not I, say the Magi ... for we are ONE in the realm of the Spirit, and go by another way in our RETURN. 

oh what fun it is to ride in a ONE-HORSE-OPEN sleigh

are the religionists now cornered? caught between a rock and a harder place? growing in a garden of discontent? we are sad for these ... and those ... virginal in our missionary status, never of a calamitous outreach---but always igniting within the hope of renewal. each day I see a little more of the Writings and I say: but LORD, LORD ... why do they allow themselves to be so contrite ... without understanding? 

LORD never says to be of a contrite heart ... man mistook the meaning and made it a devil of forgiveness. Why do what you hate? says Gnostic Appeal. "You are wrong!" they holler at us, condemning us to silence ... but we are not silent, are we? "Your are of evil, " they say ... no, not true ... for what evil have we done? you have no proof against us. none. but look at your seeds ... look where they flounder and fall ...

A reasonable question would be: what are you asking of God that you cannot find within the parameters of your religious doctrine? you ask a priest to absolve your sins, but what does he know of the mind of God? eh? didn't consider this---did you? did you believe that your fallen kin was in any way connected to the One while sidestepping the Way unto Truth? your priests swore oaths to an agnostic: a religious demanding you obey him. Not the MOST High, but a priest of the house of bondage.

do not proceed to tell us what we already know ... PUT AWAY THE THINGS OF A CHILD, dear ones, and follow what is within the heart of gold: partake of instruction with a lot of silver and gain much gold with it. SHE is within reach---the Feminine Divine ... 

but how can you if your allegiance is bound to the patriarchal divided-ness of man and his marriages? one cannot grow choked by weeds of discontent. and confusion sows itself within the marketeering of popes and kings ... parading self to martyr his own

death be not proud, you pompous paraders ... we can SEE your instability, and why you flaunt your agendas. 


why insult the Stealth of Wisdom by your antics? perhaps you are cornered by your church and your state?

the mind of man is but a vast sentinel, caught in a web of manmade ideals. it bleeds heretical silence ... casting stones like chartering boats that churn and pollute the minds of the young. seas ... sustain ... beguile ... o wretchedness, whilst thou forge a path in the penitent? carnage hast thou applauded for too long ... release these, you taloned pestilence ... you cannot have them! your sting is avarice ... you hoard for parlor mechanics amid smoke and steel

I saw you in a Vision ... plastered to the windows of 'their safety room ... innocent---unaware' ... and the Angels said, come, we need your help. I stood before the menace trying to get at the children ... "What do you want?" I demanded. "You know what we want," they replied. I turned to the Angel standing there, asking, "What do they want?"

They want the children.

What are these? you wonder. Silencers ... needlers ... abyss luring ... 

need we say more? their caskets already groomed ... having sold themselves to ignorance, malnutrition, partiality, bondage, poor parenting, places unknown to man as he spends his wealth in the brothels of sedition not the Revelatory Mind warring with the plastic partnering found in the whorehouses of the unseeing. 

where will you now go?

hope britain is passing out 5X as many condoms to those refugees