the world.

but how do you assist the world in seeing its hypocrisy? 

what we see happening is nations that were once salivating in liberalist economy turning toward a more conservative stance. the people will be voting in more conservative leaders. the people. the other half? or the other growing half? and where does this place reformed and progressive ___, and secularist? and why would nations begin to move to more conservative leadership? business as usual, of course, but why a clamping down in areas? drugs? crime? abuses that are being neglected and on the rise? overuse of ___ that create places of disparity? where so many are in denial?

even voting in an islamic mayor in london with ties to the muslim brotherhood is … a form of moving toward something more conforming. atheists and humanists and secularists and liberal types don't see it … really. they only see what is within their duality of: religion and state. and yes, any group building collation for … its own wealth and industry and praxis in society is religious in nature. even the LGBTQ- - - and growing. but what is this really? by their fruits you will know them. how else can one see it if of worldly acclaim? the question is … what do you hear? and hearing is of PROPHESY: the Evolution of God and Man


people are beginning to see more than a title. it used to be that the majority looked at a priest and believed he could do no wrong, until he did wrong. a lot of wrong, and society began to view priests like everyone else … no special powers … just a guy going into the priesthood for …what? there are many reasons why a man would seek the ordination of this vocation, and one of these might be power over people. but the roman catholic church is having trouble getting priests in societies more pluralistic. maybe because it does not hold the same view by the people that it used to? maybe because the institution itself is corrupt and hypocritical and has a really bad reputation for abuse? maybe because the doctrine is inconsistent and showing itself to be derelict on the Writings? 

but it took people willing to speak out about these things. right? and still, they don't, do they? there is still a lot of abuse and corruption. and this is in any form of government. but what holds people back from speaking out> what keeps people from from telling the truth and what keeps people silent?

now let's look at the title … MINORITY. many minorities are fast becoming not minorities but authorities. the jew in our opinion is not a minority in america because the jew has had seats of power and influence in all areas for a long time. it mattered not that some presidents were what many might call anti-semitic, the jews grew and found ways to get into seats of power and influence and the place where some people question their power and influence is where they see and experience deception, or corruption or … denial, where denial hurts the nation. do they blame this on the fact that he is a jew? or do they blame it on the fact that he is of judaism? is there a difference? YOU TELL ME, PLEASE, AS IT SEEMS THERE IS SOME CONFUSION ON THIS. 

and yes, I did read and watch some on what jon stewart was saying on the trump win. which is why at this time I am bringing to light a few things relevant to the culture of the US. you see, timing is important. often I am held back on sharing until another has entered a place of continuum. 

what makes america great? and remember, we asked, when has america ever been great? of course we are not referring to the woody guthrie lyrics as these are images we knew to be quite great, but the hypocrisy, the level of demeaning circumstances and … the warring.

we brought up the topic already of comedians creating an atmosphere of poor usage of female. it's so common in the world that even women don't see it. they can't even see it when racism is a hot topic. the female is drowned out by growing groups hollering foul, and demanding their "rights". and female is vulnerable because of her typically smaller stature, society's penchant for male domination (both church and state), and pregnancy, which often leaves her desperate, struggling to feed and care for more than just herself … and subject to abuse. poor pay. sexism. discrimination (there's that word again) … and deceived. most men do not see this. so much ignorance is accepted in society that he can't see, and where he can't see he will not hear. and yet the proof he says he often needs to prove something real could not be any more evident … and still, he lives in denial. 

it is time to remove from society those environments that breed this denial. 


have you been paying attention? EU is losing power and credibility. you can point fingers and blame, spend endless hours writing on why, and some people will, but like anything large as these "establishments" they are confounded by what? people. and so another develops his interests. what I find unanswerable is the fascination with something islam. can it wed itself to society where society is predominantly non muslim? anything can become something else if the powers go hand in hand with religion, bearing the mark of police. but erdogan is caught in a dilemma. he is losing control under factious islam. it's not christianity or judaism creating the unrest here … it is flat out undeniably … islamic in belief and practice. unrest is a natural constant, so I am not pointing fingers at people desiring change, but my FAITH EXPERIENCE teaches transformation not reform. reform is a scapegoat in most heavily weighted industries, and too often skirts the real issues. and society nitpicks at scabs forming and festering on-in infected wounds. transformation cleans out and disinfects. but man loves man, not God of Spirit, and more often than not he picks the wrong hand to shake. 

but what of this business between putin and erdogan? what do you make of it? this is something you should be researching and writing about more than trump's lusts. in this you will find a surprise twist. we said erdogan would become christian. it does not seem impossible to me but the nation of turkey going for christianity? I said this would take decades! if ever. but who-what would ignite this belief in a place like turkey? and turn the table much more swiftly?

where hope travels so do the winds of time.


1994 … can you imagine? an apology is not enough on this devilry, romans. you have bit the bullet and you must now deal with the aftermath. your bishops all over the world are guilty of crimes in ways you cannot imagine while you sit in your fairy tale deliverance … and many of you have no idea, and we believe because you do not want to know. and because you do not want to know you will taste the death of these innocents. consider yourselves warned. 

roman catholic church …. there is more coming on your murderous ways and your luring in of innocents. your current pontiff, like the others, is a liar … and a denier. it's coming ... you will be fleeing from your houses in the dead of night, scrambling for safety … but where will you find it? you have paid into and supported regime after regime after regime of this kind of indecency since the inception of your institution … STEALING, IMMOBILIZING, ABUSING … refusing to do the right thing, and you have allowed children and others, not even of your institution, to be demeaned and silenced, even murdered … for far too long. you will reap what you have sown in the world. it will come on you like a plague … so you better prepare yourselves. I kid you not. it gives me no pleasure to write this, but over the last five years in seeing how you have behaved and continue to misuse your instruments of disease … WITHOUT PROPERLY ATONING FOR THOSE MANY SINS, without sincerity and without love … I have come to hate the very marrow of your institution, as this is our ENEMY: your hierarchy by way of not TRUTH but lies, your vatican establishment. your system is a beast of ignorance and denial, destroying LIFE in its greedy and power-mongering and insidious ways. good-bye roman catholicism … I mourn you not.

there are things in the works that will remove roman catholicism from society. it had already started … and is why the roman curia was so desperate to post up their adolescent pope, playing at god … playing at care and concern, playing at honesty and sincerity. but enough is enough. there are things in the works that will remove roman catholicism piece by piece. the bishops will be dragged from their halls and tossed into the streets like the arrogant miscreants that they are. those thinking they can hide behind their head? nope. the anger will go for your jugular like the knives you put to the meek. 

what comes upon you YOU set loose in the world … so you only have yourselves to blame.



read the comments. the history of the RCC is telling. do you need any more evidence? if so, we can provide lots more. 
we speak of the duality of the roman catholic---his desire for position in the world while claiming himself god authority. the RCC from its birth … used politics---POLICING---as its instrument to achieve:

1. power
2. control
3. influence
4. title
5. worldly status

now … with all the pope articles on RELIGIOUS NEWS SERVICE, do you think you will see an article on these acts by ORDAINED catholic members very likely in league with hierarchy both church state? or do you think they will continue to protect their pope george, and in doing so, protect the institution of roma … for money? a continuation of hiding the crimes of the roman catholic church which leads directly to its headship? THIS IS BIG NEWS … MANY LIVES LOST! … BRUTALLY, SAVAGELY … thoroughly against Spirit of the Living God … and RNS can't find it in their staff to post an article on this? but they would not post an article on pope george's promotion ---ordination--- of BARROS in chile despite the victims speaking out, despite the protests. he ignored these as he is ignoring these acts in rwanda … and other places … much like RNS's highly suspicious news reporting. can you take them seriously? can you trust them to be telling YOU the truth? can you ask and receive an answer … an honest answer? even mark silk, as if drugged by the money, the imagery, had to praise his pope who has not shown any true concern for the ENVIRONMENT  in his over indulgences. he did not write that which silk highly praises … but he takes credit for it, like the sinister deceiver that he is … DISTRACTIONS LIKE SILK'S ARTICLE AND OTHERS TO KEEP THE HOT LIGHTS OFF OF HIS ROMAN CATHOLIC GOD> so that people will not know the truth about its misdeeds. shame on RNS, shame on mark silk, shame on the RCC … shame on all those feeding into this, and denying people the truth about this institution and its godhead. 


so what does one do in the face of untruth? God does turn his face away from those called to speak---IN POSITIONS TO SPEAK---but make choices for MONEY … and to protect their titles and reputations. this is huge, folks---HUGE. Spirit of the Living is looking to SEE what YOU will do in the face of these atrocities, including the crimes on children where bishops and priests and nuns and laity rome free, and the theft of money … to continue the disease, hiding behind their populists like political popes. 

you haven't got all Day, folks …so where are you in Truth?


go ahead ask me questions … I am not going to accuse you because you want to know what I follow, what I believe … how I live. my work is SPIRREALISM … the art, the writing … even the wearable art has connection to SPIR … and I am here that you may see my intent. impartial … what have I to hide? no big establishment demanding money or religious rights … 

if YOU will not allow yourself to be properly vetted … and this goes for ALL people … it is reasonable for one to think you have something to hide. and if you are being vetted and no other than state your case reasonably, without creating divisiveness. without using nations of peoples to win your favor. there is case here that ALL be vetted and you only need step out of your "pride" and "indulgences" to know it.

knowing where you were born, grew up, affiliations, jobs, marriages, children … fields on interest … religious and spiritual advisors, donations to___, practices … 
it's like in australia when johnny depp and his wife were caught bringing in their dogs. if a country has concerns for very good reason … who are YOU to whine about the reason? if you are a guest in someone's house, do you whine that they may have a rule that you remove your shoes? 

and we find it suspicious that atheists talk about religion as the cause of all evil, yet they defend the fasting growing religion in the world today, which is currently in factious extremism, with ample evidence of exactly what the atheist accuses religious of: murder and destruction. intolerance and discrimination. 
have the rules on islam changed? did the islamists let go of their prophet muhammad? so … what is with the atheist? he doesn't have the ability to see ahead? 

okay, so let's look more closely at the pope idolators/or would that be money makers off ... pope? or/for the pope as institution? the sellers of their NEW DEAL? :

you got a ROMAN PONTIFF as INSTITUTION that calls abortion a grave sin. IOW, no mercy for her aborting a child (please notice the HER and not the HIS … as if a woman gets pregnant all by her lonesome self). but wait, pontiff has recently announced that the MEN of the houses of rome, the priests, are now allowed to forgive HER of that grave sin, known as aborting the unborn (and please note the her is guilty in his eyes and not the him). okay, you with us so far? if this isn't announcing another shove in the direction of subjugation we don't know what is! okay, so pope is again saying fuck (RAPE?), abort, but make sure you go see your priests to be forgiven? hmm … lazy man's purgatory? what's the point of the pope again? the majority of catholics haven't been listening to the pope before why would they listen to him now? and … how does this solve the abortion problem?

how does this solve the overpopulation problem?

now for the best part: the Poor. mr pope is all about the poor? you would think the authors of spiritual politics and unholy alliance are against the poor. praise pope for his imitation care by selling him as truly care-filled and generous? or selling his agenda? … which does … what for the poor? the poor, and I read this in another article on environmental concerns, use animal poop and wood to stay alive. and here is the secret that no one to our knowledge has figured out yet (but please, enlighten me here): arm terrorists to attack poor villagers who then flee for other places---the mass exodus we wrote about ages ago---to get other nations to pay for them. RCC pushes other nations (not really vatican city in all its roominess and wealth) receiving of "the destitute", makes $$$$$ off of not only these charitable schemes … but the climate initiatives they have already invested in. IOW, these are about making money and looking "good" while doing it… all in the name of the unholy roman catholic pontiff. 

because the rwanda style genocidal tactic of the RCC was a horrible disaster, and their worst fear? they got caught.



thank you, RNS … now go and sin no more

_the comments are telling. several atheists and one believer (as of tues. early morning). it had to do with a cult claiming christianity, so of course the usual atheist commenters will blast away. but in all honesty, I felt similar feelings as the first commenter but in different places. I am in a different place. these apologies coming from an institution corrupt, gutless and guilty in many areas, even in supposedly more civilized society … are near meaningless, as I sense no real remorse. they first tried to deny it then got caught. not sure the article is clear on how this went down. and I am certain there are catholics learning about this who are horrified, but do not move from catholicism. this needs to be examined in great depth. just as catholics examine islam and find it dangerous in its THEOLOGY … which breeds violence WHERE people are vulnerable … most vulnerable and without proper example in a sizable enough manner. people. I once heard from an Angel of the Living … =NUMBERS SANCTIFY. this has had me searching for some time. which numbers? where? I journey to their place of insistence, delivery and their housing … but. 

what have I experienced? we have shared much on this already.

another commenter, now atheist, but was once a former roman catholic goes into the "atheist max" type argument which holds NO WATER. that horrible god of yours is responsible for the black plagues? if man has meddled in malpractice, filthy lifestyle and dirty habits … overpopulated in living conditions, unsafe and unhealthy … poverty abounds  … marginalized by GOVERNMENT POLICY, what breeds in these conditions? if this is the atheist's argument he should go back to bed. 

and another commenter, a believer, is asleep. nice guy, fair and honest, but in a place of no return. he is of the catholic camp that seems almost frozen in time. paralyzed. nothing changes for THE BODY if he sits waiting … waiting for the world to change. it will not change unless you do.

the case for not title (man only priest or man only bishop) but the BODY of the BELIEVER:

if you were placed in charge of raising the dead, what would "JESUS" do? 

take up your cross and follow me


do you remember the troll on RNS comments … he went by the name ronald? I said to what was then larry (atheist) as he was constantly going at it with ronald … "some people go on these sites to make the other look bad, but they are not really what they say" (rephrasing here as I do not recall my exact words). larry says: you mean a poe troll? 
from that point on every time ronald posted something someone would say something like: don't bother or don't waste your time … ronald is a poe troll.  eventually ronald left … as did a couple of other posters of extreme sharing, sharing that was over the top and difficult to believe.
how did I know ronald was not being honest? ;) do I have to show how people are when they want to map a trail to something off? sometimes I am not even sure what I am writing, but I trust the Spirit of the Living using me … for a purpose unto Truth. it is sometimes later that I am shown what I've done. this is honesty. like walking into a cathedral and sharing through the Gift of Truth, getting kicked out because the priest fears your Gift, then wondering what in hell just happened? hurt, wounded … asking questions and no one there will answer. dead? let me just say that the emotions that ran through me were all over the place back in 2010-2012 when several places aborted me … by yelling at me, telling me to go elsewhere, censoring my art … 'setting me up' in their sermons … harassing me on my business site, even coming to my house pretending to ask for directions. and I had really little idea then WHY these people were behaving that way. at the RC abbey I figured it had to do with the all male priest buddy system, but the priest I spoke with totally misread me. I had absolutely no interest in the priesthood, esp not the RC priesthood. but … you know when something is off. when behavior is just not … right. kimberly winston's experience was mild compared to what happened to me, but it was obvious to her that the preacher was off. if it is a church claiming belief in JESUS CHRIST, but is praising and rewarding a politician, instead of sharing in a liturgy that allows for each to come into his own Being … there is without a doubt something off. 

Jesus Christ is no politician. some may push to make others believe that politics is God's way of Truth, but this is not so if you understand the Writings on Christ. some may push to make others believe that JESUS, was a WHITE MAN or that his whiteness somehow made him (and them) more special OR that God's code is somehow referring to them and only them: JEW, or … CHRISTIAN or ROMAN CATHOLIC or MORMON or MUSLIM/ISLAMIST …
some believe america started out as white and should be ruled by whites, as if whiteness is in some way greater than any other color. have you seen SPIRREALISM ART? what color are the figures? they sit in the front room of my house waiting for something to get out of the way, to be removed, or for people to actually move out of where they are that they might experience these. they are not to be wasted on ignorance. AND NEITHER ARE YOU.

timing is very important. there is a SEASON for … every LIVING thing. 

I can see why the jews might be alarmed by those salutes and shouts of HAIL TRUMP! but I listened to the man speaking and heard nothing about the jew. I heard the word white, but I heard nothing about the jew. it's off though. these are thugs. adolescents behaving badly. so, what do you do in the face of untruth? ignorant and off behavior? one thing I learned in EAST Orthodox Philosophy is to check thoroughly within myself to see if there is any cause for this behavior … and reason why people might behave this way … is there are impurity with ME. if so, show me that I might do better. and believe you me … I ASKED HUNDREDS OF TIMES what I had done wrong to those who rejected me so cruelly, so ignorantly and so … off the mark. it was much later that I was shown that I was being used to wake the dead. I am smiling here as I hold no hate for those people who abused me but I do hate their hypocrisy. I hate their lies and their deceit. they are not what they SAY they are. 

and to be honest, neither are these thugs of the hail trump regalia. it's almost silly, but I do not want to dismiss the concern of others thinking these adolescents are dangerous. I see the danger will come if you make too much of it. 

SHOW THEM HOW TO BEHAVE, please, and show them that you are Love. and yes, sometimes this comes in a chastising … 


now, speaking of off...

when did ISLAM rule the world for 800 years? is this fact or fiction? and if you read the history behind the sciences in these areas of islamic control, it was the GREEKS who foraged the paths of the sciences so …
what map is the the islamic author trying to get YOU TO FOLLOW?

is he referring to the civilized world? hmm … how civilized are you when you treat women as slaves and prostitutes … raping children and… denying justice and fair and equal rights to half of your population? this begs the question: when was islam EVER great ;)

 how about NEVER. 


this is a very good article. thank you, samuel. we are happy to see and hear the hispanic speak … not overreact, allowing himself to be crammed into a category that this or that camp has labeled him. of course you are more than a voting bloc. and yes, we did point out the hispanics move from roman catholicism to protestant denominations. and believe it or not, many hispanics moving out of roman catholicism are experiencing a freedom within belief they have not experienced before. this we have seen … heard. it's different for them. less formulaic. and women/young women may be seeing that their worth as a believer in Jesus Christ is not limited, subject to men who deny them legal status, the ability to choose a religious vocation without insult or misuse.  this must be a plus. as a female and a gnostic, I can certainly understand your view here. it's insulting to me to be crammed into a label, judged by the industry of the times … wallowing in ignorance. 

and what struck me about the white nationalist article is the right verses left mentality, which we have commented on repeatedly. Spirit of the Living is not even mentioned … it's about this camp or that camp … and I am sure some on the left and some on the right are beginning to wake … and maybe, maybe they will begin to say to the Left and the Right: hey, you do not speak for me!

and it's right nice of you not to mention that pope george of the roman catholic church. talk about forced feeding … sheesh! 


the bannon debacle. this is not your fight. as we shared previously in another post … can you really tie him to anti-semitism while those you praise have said things far more … ?

we will not say it again. if you do not see it by now, what's left? it is the case that man in his arguments refuses to look at his own mess. for example, if you attack others for not believing in your expert's views on climate change and the issue of global warming, but pay into and support industries having done little to nothing in awareness of the environment, what are you? same goes for your own bed. what are YOU doing about the climate concerns? how much more needs to be said on hypocrisy … the issue of double standards? but there is another prickly branch hanging out there. it's a branch that believes it deserves special status … special rights above others. people are starting to feel bold and will say, stop your whining, there are bigger more important concerns … 

and we add to what these say, "which have been hiding in your communities". and you applaud the wrong deal.

when it comes to the race thing … the religious thing … ethnic and … it's all over the place and nothing seems to get resolved because there is a thick haze obscuring the real demons. these hide in the craze and the false IDs in and around you. your communities are not safe. while you complain about these smaller things a much greater disease is in place and forming a strategic attack. and some of you have held its hand and led it straight to your children. how is this possible? because you are not focusing on the higher ground. 

you drag your scrolls with you, fighting battles that lose the war. that SPIRITUAL WARFARE we describe. take nothing with you, and what does JESUS do? he goes UP to the mountain for hearing. they eat in the UPPER Room. this is all Spiritual Metaphor for Understanding. in order to know GOD, Spirit of the Living … that you might know who-what betrays you. that you might become aware in Truth, and what lies the enemy hides behind.

pope will tell you there are no enemies among you … but you KNOW there are enemies. he is a fool feigning fictitious form. he creates for you a golden calf that says, bow to this and it will make you well. are you well? how is your body? he does not want YOU to see what is inside his cabinet---his own houses of deceit because … he knows the sickness that dwells there. while you pick at scabs the infection worsens … right under your noses, but you cannot smell its disease. you are not aware. they will blow up your … 
and this will change the course of history  as you know it.  

they find you weak and easily manipulated. they find you obsessive and hypocritical, and fear-filled … and they use it to their advantage. they pretend to be your friend while they work their deceptions to their advantage, which will bring about bloodshed. 


a 6 -year-old? where does a six year old get these ideas?

and the school did nothing until it was on Fbk? schools, services, agencies both church and state say they are doing everything to protect you, your family … 

are they? can they? what don't they know? OR … what do they hide? where and how are they of lawlessness?

"The school said they have passed the case on to the Boston Police Department. Police said there is nothing they can do because the legal age of intent in Massachusetts is 7 years old."

yes, there is something they can do … HAVE THE SCHOOL INVESTIGATED! find out who might have sexually abused that child. have the parents investigated. but I sense their is someone at this school … dangerous. 

but let's ask a few pertinent questions. LEGAL AGE OF INTENT IS 7? intent? what exactly is meant by intent in these acts? the child is still a child and got this idea from an adult or someone considerably older. but 7? who-what chose age 7? the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH in boston? that communion-confirmation at age 7 that says the child now knows right from wrong? this is going to be big blowback for the RCC. just watch on this  … but don't sit. please don't sit … 

what is that charter school hiding from you … from the parents? for that matter, what is the city of boston hiding from the taxpayer? 

of course that child  is a VICTIM, created by what? a system that allows what? a careless-reckless-lawless system that has allowed what? teachers, priests and .. molesting children to continue in their … chosen professions? did the RC and others think the clergy/staff/laity sexual abuse would go away with their pope in the seat of politics? ha! he distracts from these victimizing … YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITS.

could it be the parents and or their friends or older siblings, caregivers … neighbors … watching porn that is so relished by so very many "civil" citizens of america? is a parent or guardian molesting that child? but what is a teacher but a sort of guardian … while at school, but who has protected him from a sick teacher? charter schools … hmm, the safe alternative to the public school? not if the disease is in your ranks. you can whitewash all you want but the infection is rampant in your communities. 

your job should have been to set the example, and speak out about these crimes! but you did not, and now? will you lose your children … as they become victims of your chosen creeds? the lack of care and concern? focusing in the ROOT of the diseases rather than parading your idols … through the streets …

 good luck in your chosen fields. you just may be accused of things you knew nothing about … because you did not care. you live in denial. but beware, every time something big like this comes out and evil knows it's going to be found out … evil takes care of its own, yes? DISTRACTION … something BIGGER in society occurs. maybe a terrorist attack, or something of this volume… and number?

hmmm … ? paster, priests, presidents … rabbis, imams and … why haven't we heard you speak out against these crimes on children? were you afraid of offending the roman pontiff? the bishops? the pen dealers? or the porn dealers? or is it the case that you SEE nothing wrong? or maybe you have indulged too much in your own winning, while the children suffered.

you need to get your priorities right. if you do not care for the least …the most vulnerable among you, what good are you? maybe it should be that all titles are removed as these are worthless in the Light of Truth. yes? maybe it is time to remove that web of lies? 

The strong man shall become tinder. His work also a spark. will them burn together? will there be none to quench them?
remove the hand that deceives … or be counted among the dead.