I have concluded my time in posting on SPIR. I return here on the LOVE of the three, READ, LOVE, MEND, having started sharing on this not long ago. 

in the previous we spoke of oppressive reactionism, and we shared its activity. one other is progressive reactionism. this is what feeds oppression. progressive reactionism can be a purchase of something to lay waste to something else or a place of resilience. to lay waste to something would be a forced action for untimely deaths. untimely deaths are deaths (of person, peoples, places, portent, partnerships …) before its time, or … before [it] has time to reap. reaping what has been sown is not metaphor in the languages of Truth. IT IS Truth. if you purchase a house and do nothing for it inside and out but use it, you soon lose it … because it becomes degraded, worn and the land oppressed. if you do something for it, you receive something in return. that may be experience in managing it, and the exercise that comes with this, and it may be a profitable return in selling it in good or better condition than when you purchased it. it continues in some way in a relaxed or carefully tended state. 

the verses of: one cannot put new wine into old skins/bottles due to tearing/breakage ... is a reverse of what we see in progressive reactionism, as is much of "right" thinking or SPIRITUAL thought verses "catholic" thought, or worldly thought. we use the word "right" to distinguish between the elements of forcing something within the mind and not forcing something. right of way is freedom to think, discern and contemplate on something. catholic thought imposes its imperialistic views on the ability to think (this is how it should be done as this is the authority on all manner of ___). the reverse is seen in the latitudes. this is where PROPHESY is a/of Purpose. the scope of visual understanding must be understood through hearing because vision has limitations due to what? limited if any freedom to choose or make choices. again, catholic world view is found in catholicism, not Prophesy as a Truth. catholicism is bound to … itself. popes, patriarchs … its teachings: the INSTITUTION. Prophesy is not bound by Man or manmade institutions, thus, no PROPHET of or on Truth is bound or should be bound by "universal" truisms, catholic doctrine or its practices. the wine, Spiritual Metaphor for 'deed' (will get into the meaning/understanding in and of deed at a later time) has no purpose in this Day in the old house, unprotected and undervalued. this can also be seen in the people within that house. under the hierarchal statins ruling, the members have no freedom outside its dogma. it is not of right way but of altruistic vision, which lost itself many moons  ...prior to choice. 


acting badly for the "right" reasons




we added the above youtube yesterday and the news article early this morning. we want to address both in the topic of oppressive and progressive reactionism in the climate of terroristic acts. I do not have time at present to elaborate --- maybe not until wednesday of next week and this troubles me --- but let's put out something we have touched on in previous sharing:

TERRORISM AS A CLIMATE … but not necessarily the climate of terrorism, which is separate armor.

people often speak of climate change and the environment's repression separate from man's ideals. scientists and environmentalists recognize that man is overbreeding and overseeding, abusive to Earth and its living precipice, but seem to not be able to make the connection to the malady of the MIND. they often speak as if the Earth is a guest to their institutions. the reality is … EARth is PARTNER to man's development … evolving … Evolution. in context, they know this in small degrees, but forget due to their scientific initiatives, often reacting within wordy and worldly politics. the RELIGION of this can be traced throughout history (and remember, politics is also a form of religion). in the breadth of continuing "person", man must begin to understand how his behavior, both oppressive and progressive reactions, feeds an expanding infected stream (like invasive, destructive algae or infectious/polluted water) creating mental instability (as you see currently), chaos, confusion, destruction ... and where-how it stagnates and degrades life (breath). for example, one might ask if ISLAM's growing "force" and all that this encompasses (and we will get into this more downstream) increases that antagonistic presence of the climate IN and on ... Earth. is islam, as a political entity, enemy to Earth? if so, how? sharia law? in order to understand how and where this might be, one must begin to gain knowledge and understanding in several areas. two of these areas is what constitutes sharia law, how is this distributed, fixed in the minds of its users … and where did it originate and for what purpose in the evolution of GOD and Man, if any. does it have purpose? if so, what is its purpose? 


THURSDAY …finally able to return to these topics.



imagine yourself privy to important information. or … imagine yourself gifted with 'something' that allows you knowledge, information, even the ability to reason within these to move toward Understanding. how do you use this gift and for what purpose? imagine yourself seated in a position of power; how do you use it and for what purpose? imagine yourself able to influence others in great numbers due to your titles and positions of power, what do you do to help the people heal, grow and remake their image that they might be able to properly align with what is of "right" purpose for ALL peoples … or remove what is destructive and deadly … that societies, communities, neighboring countries might be better served. 

first, you have information … knowledge of something or some things or maybe even many things. there are always individuals, sects, cults, groups, parties, organizations, institutions and entire nations that want what you have. not all people, but leaders within these parties. if you are SPIRITUALLY GIFTED in a way that serves Spirit of the Living God, evil wants what you have … and will use those unaware, unprotected, uninformed and underdeveloped to get what it wants for its death and destruction. sending in individuals with money, smarts, influence to create a system and body of people to overwhelm, seduce … deceive … making it difficult for the truly Gifted to share that critical knowledge that Mankind might move toward … PEACE, the real peace which is written … as Understanding. 

take ISIL … look at the death and destruction through use of a warlord prophet, HIS IDEOLOGY, and the youth in disarray, unaware, confused, angry, disturbed … abused, along with the clerics of poor feeding. look at assange and what he is up against. yes, look at what he is up against. would individuals with a lot of weight, influence and the ability to murder want to USE assange's talents, information … for some reason that serves itself? would these be willing to fabricate untruths to get their hands on what it wants? and how do nations work for or against … either? what do leaders not want the people to know? where---how? who ends up dead, having been somehow connected to these parties of power. look at the history (the records) and you begin to see a pattern of death and destruction. you will know them by their fruits. who-what harbors much evil? who-what has been seriously misled and places millions of lives in great danger, possibly entire nations in a stranglehold bound for disease … sudden and severe destruction? he/she may "look" or appear as an angel or an intelligent individual with many years in the business … a harpers bazar model of uniformity and civil licensing … but what do the records reveal and who-what keeps the INFORMATION from the people that the proper edict may be put into place? who is in power play mode, controlling the talents and professions that might allow for truth to be revealed or not revealed? who enslaves … amasses wealth of many of institution and marries itself to these for power? who-what controls you through a form of fascist enterprise? 

continued …

fear drives the progressive reactionist. 

this would be an individual  ...and his party, camp, group, institution, sect, cult … to destructive outcome. allow us an example that bears its mark somewhere within progressive ideal. a city is in the midst of growing crime. bad neighborhoods expanding. people undernourished, youth undereducated in areas of importance and … governments ignore the root of the demise, the degradation and the ignorance … and/or create these oppressed areas through their institutions of "progress". today liberals like to call these underprivileged  … "the marginalized" … while in their academic pursuits, their arrangement of ideology, arranged especially by their harassment or … their accusations of others not in league with their protocol, whatever this may be … drugs and drugs and more drugs to soften the bite or … tech, tech and more tech … to minister their agenda. 

while traveling last week I witnessed again the marginalized and heard first hand how this came to be. I traveled through a city that had houses next to the road wearing metal bars on the windows and doors. the streets and houses were broken and the roads bumpy and the neighborhoods depressed … soon I entered an area looking like a growing denmark (as two youth with me described the newer office buildings), and with the area were a few high end stores, a coffee roaster, a couple of eateries, a large fitness center and a hotel ... and … a lot of tech offices. a lot of tech offices. one even housed outdoor table tennis.

while having my coffee outside one bright sunny morning in tech villa,  I had the chance to speak with a local. she described the growth in this way:

this is largely a TECH area as you can see from ___ and ___. it is expanding ___ … all the way here, and there (motioning with her hands). 

what of the ___ I saw coming in? I asked.
they are being pushed out into smaller areas. I don't know where they will go. the city should show a little love in those places.



cleansing the nation or even the world of trump supporters? would this be a forced initiative? this is an example of progressive reactionism. in this case, it is neo-nazi rhetoric (to use a liberal's current favorite term) discussed as proper eating---good for societies based on his party's agenda. we don't like you because you are ______, therefore, we will cleanse our (emphasis on OUR) country of people like you! look back in history and tell us where this has been attempted and been a "good" thing, a good solution … an impartial stream? where it has succeeded before … where it is ALWAYS a misled, misinformed ideology. this hollywood hero is ignorant on the statistics … throughout history. but look where he feeds … 

just one example and really, it is for you to decide and choose. is will really just cleansing the communities of the disadvantaged and the underprivileged to make room for his own tech enterprise? good question to begin any discussion. in dubai … walk a bit outside the code and see what happens. my-my … 

as a gnostic and one rejected by both party initiatives … I AM aware in how the catholic mind thinks itself supreme and of correct belief and practice and how it attempts its fascist initiatives … through forced cleansing within big establishment ideology.

it is a shame that will and those of his establishment will be found contraband. we can only warn.


Question: who-what keeps underdeveloped, disadvantaged, poor, struggling, impoverished, oppressed and … desperate people in society? could it be that those aligned with unjust agenda, fascist institution and derelict parenting NEED these to survive? who-what needs the DESPERATE to do his dirty work? and that includes murder.

imagine a man living in the neighborhood we described, the neighborhood with the metal bars on the windows and doors... and he has a criminal record, gets arrested again … but this time, there is a condition set before him. some group or individual offers to clear his name of that criminal incident should he be willing to do something such as kill another to keep information from coming forth that might be highly revealing and very damaging … to the IMAGE of another individual or group.
who-what needs the poor to survive? who-what forces PROGRESS at the expense of others? who sacrifices many for a few? who sets the stage for inequality? who uses others to do the work that he himself would never do? only camps, government admins, religions and the like that insist on a CLASS SYSTEM, a hierarchal station, whether patriarchal or matriarchal, creating an imbalance, an unstable mental economy, where a few get a lot … while others labor in the fields, exposed to all the excrement and sediments that undermine and degrade … that are unhealthy and unsafe … 


we should also add that many voting democrat in this election are voting not because they trust the candidate but because they FEAR the republican choice. but let's look at what they chose:

both 'sides' have shown dangerous practices. one side while in an important public office, which should be telling (teaching) on the way to proper edict, especially given it is not willing to be truthful about its actions.

this would be just one of many examples of how the progressive reactionist operates
. it is acceptable for him to be DISHONEST TO SERVE ITSELF< ITS INSTITUTIONAL BELIEFS AND PRACTICES and to eradicate all ___ supporters, but not so for those desiring equality  , which may be the more important ... coming from one choosing a candidate, and may be a greater desire than political correctness... which we know from history often serves trends for policy rather than proper parenting. you know the iconic sayings from [parent]: if all your friends jump in front of a train does that mean you are to do it too? if your friend jumps off a bridge does that mean you should do it too?

the question(s) abides in theory: is he really your friend? if he truly loves you, he stays to be with you … should you need him one day. he does not risk death for appearances sake … or.


 ----there exists the 3rd Place, a Place of Restitution, that is not in league with current events of policy "correctness" … leading us into 

MEND, the 3rd Part of READ, LOVE, MEND

beginning in the next post