enslavement according to the microwave industrial age of paganism (pagan in the city? ;) viewing women as for sale, like slaves … and I think we have seen enough movies and read enough books now on what that looked like, but did you know that MARRIAGE CONTRACTS ENSLAVE? 

hmm … relegated to the dusting? who thunk up this mandate? mandate: a commission by which a party is entrusted to perform a service without payment and with indemnity against loss by that party.



it is the way of institutions distant from the fuller truth to not SHOW important information. roman catholic church as institution of LAW was and is distant from Spirit of the Living God; therefore no one should look to it for the fuller truth … on something claiming itself authority, or truth, which is 'their' version of GOD on the Writing, or THE CHRIST. from roma was born adolescents. from this you have a lesser truth, as that authority (origin, father … ) is bound in false teachings. do you blame the offspring or do you look to the source? that big, big source. if a certain mosquito carries a disease … where do you look to find its breeding place? the source of the trouble? 

the zika article does not tell you that it has been shown both urine and saliva can carry the disease, and that the sprays many area first responders are using is dangerous and … that science has shown that these sprays do not kill the larvae.

oh and btw, there is a reason I keep this site off the rails.


and please read the comments. too.

even in the new atheist i mean new scientist's info, i don't agree


it would make sense to create a haven for that which eats mosquitos. yes? … the most natural, most safe and most iridescent feed :)

have you not heard of the gnostic teaching that says that GOD consumes Man?

Jesus is a hidden name, Christ is a revealed name. The name Jesus does not exist in any other language, but he is called by the name Jesus (here is where we begin to understand that those of Christ do not worship the same GOD as the jew and those of islam). The word for Christ in Syriac is MESSIAS and in the Greek is christos, and likewise all other people have a word for it in their own language (referring to Christ as MESSIAS not god of religious indwelling. please do not be confused here). Nararene is the revealed form of the hidden name.

Christ has everything within himself, whether HUMAN or angel or mystery, and the Father.

Those who say that the master first died and then arose are wrong, for he first arose and then died. If someone is not first resurrected, wouldn't that person die? As God lives, that >one< should <die>.

from the Gospel of Philip

would you like for me to explain this?

because to develop a drone is not going to take you to the source, for this, too, creates an unknown and unknowing state … another vice.



atheist scientist MAN isn't very bright sometimes. no matter …. what he builds-invents-creates to STOP … eradicate something that has been and will be … it will be man pushing those buttons. and who can say where evil makes its bed? abortion isn't the answer to the epidemic---is it? ignoranceisnot truly bliss. it's dangerous in many cases. but what is bliss? a color red dye candy coated non nutritious feed? abortion is certainly a life helper in some cases, but the greater problem is not solved by complete destruction as the ANSWER to the bigger problem .... and on and on in each and every hot topic area of society. the more the flame the more pitchers of water … but a big, bad flood to stop the fire? seriously? maybe …seriously? maybe … 

what do y'all want?


dinosaurs, as much as kids love them, are going-going-gone … right? we have evidence they existed and pooped a lot of poop and created a very rich and fertile soil for what came after. right? but dino could not stay and continue reproducing because dinos were tooooo big and would soon overwhelm the Earth, as big as this is …. but, it's looking kinda small right now, doesn't it? the cities and towns and even the burbs and … are beginning to look congested (cough-sneeze-cough-cough). some animals like the incredible polar bear (I have a photo of one taped to my window) will not be able to survive … and it is a natural disaster, of sorts, that some animals disappear … for reasons of MERCY. yep, mercy. MAn does a lot of bad stuff that causes the UNIVERSE to holler out in pain, and many animals start acting differently. they are not well and if they cannot live as they once lived, it is a merciful act to let them either EVOLVE into a FULLER BEAR or go bye-bye without trying to force them into a dependency on drugs or chains. is Man responsible for its disappearance? yes, of course Man is responsible. planes, chains, lanes … you name it Man has heated up the Earth and Skies creating all kinds of havoc. blasting---FORCING---his (both atheist and believer) way across the plains. all those explosives and all that drilling and all that noise-noise-noise-noise-NOISE! and little cindy lu says, santa, why are you taking our christmas tree? 

your light went out, my dear.


if "man" cannot evolve and move closer to his SPIRITUAL ID … will he be removed? out of mercy for the UNIVERSE? without the UNIVERSE, what is there? 


that deplorable … mentally disturbed animal operating north korea … is torturing our Universe. should he be removed? I don't know of too many HUMANS that would be sad that he be removed. but how would he be removed? you don't force something like dropping a bomb on him … killing many chained people. you don't go into his nation and blast your way to his bed. too much death and destruction … too much violence. right?violence breeds violence-----right? and if he cannot see his evil, he is like the alcoholic or a drug addict with a drink or drug at hand---right in front of him ... he can't resist it. it's a disease. something within can't stop the desire, like a man violating women and children, abusing... like murderers who are murderers … cannot stop the evil, like that north korean dictator so … how might he be removed?

watch and you will see. 



state does not know what it does not know and people are always paying for someone else's missteps … and sometimes very badly. government's big system is soooo behind in SERVING the people  … it's a crying shame. so why do people continue to pay for it? why bleed badly for those not doing the job, getting paid to do a job (even when clocking in hours that don't exist or … like big banks misusing money, stealing from the people and big government pats it on the back, giving it more momentum to misuse, abuse, lie and deny).

LET MY PEOPLE GO! has a familiar ring to it … doesn't it? let them have their abuse … if they want to live this way, knowing or unknowing about it but … let's create for ourselves a COMMUNITY that does is nt being FORCED to abide by careless and discriminatory and reckless LAWS. 


do you know of what we speak? TRUE separation of church and state. and I don't mean having to bow to silly ass popes and patriarchs thinking they speak for the ONe. these belong with the chaos as they created it. it was catholic mindset that steered the ship into that iceberg. big is not always better or best. take your big banks and big religions and … keep these away from the Children! we don't want you abusing them any more. government and religion must release us or pay the penalty of insolence.

well, what say you?

recall daniel going off with his friends eating nuts and fruit … while the king's men ate meat and drank alcoholic drinks, just like the man-kings of the old ways. and who-what stood stronger? what was the healthier … the feast is found within the 'mind' of the cornerstone (heart) of LIFE: the East.


to address again the prophet of islam's interest  and treatment of female …. 

According to Anas ibn Malik, the Prophet Muhammad used to visit all eleven of his wives in one night; but he could manage this, as he had the sexual prowess of thirty men.[1] The historian Al-Tabaricalculated that Muhammad married a total of fifteen women, though only ever eleven at one time; and two of these marriages were never consummated.[2] This tally of fifteen does not include at least four concubines. According to Merriam-Webster, a concubine is “a woman with whom a man cohabits without being married”, and has a “social status in a household below that of a wife.”[3] All of Muhammad’s concubines were his slaves. Al-Tabari also excludes from the fifteen several other women with whom Muhammad had some kind of marriage contract but who, due to legal technicalities, never became full wives. It is fairly certain, however, that none of these unions was ever consummated. They were the cultural equivalent of a broken engagement. Finally, there were several other women whom Muhammad wished to marry, or whom he was invited to marry, but for various reasons he did not. from WikiIslam

a concubine is “a woman with whom a man cohabits without being married”, and has a “social status in a household below that of a wife.”[3] All of Muhammad’s concubines were his slaves. 

that says SLAVES in case you could not read it.

"JESUS" … Spirit of the One true GOD---the LIVING---does not need slaves. does not use slaves. does not marry to show prowess in sexual relations OF THE FLESH, nor does THE CHRIST breed in this manner, like animals, treating others as lesser the way MAN treats animals …  

because THE WORD is NEW testament DRINK and that MARRIAGE in One is Truth, and there is no way Islam has any teaching that bears Witness to {this} while its prophet is false in Light of Love. and I say again:

THE WORD IS NEW testament DRINK and does not need slaves and does not use slaves and NEVER did and NEVER will treat female as a slave , as LESSER… like MAN treats animals.

now, the JEWS have some 'splainin' to do about their wife history and those CONCUBINES if they believe their GOD is true and LOVING, because no, no, no, no, NO was SPIRIT OF THE LIVING GOD ever of their lifestyle and those sexual practices, in all its mistreatment of female … and ... animals. but the jew says, hey, we CHANGED our LAWS AND ODERS! (some of us did ;) oh? so you ADMIT you were of self-serving ignorance and misused female and animal, maybe even confusing the two? your HOLY word was never really holy then? if you had to add and take away … or would that be BURY it ?… bury the gift because you believe your master to be a hard master? so was that MINA given to another because you chose to bury it instead of bear fruit with it? hmm … or could it be that you did not UNDERSTAND the Writing …  and chose to CHANGE and ELIMINATE what looked bad because SECULARISM would not allow you to swim in their fish ponds?

huh, really. 

and ISLAMIST, do not tell me your prophet was a nice, gentle man … bull!!! he was a child rapist and a slaveowner, treating women as lesser and … he is a murderer! you say ENOCH is an Islamic prophet? then why did your muhammad not abide by this Word? if you are a LITERALIST of those words then why did he defile himself with WOMEN? going into them and defiling himself. have you not read ENOCH, "your" prophet's Council? could it be because your prophet muhammad did not understand ENOCH and chose his own words and built himself a political dynasty under a very convenient thing called RELIGION and … used, abused … murdered. 


honestly, I would not allow any of that sort into MY HOUSE, luring men into treating women as lesser by following a man like their seriously mentally off prophet they bow to and worship …  for who knows what might come of it. oh, wait … there are loads of popes and patriarchs and others ... men claiming to be GOD's mouthpiece …. how 'f-ing' quaint. why don't the two of you caliphate driven patriarchs climb into bed with each other. oops, my bad … nothing NEW under their sum?


and the world isn't evil, jack? (formally of RNS comment board). ARE THESE ANIMALS, JACK? they are certainly not human beings throwing acid … and killing a nurse in that manner. the world is OVERFLOWING with disturbed people---people not right in the head.  who will protect YOUR child, pastor?

is mark silk scratching his head now on dualism of the TRINITY? hmm? still think it's dualism, mark? what is dualism is religion and politics in bed together. two patriarchal dynasties a CHILD don't make. no SON in that coupling?  simple to understand if you are of the UNDERSTANDING. right? two meat heads growing so fat … so big and so full of ITSELF that … it thinks itself God! how 'bout them apples?


there are so many clues on the whodunit in this article people, if willing, will be tripping over themselves to get to it.


first of all, five hrs since its publication …
2. no comments

3. why aren't the usual suspects posting thechristiantoblame? the evangelical or all those names that hillary included after she made her big deplorables comment. where is the atheist, the jew and the islamist and the … liberalist? how about the LBGQT … MPXY AND Z … whatever. where are they? no blame no shame? 

4. burned the place where they eat that butchered animal: their dinner place. 

5. at a time of HONORING abraham for listening to god? and not sacrificing isaac, his son? 

6. be a reader and HEAR the words of ruiz. what does this sour like? seriously, his choice of words … the biggest clue of all. 

ready, get set … BAKE!

--added on wed. … 22 hrs and still no comment?


so you see … abraham and isaac



not sure where to begin on this news article. walking around it for a little while as reader should. never assume … and if not on this or that side cannot assume. partlytrue? well, yes. but I don't star for matt's mat. his platform. because he uses his beliefs and practices as a weapon. if he is a christian claiming CHRIST as savior then he misuses {this}. as the bloodshed as he proposes is NEVER the way. we have shared on the fascism of the liberalist economy and … the rise of mental illness and violence in the houses and streets and ……...all because a president does business with unjust leaders here, there and everywhere? saying one thing >DISCRIMINATION IS NEVER THE RIGHT WAY<yet gives discriminatory, unjust leaders and their kin lots of his time and american money? hmm … handing over hard earned everything to derelict and ignorant dormitory status … of HIS ideology? without considering what he invites in ...that imposes itself on the youth? without concern for the little one, struggling. talk is cheap. lotta double talk … lotta dualistic enterprise … on both sides of the aisle, wedded to itself.

ask yourselves why the atheist or the gay has not questioned obama's mentoring? if obama and his VP had been going out to other nations telling them to … allow church and state a marriage …as governance of the people … would atheist and gay be angry. saying,  church and state are not to be wedded to each other! "JESUS" would agree! wholeheartedly ;) but what does obama and co do here, there and everywhere … with the catholic conference of bishops, the islamist, the pope of the RC? what has he allowed in with his full support and that hard-earned $ … american money? what does he give to the religious and where-how has his admin and his support pandered to religion and which religious does he give special status---more protection---more of his time---more than any other? at the expense of the american citizen?

many democrats and … silent when they should be speaking up about the hypocrisy, or shall we call it the breaking of law? the dishonesty? the betrayal? or is it their god can never do wrong … the infallible state? sounds a lot like roman catholic-catholic dogma to me.

is the atheist looking credible under obama's reign? no.


oh, and catholic diocese says students must stand to the american ritual? this PROVES that roman catholicism is worldly, claiming itself the authority and would have continued its inquisition and its crusades had there not been opposition.

OPPOSITION is often needed in worldly acclaim to save lives from dictator politics. it's not necessarily good or LIFE-affirming, but it is … something to help keep from total annihilation as dishonesty, hypocrisy, ignorance … denial and unawareness seems to prevail and … one of gnosis is shelved, slandered and … in many areas … murdered.

atheist refused and refuses to see obama's (essentially his own) catholic mindset, his own "infallible" quest for power and control … his own law breaking acts. his own dishonesty and poor parenting.

obama has not been honest, folks. he said one thing to get into office but has not shown himself true to it. and his words to not match up with his actions. this much is very clear!


a seriously divided nation and you as a citizen of the US feel that to vote the lesser of two evils is better than not voting at all. but you need not vote for either big establishment candidate. you have a victory far more sustaining than what these industries provide, and not only do you have a victory, you have choice to not allow yourselves to be misled or … bullied. bullied and in the process, sullied, into following either camp in all their pride-filled patriotic rah-rah, bowing to the flag of instability. will that flag and that anthem and all those standing to it save you and your children? seriously … if things had been given the choice to be different would anyone have to go to man's war at any time in 'american' history?

are you in a basket of deplorables? are you a liar?

hillary under obama will allow just about anything into the nation under an ideology called 'makeshift'. he essentially bailed out the corruption only to have corruption continue what? how has anything changed in these departments? are the youth any better off? what does crime look like in the nation? who is doing what to whom? did the warring stop? or did this admin just spend billions to build a makeshift system of "special' forces (gee, would that be what jp the second was doing with his legions of christ under macial marciel?) and the drones? how did that hospital get bombed? was your child working there?

haven't you had enough? is the WORLD evil to depend on using weapons to solve its problems? to rely on violence to try to save lives? if you understand the foundations of what is GOD and what is not of Spirit of the Living God, you understand that using violence will create MORE violence where innocents, unknowing, vulnerable, at the MERCY of these lesser gods (religion, state, no law, makeshift ideology, violence) get … martyred? murdered? if your nation allows the ideologies of ignorance and the systemic abuses to continue, even PROTECTING these, (wow, talk about improper government and law!) … your whole body will be full of darkness and how dark that is.

The letter adds that the “best approach (to dealing with the issue) is helping our young people understand that blood was sacrificed so that we all can enjoy the gifts of our faith and our country.” RC diocese personnel, nj

that blood sacrificed so that we can all enjoy the gifts of our faith and our country? 

hmm … where is this mindset coming from? which place? because last I checked, according to christian belief, faith … even those practicing … JESUS died on the cross ...

  ...and the story teaches how NOT to be of the World that ye might LIVE.

so … why insist on something that desperately needs changing in society? why FORCE through aborting of student this false teaching? if the TEACHINGS OF CHRIST had been truly UNDERSTOOD, and permitted …no one would be dying in this manner. no bloodshed in these practices---THESE FAITH PRACTICES. so … insulting and silencing voices against improper edict is really saying what?

I AM THE AUTHORITY and the ways of the world I bow to and you must follow these LAWS or be removed? (ha … let's see what gets removed).  allow the patriarchal dictators and fascist enterprises their war-mongering as the way? I do not believe people are saved by war practices. and you? what of those abused and murdered at home by demonics in the trades of law enforcement and GOVERNMENT ORCHESTRATING THESE WARS? … the hate, the bigotry, the biases and the dishonesty? the trigger happy parades of gun as god? had one of gnosis been the first to respond (allowed to be heard instead of silenced) … a spread of WHAT on the Earth would have occurred? it's Mankind's DUALISTIC approach that makes graves out of groves.