we are now getting into the root of much of israel's problems: the ultra-orthodox control

we posted other articles both here and in SPIR on this

ISRAEL as a people must begin to decide where and how it moves---WHAT IT IS AS A NATION

If it is an ultra-orthodox community, run-ruled by these same (see: ) ... what is any of this to the American way? why should America involve itself in ENDORSING A RELIGION? any religion ... (although promoting the pope this month along with the special accommodations and use of public servants and tax payer $ is certainly an endorsement and should be challenged! along with that junipero serra mass to be held in spanish in washington? good grief---what is wasghinton thinking?)

but in looking at the above article ... whose christianity? what christianity? read previous OWA post: whitewashing the whitewash whose christianity? THIS IS A VALID QUESTION many questions arise, or should arise for any government involved in education on what exactly are they supporting-ENDORSING? when you give $ to something you are endorsing something. if given 110 million to a system of belief in a nation that claims it endorses NO RELIGION---favors no religion---for whatever reason ... you support something that is not conducive to the framework of what you as a court of law say is law. you favor one lifestyle system over another 

and you continue to pay into a culture that does what? or doesn't do what is the better more profitable question?

Take the situation in Kolcatta, India ... how does the governing CLASS SYSTEM change its ways if the roman catholic charities keep things as they are? and let us remind you that the money sent to MT's charity has been revealed to not be used for the health and wellbeing of this community. it sits in the vatican bank used for vatican deeds and needs? hmm ... a culture of deception ... and very POOR PARENTING. 

continued ...