correct me if I am wrong but didn't a missile get launched? truly, this reminds me of how the government IGNORES the evidence---the facts---on the staff/clergy sex abuse in institutions and elsewhere ... a "let's promote ____ for my specific agenda [but make sure you keep the blinders on regarding the dirty deeds, the misuse of funds, the breaking of laws and oaths I swore to uphold and what I promised (pledged) to the people ....]".


regarding the "decentralizing" of the papacy (see a previous post on the article)

are the roman catholics horrified by this emerging plan?
to rid the rcc of its head honcho (that chair of peter) to distribute POWER to the wealthy bishops? hmm? honestly, folks ... look at what the pope was sent out to do ... and the newly memorializing of luther in that square somewhere outside the palace ... and the meeting with ms kim and ... c'mon ... really? can the staunch ROMAN catholics believing THEY ARE THE ONE TRUE---the one and only true and truth---accept a merge with those damn protestants? those heathens? those damn sinners? oh, the horror! ;) I do recall my roman catholics friends quite clear WHAT I was (a protestant, said with a hint of disdain) ... and WHAT they were: God's infallible 

lol ... none of my childhood cradle catholics are still attending the rcc, and I think their parents left, too ... the years following "holy" communion and high school. 

 pope wants one big happy family with his bishops in the pilot's chair
glad I am a gnostic ... and don't anyone dare call me shirley! :D

so, did we not say many will flee to the orthodox churches?

oh, and alf started a forum on amazon discussion board about bishop (@ armagh) malachy's prophesy...


oh, and ...
we would be remiss if we did not post the following ... from someone doing her homework:

The first neoconservatives—Irving Kristol, Allan Bloom, and Francis Fukuyama—were proponents of the philosopher Leo Strauss, an émigré from Nazi Germany. Strauss considered the ideal state as one ruled by an intellectual elite with religion used to mollify and control the masses. The Roman Catholic Church already had centuries of experience preaching docility of the population to civil leaders willing to support the Church’s preeminent position in society. They were natural partners, albeit with differing pet interests. Applying this concept in the US, however, had its difficulties. While Catholics were the largest single denomination, they did not constitute a majority. In order to establish a “national christianity”—the union of church and state, of naturally conservative fundamentalists and evangelicals, was numerically necessary in order to form the “religious right.” Paul Weyrich, once referred to as the most powerful man in America, and fellow Catholics Terry Dolan and Richard Viguerie, along with Howard Phillips, a Jew who had converted to evangelical Christianity, established the Moral Majority, to be led by televangelist Jerry Falwell, to energize their Christian base into political activism and get out the vote. Weyrich, along with Catholic Edwin J. Feulner Jr., also founded the Heritage Foundation, the prototype of the right-wing think tank, to produce intellectual propaganda for the movement. Funding to pay religious leaders along with think tanks, journals and media outlets, came through Knights of Malta William Simon, Nixon’s Treasury Secretary, and William Casey, Reagan’s CIA Director. The Knights were members of a clandestine international group who, along with the CIA, perpetrated acts of terrorism and the overthrow of legitimate governments justified as defense against the Soviet Union and Red China but, in fact, protected their own wealth and power. Opus Dei-backed Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI lent moral authority to neo-conservative mendacity, and by new appointments, filled the ranks with like-minded prelates. Neo-Catholic journalists Michael Novak, Fr. John Richard Neuhaus and George Weigel rationalized immoral projects with religious rectitude. Their vocabulary and formulations were amplified through the neo-con network and repeated by other religious leaders and politicians. It would change not just the face of American Catholicism, but the face of social policy in the United States as it exists to this day.

Neo-Catholic by Betty Clermont, which I have not read but see much to be true


“Atheism isn’t lack of belief in God it is absolute certainty that He does not exist.”

No That’s your definition, not that of any atheist I know. But of course, it is the view of anti-theists.

Atheists says this: we haven’t seen any evidence of any god, much less the three in one Christian God. As I say below, I’d give worlds to see incontrovertible proof of a god, any God.

The only evidence regarding God is all negative evidence. We have the holy books, but everyone has one of those. We have the gods of past civilizations that ruled the world, but no one believes in their gods any more. And then we have The evidence of every extant religion that all of the rest are wrong, and tell us nothing of the nature of God and his message to the world. Evidence provided by believers is the best quality evidence of all, because they KNOW.

Some type of God is likely to exist is a statement you could drive a very large cathedral though.

well, well ... well, shall we play a little game ... for ben? 

yes, we will

tomorrow at dusk the clouds in the sky will smell of rain ... but the birds will not sing.