I could not even read this article ... but I know the story details
my point for posting this is to share that I feel strongly that every organized group or "church" should be thoroughly investigated (yesterday I had put invested ... hmm ...typo or intended?) on its theology and methods/practices. there are building codes so let there be churching codes. if a group/pastor/priest/bishop has nothing to hide then he should have no problems with a law of this sort. there should be a group of church theology/methodology investigators for every community and it should have varied beliefs, including nonbelievers in God----Spirit ... this would include unannounced visits to the assembly or assembling of people within the churches to gain a more solid understanding of its beliefs and practices. if any of these churches are open to the public which many or most are ... there are always concerns for those unaware, especially the youth. why are we as a nation afraid to put our foot down on this type of evaluation? ... why does it feel as if lawmakers and even law enforcement are pandering to the religions? look at what obama and co---WASHINGTON---did with the current roman pontiff and the rcc! as a noncatholic offended by an organization that demeans female---staging itself as God's mouthpiece---infallible---having tortured and murdered the gnostic, throughout history degrading and destroying one like me ... big fat head in the spotlight demanding attention ... and we are largely ignored as viable voice ... and not only this, the creepy abusive practices within the parishes and churches like the one in the article ... are not seen or heard. it is the cleverest tactic of evil to smokescreen when trying to hide the bad or evil acts. look at this latest promenade with the rcc's head leader, and look at the continued silencing of the victims ... come on people ... how much longer will you allow this to continue? and allow yourselves to be denied important information?

and maybe home security should be doling out 110 mil to protect children in public places, like the library ... now, what would that require?


you know, both attacker and victim are visible evidence of where our public servants and higher up officials are failing the people---ALL people. "oh, we can't investigate this group or that group ... it's politically incorrect .. it's targeting a religious group ... it's racist ... it's blah-blah-blah ..." self-interest groups JUDGING who lives and who dies. get over yourselves! are you public servants or aren't you? the PEOPLE HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW! it's THEIR FAMILY AND FRIENDS that end up on the other side of that knife or gun or in the place where the bomb is dropped or ... being INDOCTRINATED into something evil and unhealthy! 

you are not doing your job if you give money to groups without KNOWING what they are preaching-teaching-selling and ABUSING! if you allow property set up for "theology" and "methodology" of any form that is a public place ... you better be public-minded servants and get your lazy political asses out of those high chairs and into the public arena to find out exactly WHAT IN HELL IS GOING ON IN THOSE PUBLIC PLACES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hell is going on too, too often.
hell for children ... women ... the youth ... people unaware of the dangers. 

I have already been shown ... if government puts laws into practice that permit these learning sessions and these investigations ... there will be those LEAVING the states ... you watch ... try it and you will see. if government and law enforcement do the honest and proper thing at this time for the safety and health and wellbeing of the people ... and put these parts into place ... those engaging in evil will begin to leave because they fear being found out ... and in this, you will know them by their fruits ... you will know those "religions" of peace and those not. also, some things are just not appropriate for children ... ALL CHILDREN ... and government needs to exercise a bit of tenacity and blow the whistle on some of this BULL! and ILLINOIS is most definitely in the news right now---ISN'T THAT RIGHT, MR PRESIDENT??????
you know, bishops are supposed to be free of drunkenness ... you say you are a believer in Christ, but are you? your hypocrisy is showing ... your naked ways and means are apparent because ... of your contradictory actions ... the breaking of those laws you swore to uphold! look at the recent spectacle in 3 cities---YES, 3 ... you ordained this, mr president ... a cult much like Islam in theology, which you have also ordained and ... and, jeremiah wright is not a figure I would want my children or any youth being mentored by ... and have YOU bothered to INVESTIGATE the HISTORY of the clergy/staff child sex abuse scandals? including this current pope's history in argentina? or are you counting on willful ignorance and pride to sweep it all under the rug. such disappointment ... 


to all people: if your political party or church policies are more important to you than the safety, health and wellbeing of the people, especially our youth---the children---then you don't deserve voice. you don't deserve a platform and you will lose your ability to speak and be heard., you will lose this.

when I started BC (the Trilogy) ... it was emerging from child abuse, this was its origin ... real stories of real people having been abused in church mentality much like the one in the first article. rape, sex abuse, beatings BEATINGS by church folk caught up in rage and self-righteousness ... militancy ... strange customs ... I thought, OH---MY---GOSH ...
and I was shown to bring it to the forefront in a way that will have those "scholars" spoon feeding. they are behind the TIMES ... and need serious, serious kick in the butt and this includes that hierarchy that set the stage for the abuse ... the atrocities and the murder

yes, they have blood on their hands while they feast in their expansive garments 


there is just so much that man misses, ignores ... that goes over his head, because he is either unaware or seriously caught up in a mindset that says "no" to all but his own opinion, and that's saying it simply. I have seen and heard and felt and touched and smelled and tasted ... emphatically EXPERIENCED ... things that man could not imagine and cannot find answers to so he denies it is real. yes, he is in denial, and often because he is of a belief and practice that if it is not coming from his sources or his course of study or his "intellectuals" ... it is not worth hearing and so, he does not hear. and sadly, children experience things but adults blow them off or misinterpret the "symptoms" and drug em all ... or stick them in therapy and destroy the reality of their gifts. some are troubled and struggling ... yes, but this is the signal saying MORE IS NEEDED IN THIS ... the old is not working.

allow me an example ... as I said, I experience in ways that others may not and I do not ignore what these are showing me. I was reading a post from a roman catholic where he listed catholic catechism in response to an article about something which I do not recall. I started reading as I usually do to give proper attention when suddenly, I smelled the worst odor. I mean, it was nasty, and I looked down at my dog and said, wow, what did you eat? looked back at the catechism and realized: this stuff is old and smelly ... what are they feeding the people?

funny ... to some ... to others, not so ... but, so what ... it stinks. time to move ---GET OUT! are you afraid to be honest about what you know is off? not quite right? maybe even unhealthy?

AND ... he charities that many catholics are so fond of touting by saying the rcc is the largest charitable organization in the world?
comment (below) on rns article (ANOTHER ARTICLE ATTEMPTING TO MAKE THE ROMAN PONTIFF LOOK, well you know ... and is why we no longer post rns articles on SPIR or OWA) ... regarding pontiff visiting the MALE homeless shelter

“All work [at the shelter] was overseen and financed by the Office of Papal Charities, through offerings collected from the distribution of apostolic blessing parchments and the generous contributions of individuals.” ( just like the pope’s other “charities.” Like the Washington DC homeless shelter is primarily funded by US taxpayers. The pope and his men take credit for the charity of others.


hmm ... papal primacy in question? the infallible teaching is actually fallible? what have we been sharing all along? soooo now ... we go back to the bishops and what THEY THINK ---what THEIR OPINIONS ARE concerning ... hmm, let's see ... what they concocted for the masses throughout history ... and how they denied the abuses and how they actually abused and covered up the sex and the ...
really now ... IS IT TIME NOW FINALLY FOR GOVERNMENT TO GET THEIR ASSES INTO THESE ORGANIZATIONs TO BETTER UNDERSTAND WHAT IS GOING ON? instead of pandering for votes ... and handing out money like gumdrops ... gumdrops don't grow on trees in case you didn't know ;)
seriously, we did say that the VATICAN was planning on doing away with the papacy ... recall we shared this? these are the first steps ... BECAUSE ... because they want MORE POLITICAL POWER IN AREAS ... esp the STATES OF THE US and ... it has been obvious they want to give the bishops more power because times have changed and papal authority just looks real bad, you know ... 

and the catholics and those falling for this pop-up pope go: oh, okay ... how about I hand over my life savings to you bishops to use in ways not transparent and ... why don't I just hand over my children, as well ... and I expect the US government to respect my ignorance and my lack of concern for the lack of transparency AND ... yes, all you taxpayers must pay for our demands ... our desires---our way of thinking, as we are still God's Church! (despite what God says ...) 

um, not ... go back to your playpen and zip it ... while you are at it you can take your whore-mongering bishops with you.


more pandering?  this is hustling is what it is! and FEAR-MONGERING! looks like she took a bit of info and twisted it into a halo for herself, but ask her why she is using this? this lows real low ... using the poor? using old hash and trying to dress it up to look like something edible? please ... if you can't talk honest get off the stage. we would imagine most of these voters no matter their skin color are going ... wha? only unless they are of some plan to ...

do you think us harsh? harsh is an institution that ignores the very serious disease of abusive staff and clergy. willing to HIDE and COVER UP these abuses ... AND shuffle priests around KNOWING they are sexually abusing-RAPING CHILDREN and even raping young women AND seminarians. this demonstrates a complete lack of CONSCIENCE---lack of compassion---a severe POVERTY OF LOVE. what head thinks like this? and do ask about their pope john paul 2 they sainted---CANONIZED--- who KNEW exactly what was going on ... and people continue to deny this and continue in denial that this is a disease, and REFUSE to allow the investigations? who continues to cover up the corruption and the abuse? who lies-deceives and denies the truth about what went down and what is going on? what we write is nothing compared to what the catholic church and those like it have done today, yesterday ... throughout their history which includes MURDER---MASS MURDER ... terrorism and unthinkable torture. and the catholics think this is Christ's church? that this is what Christ instituted? that their hierarchy from the start was---is Christ inspired and Christ led in their church beginning and foundation? this is complete madness. how anyone can remotely pair Jesus Christ with the birth of the Roman Catholic Church is of some other mindset that denies the actual TEACHINGS OF CHRIST. 

and now the vatican using their hip pope is doing exactly what we said they would do. something went wrong in their scheme ... the people are not enamored with pope fran the way they had hoped, but hey, we saw this, too AND ... saw that the papal office must be reduced and eventually removed. the bishops are not on board with the "poor church" theme. it does not fit into their greedy plans of business and politics while the people INCLUDING CHILDREN ... ALL OVER THE WORLD continue to starve  ... tortured, murdered, abused, raped, neglected, drugged and denied safe passage. if they cannot get THE PEOPLE to pay for the poor's needs ... they got a problem, because they sure as hell will not give up all they have for them! the bishops want power and many have quite a bit already ... thanks to our politicians and businessmen. if the vatican do not have the poor to pay the bills and keep their image big and prosperous ... they have a serious problem. and so, business deals, property ... oil ... you name it, they are involved in it ... which brings us to josef wesolowski ... the business of child porn. when the truth comes out about these guys all hell will break loose! there is no doubt in my mind wesolowski was silenced to keep from confessing what IS GOING ON. holy men? you mean whoring men and men full of holes as they are of a decayed mind. sick. it will come out ....... the truth. you will see.

the bishops for the most part could care less about the poor ... they want and need the image of being somehow relevant and credible and intelligent in the industries of society and business ... and politics, hence the pope hopping on the tailcoats of those having done the real work AND ... his nose in the business of congress. but ... the pope hasn't ignited the prosperous mind. so, what can the vatican do? the poor are a weight to them, AND BEING THE CARETAKERS AND MENTORS OF COUNTRIES IN OPPRESSION AND DISEASE DOES WHAT TO THEIR IMAGE?  it makes them look as corrupt and ignorant and careless as they are---SELFISH AND CRUEL.  they can no longer get away with appearing brothers to the drug cartels and the mafias___FEEDING THEM AND HOUSING THEM WHILE THESE LAWLESS ACTS CONTINUE TO ABUSE THE PEOPLE AND KEEP THE POOR HUNGRY AND AFRAID AND WOMEN-young women- OPPRESSED AND DYING... PEOPLE ARE NOW SEEING HOW BAD THIS LOOKS, and the rcc cannot continue to be the proud owners of this kind of "property" IT LOOKS REAL BAD ....
 ... drug problems, mass murders ... gee, the rcc connected to these? look who/what rome sidled up with throughout their history and ... its BROTHERHOOD ... and today? what does it sidle up with? ask yourselves who it went to and sidled up with ...

the rcc cannot survive without the poor so ... what must they do to survive?

the bishops can start here:


and ask yourselves ... ask ... does the roman catholic church in all its high-mindedness on the topic of abortion have any credible VOICE on murdering a living, breathing being when they allow women and young women to die in THEIR hospitals BECAUSE ... because they refuse a LIFE-SAVING abortion. do you see the ironY? the hypocrisy? the ... insanity? it is MURDER ... flat out murder to allow women and young women some as young as nine and ten years old to DIE because ... because of THEIR belief system. when are YOU as a person of INTELLIGENCE and CONSCIENCE going to wake to the REALITY of what this is?  when are YOU as a catholic or as a citizen of ___ where rome is still in CONTROL of the LIVES of women and young women going to speak up about this severe depravity of sense and reason? DO YOU KNOW WHERE THE SPIRIT OF THE "UNBORN" CHILD GOES? no, you do not know---you don't! but the fact remains ... the child is unborn, and is therefore of the freedom to move to a place of LIFE anew because ... because his own life was not able to be born ... but mama is born and living and breathing and ... and should NOT be left to die because of institutionalized ignorance... 

are you hearing just a wee bit here?

are you seeing the stumbling blocks? people like mark silk in his spiritual politics (cough) pretend at caring for the poor or caring for the environment by airing the big institutional voice of the roman pontiff and its caliber. but the pope has not said anything unique or quintessential. through the vatican policy, he was plastered up for the world to see---hey, everybody, look at your savior! follow him! do as he says! ... follow him? where is he going? nowhere I want to be! :D ... do as he says? what is he saying? his life and love are what we see: he serves not God but manmade doctrine in the wardrobe of rome. no, thanks!

no ... just say no ... it's a drug you don't need ... it's a smoke that is full of false what?

we do not want rome ruling us once again ... in the overt manner it did for so long in so very many places. why would mark silk and others advocate this? what's in it for him? first, he is not FEMALE ... that's saying something and ... he hates what he does not understand which is a lot like rome in their adjunct mission ... and the crucifying of Christ. mark loves the title but refuses to admit its abuse. use the pope-use the pope-use the pope was his mantra and we are like ... well, YOU just made him look insignificant and lusting ... greedy and of that piggy cult we talked about in SPIR. YOU are responsible for his fall, dear boy---YOU ... you should never have paraded him as you did, especially given the track record, which you also refused to admit. history repeats because the mark silks of the world are lazy artisans. 

the mark silk's allowed pope and co to silence the voices needing to be heard. the pope did not raise these voices. he did not step aside that these could be more easily seen and more easily heard; he stole the friggin' show and the media marks along with our politicians/lawmakers helped this happen ... which made him and his institution look pride-filled and idolistic ... showing partiality to a misogynistic enterprise dependent on the poor. using the poor as their halo ... hmm ... so, mark media, do you see what you have done? catholics, do you see the vagaries?

sigh ... why do we bother ...

well, because God does bring good from the wreckage which means that we win the war :D one day. the papal office gets removed ... the bishops investigated as people realize they have a voice because WE THE PEOPLE told them more loudly than we are accustomed that they do have a voice ... and not through militant protests but through soldiering in honesty---real lives in real jobs with real children---and no religious government democrat or republican is going to deceive and deny the people important information---not in this day ... because those decaying planks will be pulled down a step at a time ... and it is the people doing it to themselves ... oh, the ironY ...