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went into a forum ---religious news area--- while looking into israel's refusal to take in refugees and found a comment responding negatively to another comment responding negatively to israel's refusal ... the responding commenter did not necessarily agree with israel's stance, but instead of leaving it at that, she added: how many syrians has america taken in? 

two things we noticed:
1. the commenter she responded to said nothing about america and the article was not about america ... it was about israel. 
2. commenter's response shared that she is of judaism (some form), and by her question asking how many syrians has america taken in, she was clearly annoyed about america in some way, and showed a "negative" toward america or americans, and possibly, christianity ... IF she views america as a christian nation (truth is, we have read many of her comments and she very often demonstrates favoritism ... with a dislike of christianity    

okay, you of judaism ... you who call yourselves jews/jewish ... you might want to set "your" commenter straight:

america is dealing with immigrants and "illegals" THINK MEXICO AND LATIN AMERICA (ring a bell?) ... along with terrorist acts, and plenty of mass killings in unlikely places, but much the way WAR OPERATES: schools, churches, movie theaters, marathons (large public activities) ...

were those who died ... judaism? christian? roman catholic? islam? gnostic? atheist? ... you would have to ask the families who lost loved ones

that said, we again address the christianity question ...  

why do people NOT want muslim refugees pouring into their communities? let's be very honest in this---shall we?

1. fear of doctrine/theologies---and the indoctrination of youth and influences foreign to family culture/beliefs-intermarriage
a. terrorist ties
b. black market activities
c. child/human sex trafficking and use of female (rape ... targeting youth ...)
d. drugs
e. overwhelming communities---exhausting special services and tax dollars which are already stressed as needs increase and roads and buildings fail and crime and drugs increase ..
f. extra demands on community/government for religious practices 
g. rapid birth rate overwhelming/exhausting natural resources---strain on environment and ...
h. entering political-educational positions that might influence/change current freedoms, possibly rendering female as lesser, or placing her back many, many paces

so, ask yourself-your communities-your lawmakers ... if these are unrealistic concerns?

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comment on the articles: pope says vatican takes in two/catholics in europe should each take in one family ... 

WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THIS ---eh, catholics? and how about the catholics in america taking in those from mexico/latin america at large? haven't read any reports of this happening other than families crowding into apartments and houses with existing latino families---and many HIDING there because they are in the country illegally ;)

A “Rotherham Unites Muslim Lives Matter” rally descended into a riot yesterday afternoon. Two separate demonstrations were organised in the town that day; one by the group Britain First against Islamic rape gangs that proliferate in the town, and the other a so-called counter demonstration. Rotherham Unites Muslim Lives Matter demonstration can be seem chanting “Who’s streets? Our streets!” and “Enough is enough; Muslim Live Matter!” The group appears to have taken inspiration from the American “Black Live Matter” campaign.

okay, so we had to research this to see if it is true ...


so, syrians have been granted as a "priority"

hmm ... 

(we posted the article on the 6th ... can't seem to get into the older posts for editing-will add this here)

vatican and christianity seem on totally different ends of the road ... but I guess it would depend on whose christianity---THEIRS or THE CHRIST? knowing what we know of some of the behavior of vatican ethics---we would not fund their religion  ... now is time for change anyway ... so, paying into and being a supporter of the old garment is doing what? adding a new patch to the old? pouring new wine into old wineskins?

plowing the ox and the ass yoked together?