the church of rome continues to lose credibility

we watch how it allows a "thing" to fly around ... a rumor, or not ... the vaticants wait to see what people have to say about it then respond according to how they think they will look best, better or boasting in some form of guardianship 

instead of just being honest where honesty is necessary ... they allow confusion, because they know they are not winning recruits ... or even credibility ... SOLID SEEKERS---INTELLECT ... are not coming aboard ship rome. there is no fruit that will produce movement---LIFE ... SPIRITUAL WELLNESS ... because the deception as stumbling blocks cause stumblings and bumblings and misinformation and ... hypocrisy is revealed, along with the abuses. 

they tried to use "pope for the poor!" peace pop ... as if this was some new energy of science. the pope has no power to move mountains ... he has no power to move ... 
he is without ESSENCE ... and is why the whole pope parading stinks. smells off ... they never understood the Writings. 

a handful of people looking to show off ... nothing in this that can show credibility. times have changed and the rcc think tank is caught in its own sandpile. 

what's a religion to do? christianity should throw off the weight of this organizer of half truths and be free of its slaveship ... but what keeps it GERM in eating? hmm? most catholics I know do whatever the hell they want without regard for teaching and to see them get all hyped about a pope who has done nothing but pretend he is the arbiter of great truths or even intense research (environment) is ridiculous to the eyes and ears of gnostics and those aware in deceptive practices, and those not easily fooled by political religious antics. show me a video of pope actually DOING THE WORK and not photo ops for ads and then we shall talk credibility ... show me all those dunce caps hiding out in their heavily ordained houses wearing garments of steel actually DOING THE WORK of the prophet on truth ... then we shall talk ... 

until then ... play your games and the blood will be on your hands

remember ... it comes and rome can do nothing to stop it ... 

and when the people you least expect regard the MYSTERIES with the LIGHT OF TRUTH swoosh you aside like a pesky fly ... what will you be?