comment relating to the canonization of serra by the roman pontiff (the institution of rome) ... response to a comment saying the natives peoples were warmongering tribal peoples that did much the same as serra, but this is not exactly true. also, has anyone shared on this particular tribe? was it at all a warring tribe ... or a tribe engaging in brutal customs?

Not really. Killing, kidnapping and theft are not genocide per se. They are warfare.There is little evidence demonstrating entire people’s being wiped out in Pre-Columbian inter-tribal warfare. They just didn’t have the ability to do it, nor was it even sought out.

That added bit of biological warfare and technological superiority allowed warfare against native peoples to become outright genocide.

Serra’s goal was to wipe out and assimilate the existing native culture to turn people Spanish. Even if he had little hand in the outright mass murder of native people’s, the mission system he worked with kept people as slaves (although not referred to them as such) and exploited them as free labor.

larry is an atheist (unless this has changed since we last dialogued ... comment, of course, from an rns article)