ppppppleeasssse ... don't give me that bull ... a pope against the death penalty at the same time he refused and REFUSES to deal with the DEATH SQUAD in his own institution is an outstanding hypocrisy ... evil is what many many MANY call it

mark silk (professor at trinity college and RNS writer) ... are you still at it? haven't you seen enough lies in your drunken state to 'get it'? you use the pope for your own indigent babble.

oh, and let us remind you ... the pope is not the author of God and thou shalt not kill ... or did you forget what is written? and yes, ROME loves to steal from others and claim martyrdom ... set self up as CHURCH INFALLIBLE and any believer forgetting that IN THE BEGINNING WAS THE WORD ... needs to get the heck out of discussing ethics ... right?

allow us to explain:

question first ... in deciding to partner with and do business with someone, or ... in choosing a presidential candidate, or head of any organization, establishment, party ... institution ... wouldn't you like to know WHERE someone stands? rather than trying to see through the whitewashing and the deception? we know where "rome" stands ... its HISTORY AND RECENT ACTIONS have shown the world what it is: a fascist organization ... demanding obedience. treatment of women in general is insane mindset ... and the belief system a grave and dangerous course ... from the celibate nonsense to the deaths of women and CHILDREN in their institutions (hospitals, orders and ...) 

now, care to dispute any of this? care to advertise that rome is one helluva decent fellow and everybody else indecent sinners? what is your itch? attacking "protestants"? for leaving the roman catholic church and CHOOSING their own way? good grief ... your topics are dead ... yes, dead-dead-dead!

get over yourself and share with people something worthwhile ... geez! how you love to wallow in the quicksand ... and try to drag others in there with you.

you can disagree with someone knowing they are being honest about their beliefs ... and not hiding behind smokescreens and silk robes and fancy dinners and shiny bling and big houses with expensive finery and parading self and institution demanding followers ... and all those manmade titles ...  

come on, folks ... can you really take seriously these histrionics by the religionists? what they say ... as they willfully cover up the abuse of children (to save reputations of their hierarchal elites) and allow young women to die in hospitals when they are given the choice to save her life but refuse because they believe catholic teaching infallible? and believe they have the right to decide who lives and who dies? how convenient to pick and choose to look "heavenly" ... gad, no ... we aren't buying any of it.

mark silk ... did you bother to think before you credited rome for "thou shalt not kill"?


think about this ... 

you are trying to decide on a person head a woman's health care unit and the care involves dealing with pregnant females. the doctors you interview are either paying into and supporting unnecessary "deaths" or they are not. who do you choose to care for the women? a discriminating, often misogynistic, belief system, one that allows women with ectopic pregnancies to suffer, even die, and allows women at risk during labor to die ... that believes celibate males are spiritually higher than female? a system that has notoriously covered up sex abuse of children in those same celibate higher stations? your question to these 'doctors' should be: who do you serve? and if you serve in these indecent belief systems, how can we trust that you will serve our patients in a safe and healthy manner? inquiring minds want to know and HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW! and this goes for every EVERY single position that involves serving or caring for other people. 

now ... you decide who/what you want as president of your nation and you decide who/what you want as professors/teachers/coaches and mentors for your children ... and you decide who/what you can trust to share HONESTLY, INTELLIGENTLY and NOT BOWING TO A SYSTEM DEGRADING AND PARTIAL ... IGNORANT AND CRUEL ... and murderous!