portlandia had an episode where a cult called the "weirdos" was on trial for violating a taxidermy establishment. I did not watch the entire episode but did see a few minutes---enough to remember that it could be a useful sharing ... and I just thought of it after reading some on the national geographic story about RISING STAR hominin: Homo naledi, an adult male found in skeletal form in a cave called Rising Star Cave, Malapa, South Africa. these 2 got me wondering ... and I realized that I had not put the october issue into the trunk with all the other months because I was being shown something. everywhere I sat, there seemed to be that face (on the cover) saying, "look" (the book was moving around the downstairs as people were reading it :/ ) so ... I looked. 

it is fascinating, to be sure ... and the small brain compared to the size of the body is interesting, but I have no doubt that this cult was smart. I don't believe it looked like the artist's rendition though; although, the artists did an amazing job ... I believe the face was more fallow and less provincial (oh, just me being me ;). but seriously, these were a smart group dying off because they murdered their own. they could devise ways of reducing what they did not like or did not want. they had the ability to master this. food was definitely something to fight over and female was shared. the date? hmm ... I cannot say. It's taken them a long time to get to this point---hasn't it? man ... 



huh, I am seeing more and more on these weird behaviors ... wonder where this is taking mankind? wonder what is setting up shop in your hometown?


something in the water? the food? the drugs? ... the air?




15 children ... while in a war zone, a place of oppression and abuse ... 
that poor, poor woman! and what do these refugees given far more than the average citizen in these poorer countries believe they should receive? they can start with some form of birth control or lessons on abstinence---GEEZ, WHERE IS THE DARN POPE WHEN YOU NEED HIM? the pope and his brotherhood? so now, who gets to pay for all those kids? maybe pope fran can talk to this daddy-o about how the bunny system works ... 

isn't that right, ms angela m?


oh, wow ... check this out:


Religious Liberty is about as threatened in American as Gun liberty. The religious have so much liberty they think they invented it. Which is exactly what they did not do.

Atheists invented religious liberty.

LOL!  the atheists invented religious liberty? a-max lying once again, or maybe just weirdly distributing nonsense. RELIGIOUS LIBERTY DID NOT COME BY WAY OF THE ATHEISTS, mr militant mad-cap; it came by way of church and state negotiating laws ... where atheists were not generally applying themselves too creatively ... 

do you have any sense on history, a-max, or do you just like patting your ancient religion on the back? yes, it is ancient ... it's called deism. and I guess you figure the gnostics are new age? :D no dear, they go back before the toads and their stools. 
but I can imagine that's too gnostic for you ... 

please, somebody ... write a book on this, will you? something the rcc can't steal ... and add pictures ... you gotta have pictures :)


“I believe Pope Francis is led by the holy spirit he is love, peace a peoples Pope who looks after the poor and sees the good in everyone regardless of who we are. How about we follow this path?”

The Pope is attempting to merge humanism into Catholicism – but it won’t work; humanism is not a religion and Christianity is not humanism. Duty to a God obliterates our duty to humanity. Gods always insist their superior needs are more important than the needs of human beings.
That is the problem. Religion always fails humanity.

humanism? what does either know of humanism? a-max fancies himself god and knower of all that is right and wrong and sits at the level of the cardinals robed in self----------conceit. 

"Gods always insist their superior needs are more important than the needs of human beings." doesn't this sound exactly like a god setting himself up as SUPERIOR? Jesus never spoke like A-max and he never spoke like pope fran. A-max and fran are of the same mold---the same make and model ... of the same product because ... because they drank/drink from the same cup. if you are impartial and listen with heart ascending to mind you do not favor your ideology as governing the masses---above others-smarter, more superior IN MIND, because it is not through mind alone that HUMANITY IS BORN. huh, any sensible Being knows and understands how this is and HOW Religion, which includes policy helps in a lawless economy. A-max would throw it all away for his own selfish ideals, and he knows NOT how Spirit is in SOURCE AND APTITUDE, or how Spirit is filtered through HUMAN hands ...
you UNDERSTAND within the rewards of truth which permits one to go not where he is favored and applauded and allowed to sit in high seats controlling and abusing the people, deciding who lives and who dies. do not be deceived by the two peas in one pod here ... a-max is a product of HIS own making BORN from the parenting of rome. 47 yrs feeding in the institution of superior-minded methodology is not removed so easily. I would think nonbelievers would chastise and challenge his insolent behavior, he speaks grossly ... and pandemic hogwash!

do you not see how the mind of the hierarchy of rome operates in much the same mind as the atheist max?they believe themselves right and all others wrong. how is one different from the other? they believe their --ism superior--all knowing on what is and what should be. it is THEIR way or no way------- god is in MY cup, they preach. a-max believes HIMSELF human and those not like him not human ... what he does not see is that man has barely stepped into the waters of HUMANITY. WAR pervades his mind---lies, deception ... ruling and controlling others---FAVORIT-ISM ... He knows not the meaning of "I Am" the way, the truth and the life because he knows not what is Truth---WHAT IS GOD. he has no understanding in what {this} is. he confuses religion with What is God and spews all manner of indecency about God, Jesus ... Christ ... because he is ignorant on what is. he was never taught ON the foundation of Life ... {this} Light ... rather, he fed excessively on what he believed and still believes about his righteousness.

the roman hierarchy would not even be an issue if they kept to themselves and not paraded themselves as God---absolute truth---infallible in doctrine and theology. they infect ... falsity and belligerence, undermining female and  ... and involving themselves in politics and business in ways they all should be aware and all should be concerned about. do you want to be ruled by the a-max mind and the mind of rome---once again? 
have you not moved out of secular reasoning? to understand that paradox on love? 


A-max would blame religion for this and he would be correct in part, but he also blames God or gods (depending on his mood or his intent as he is inconsistent and often contradicts himself as he has no foundation of solid fare---he is a loose goose ... and might end up dinner at thanksgiving) ... One cannot blame what he believes does not exist---this is inconsistent, but his intent would be to demean and discredit what he fears. this is another of a-max behaviors that marries itself to roman catholicism and those like it. had a-max the militia, his pretend at "love" would manifest itself quite differently, much the way roman catholicism determined itself kingship. this is all patriarchal---male dominion-ism ... of mind. 

what wars here is not of God ... it is ownership---properties. like one neighbor angry at another for not giving him something he THINKS belongs to him. should israel give palestine the 'deed' to the properties? look at the parent in the article for palestine. what does he incite and encourage his members to do? throw stones---fight? should israel allow poor parenting ... which may lead to extended violence and a possible annihilation of its people? 'liberals' and those believing themselves humanists encourage insolence and poor parenting should they attack israel's concerns on this. one must ask: what's in it for them? 

 stop using this for your own distillery. if this was happening in your neighborhood ... bad behavior not permitting you to walk safely and freely with your children what would you do? as it stands in america we are already experiencing secular doses of it. don't be so pigheaded on what is really going on. the media paints many pictures ... the bloggers are out in full force. 

ask yourselves who/what desires procreation (increasing in numbers) and RELIGIOUS-POLITICAL FREEDOMS to overwhelm and take over? do not be fools in your drinking ... 
drunks end up drowning in their own vomit ... at times.


take, for instance, atticus finch ... he was a hero in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD ... in the second published book we see that he was not free of prejudice. he was of a certain breeding---a place of understanding within his 'court' ... but in To Kill, he saw and understood the poor parenting of those lying and using the poor, black man for their own ignorant agendas. atticus was well aware of their breeding and poor penmanship. he knew the dad was a drunk and brawler and inundated with hatred for the "nigger" as these were called by some and, in this, the drunk dad did not see his own plank hanging precariously out of his eye ... and the town was of an insulated and indecent caliber and found a way to modify the law of the Lord by fabricating "truths" ... sad, but true and still ... atticus was not free of prejudice. what concerned him from where he sat was the poor parenting, or poor education. give them freedoms and rights and what will they do with these? well, you cannot deny them their right in a democratic society that promises to ALL PEOPLE WHO ARE CITIZENS, including FEMALE ... but from which house are they/we to understand their freedoms? and their rights? the constitution of the US stands as a chokehold. it needs clarification but ... who-what stands in the way? where does hypocrisy set up shop and deny people important information? where and how are people used as "guinea pigs"? slaves? cheap labor? easily exposed of ... and who/what feeds these?

one example: why aren't women paid the same as men for the same job? example two: why does the US government continue to PAY and SUPPORT  institutions that discriminate? they say one thing and do another. THIS IS AS HYPOCRITICAL AS IT GETS and any religionists that do not see this have larger than large planks hanging from their eyes! I did not set up the laws of the US and I advocate not in these laws ... I merely call out the hypocrisy---ESP where there is dangers and indecencies ... and where dangers loom ... when sharing regarding these circles of thinking. why, for instance, does the democratic party continue to disavow womenpriests in the roman catholic church? let these cults leave if not abiding by the statutes of our constitution.  why would our government continue to support and pay into cults that will not permit women vocationally ordained status as priests? it makes no sense in a democratic sphere. it looks and smells real bad and believers need to be aware of how GOD cannot know you if you are not of HONEST PORTENT. if you are mediocre---lukewarm---burying gifts---you may be unworthy in {this} Light.

Added: http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/fires-st-louis-area-churches-investigation-34580334

what feeds and fuels the mendacity of ignorance? IOW, who/what fears the truth about the lies? and would be of the mindset to set fire to "black" PROTESTANT churches? hoping to make it look like racist agenda. c'mon people ... you are smarter---yes? you can see this without the "investigators" and all the money spent INVESTIGATING, or not ... 

wasn't there an article at rns about the loss of members in christian churches but not so in the BLACK CONGREGATIONS of Christian Churches? who/what would capitalize on the tumultuous area of St Louis, fueling the flames but also taking care of another agenda-ism?

my dears ... do learn to follow the patterns of how the mind of man thinks

let us paint a wee picture here:

vocal atheists will likely jump all over white supremacy groups and blame what they call the fundamentalist rightwing nut jobs and lynching types ... still exciting the mindset vertigo ... and they are not completely off in the idea of "white supremacy" however ... they are missing the greater age of convulsing thought AND what is currently in need of most common blood type? :0 

oh, and ask yourself why your PRESIDENT is pandering to a MUSLIM boy over a clock? and why he pandered to the roman pontiff and his elect? obama got himself into something a while back; can you figure out what it is? 

you can sit in denial, pandering to your own or ... take some time out to breathe the real air. it would not surprise me one once if groups sued barack obama and the truth came out and he ended up in prison ... not a waste mind you, for I see obama more instrumental later than now ... from his seat of denial 

sigh+ I sense confusion and we do not wish to confuse ... obama saw that christianity was not solving the problems in america and much of the world; he saw the ignorance and the stereotypes and the discrimination and the many, many MANY weeds ... he is not dumbo---bog eared---too young to know what went down and continues in the vein in the back alleys and conference rooms ... and saw dust church mindset ... and what religio-political melt downs look like ... so, he thinks ISLAM A RELIGION POTENTIALLY OF PEACE not AWARE in how the mind of man feeds and fuels self-agenda ... and he hopes ISLAM will interest those reckless young black youths ... and others and challenge christianity to be more ... um, stout of inclination religious ... all the while hoping that setting up islam in america will help curb the extremist and insulated of this same. sort of tame it some

;) yah ... either way, peeps, you are still paying for RELIGIOUS SEQUESTERING but under the guise of 

recall it said: history repeats ... but not exactly the same way twice

I recall an emperor ... long ago ... he was of this same idea---the using of a RELIGION to ...

and the militant atheist think us delusional? really? and the staunch roman catholics think me doing satan's work? really? hmm ... 

now, are you extreme lefties (or whatever they call you) going to bitch about this:


don't know about the men, but I sure as heck do not want any theology that is demeaning and degrading to women as well as denying them their fair share  ... as well as DENYING THE ABUSES, AND MURDERS, AND HIDING AND COVERING THESE UP FOR INSTITUTION OR PARTY AGENDA AND POLICY! 
IF THE CITIZENS OR ... IN THE US CANNOT SEE TO PROTECT THOSE IT HAS SWORN OATHS TO SERVE THEN THEY CAN PACK THEIR DAMN SUITCASES AND GET THE HELL OUT! out of those titles and positions of authority that are not protecting families, but esp women and children! 

THE PEOPLE ARE NOT YOUR GUINEA PIGS ... we see what the DRUGS can do ... 

back to the ring of ... fire?
still not seeing it? 


did pope frannie not say he receives a rose while praying to his saint t ... (hint hint) ... really? a red rose, fran? and the canonization of the parents of his saint t? for what? are they assisting him in his agenda?
this is too weird ... like watching a bad movie
does the roman pontiff think the people that ignorant? falling for roman rule all over again? but why the ring of fires ... ? 

hmm ...