why don't you come to your senses … you been out rigging fences … for so-oh long now. you're a hard one, I know, but you got your reasons … the things that are sleazing you are hurting you now.

don't you buy the queen of diamonds, she'll cheat you if she's able (and she's able, unstable but able) … the queen of hearts is always your best … 


did the DNC change the rules for themselves, because they are the DNC? or because the pope gave them his blessing, along with selling them his audience ;)



unleash the hurry! why settle for aging towns when you can have the vatican-----prime property! if the youth of these towns left why didn't the state offer them these same rewards to keep the villages robust? they ignored their own youth? how is this creating a healthy and safe environment? if the citizens of italy are suffering job loss how is bringing in and paying hundreds of thousands of immigrants going to solve their problems? the problems of the youth still exist! they grow up and can't find jobs … form gangs in their unrest and bam you got an even bigger problem. duh.  

we will take a look at italy in three years and see what is. bringing in hundreds of thousands of immigrants never solves the nations biggest issues … as you will see. 



who is in denial?


check the cities and towns in MA … from the news in the past year. which towns are most of the crimes happening? and these politicians think whitey is afraid? huh … :) … but many hispanics view themselves as white (see neighborhoods link) so how can you say whites are leaving? but the population is not decreasing because why? heavy breeders among the prevailing residents? rapes? child/teen moms? incoming? 

this is not racist info as some would like to paint it while in total denial or posing as the shining star. these are hard core facts. now you tell me how the BIG H will deal with something she has not dealt with in her entire life? she is one USING people to get vets for power and influence and yet her record shows little attempt to address the rising crimes in neighborhoods. it's spreading like an epidemic! cities and towns-suburbs are saying: this NEVer happens here! how can this happen in our town? my god! now we are afraid! 

I see this on the news almost every single day in MA towns. every day. just within one week there was I think 3 attempted abductions and one resulted in the girl, a middle schooler, being raped … while walking to or from school in broad daylight. hit and runs are common and the politicians go doo-de-do ...do-do-do-do … 

denial because they don't want to look bad and … racist? what is racism anyway? redefine this, please. 

in MA, gov baker is promoting the CHARTER SCHOOL … for kids who live in areas where their schools are not good. this is ignoring that the schools are not working for the CHILDREN. to ask residents of MA to pay for new schools while old schools fail is … nonsensical. it's the neighborhoods that need a thorough cleaning … parents, homes, attitude, schools, churches and government seats. 

charter schools will not save those towns, governor. it just masks the growing problems. so … I have made my choice, sir, I will vote no to your proposal. it is not the clean air act I would like to see. 



it's not just children having to breathe in this toxicity … it's every creature. 

now, what would you say is the more important that needs to be taught to every person? if you live in a town riddled with rising crime is it going to matter what your air is like? your air is already toxic … so your money will go to something related to where you are … in mind and body. your condition is dependent on what? how?  those who stay in high crime areas are there because why? 


orthodoxy is misunderstood by man. is misused by man. the word itself is attached to religious with strict life style or strict life beliefs. usually it is attached to extreme types, types that society, usually liberal or left leaning, consider wrong, unjust … ignorant and archaic. the word orthodox, having come from the greek orthos + doxos … right in opinion ...can be any person's belief and practice. an atheist is probably more orthodox than his brother evangelical. both men, but in two different beliefs: atheism and evangelism (of some religious creed). atheist says he relies on logic. as we shared in the previous, logic relies on strict principles. so do evangelicals. if an evangelical sees his ethos working, his NATURE, DISPOSITION and customs within it … he is encouraged by its success and grows more of it. he stands at the podium of men and says, this is what we need more of. but what is success in man's eyes? but it's no wonder that atheist dislikes evangelical as much as evangelical dislikes atheist, and will become hung up on deposing that which he considers his antagonist or his enemy. and what was once christian can easily turn islamic if christian decreases while incoming, breeding and recruiting increases. what was once atheist can easily turn gnostic or of gnosticism (not exactly the same please understand). 

what do you think obama will desire more of? what do you think obama and his seed (what follows in his footsteps, growing what he advocates, protesting and professing what he favors) will want to increase in america? think on this without judging me as another of what you dislike. you do not know ME, therefore you cannot speak on what you do not know. you don't know what he prefers? what he protects? okay, let's wait for evidence …more data. 

from our vantage point having watched him up on through … he will want to protect his investment. how will he do this? he has two things at him right now: limited time and a bunch of emails that could convict him … show him as having strayed from the democracy of the US and or american values (whatever these might be … as these seem to vary greatly from group to group and business to business). in those emails there just might be something he did, an arrangement perhaps … a deal of some sort? an agreement that went against the ethic of the society he swore oaths to protect and govern? he has made it very clear to all that two things are important and should be known in schools and … : the muslim (as islam) has been part of the culture of the US, its growth and success. and the future of america will not slander the prophet of islam. 

first, we are a bit hard pressed to find that islamic-muslim success within america that stands out as actual success … academia? maybe. but is it success? success for america? this is subjective and is of obama's opinions. what industries has the islamist made america a success? could he mean obama's trade deals with islamic nations? oil? and is he speaking of muslim having muslim parents or grandparents or actual islamic practicing muslims? many questions no one seems to have asked, but we will do a wee search. a wee search should tell us something. 

every dictator since the beginning of man has something he covets. it is what is understood as a commodity. in the islands of greece, but particularly the island of chios, mastika (mastic) was considered a commodity. many rulers desired this breath freshener and useful ingredient for their products. what does obama covet? what might be his commodity? 


rights lawyer for female victims of rape wendy murphy hit the nail directly on its head when she said she was repulsed by the fact that the american constitution had not set the record straight on the undermining of female. 

a quote by barak obama::
9. “America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles of justice and progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”

first of all, it is appalling that the atheistic sect as well as the the political parties, democrat, libertarian, green party and many republicans have not addressed several of obama's statements that not only mislead citizens, but do not take into account the obvious interest of patriarchal religions and where they undermine female. it's obvious he never recognized this unjust and derelict position … EVEN WITHIN HIMSELF! … about religious like islam and roman catholicism and mormonism and others. his head is NOT in the betterment of american society because he and soooo many others VOTING HIM AND HIS SEED, including those millions of jews and those overly tolerant religious … continue to vote and show favor and … tolerance for … ignorant religions. and how can a nation claim it is in any way fair and just while not only pedestaling these religions but denying women equal pay for the same job … something which should have nothing to do with church but seems to be adhering to it in some form of desperate attempt to keep female less than male. who in their RIGHT mind allows this to continue? we say, drive them out of the halls of justice---ALL OF THEM---if they can't get it through their immensely dark minds that … this mindset and behavior in civil society is unacceptable. you can spend a trillion dollars on any religion or any type of education … but if you have not addressed one of the greatest eyesores of all time … what are you really?

how is that for a wake up call? it's just a matter of ignorants like what's out there pretending for decades to be fair and honest … to get the hell out of the way so that female can see how poorly treated she really is, how horribly taken advantage of and how despicably she has been used …  and for males to realize how ignorant they really are. and that a negligent and arrogant, and ignorant mindset  rules in a very indecent and selective state.  

and clearly obama pairs POLITICAL with POLITICAL in his statement. he addresses islam as if it is an american policy. is it? with its prophet a child rapist and a murderer … an abuser of women and girls … how is this in any way something any female would ever consider tolerating … in a CIVIL and just society? what obama favors is a dual or schizophrenic system of law by saying islam and america are as one. not for me. never for me. my hope is that society will not need these ignorant patriarchal religions! so what is obama really preaching? 

I find it difficult to understand that people are that dumb about this. it's startling at times and very much … disappointing. 


you see? and this is their god? and the obama admin used and uses tax money for this ideology? somewhere in all of this is evil … can you figure to whom it may concern?

so RNS actually shows the pope for what he really is? a con artist? a political puppet for the RCC? like we said, HE HAS NO POWER … and why if he is THE pontiff of the RCC does he have no power? because he thinks that JP2 is still alive (now that he had him canonized) TELLING HIM WHAT TO DO AND … WHAT NOT TO DO? I can just imagine the dialogue: o holy father … what do you wish me to do? JP: do not ever allow women to become priests! the POP-UP POPE (hmm … recall we said it many times?): and what about the clergy sexually abusing children? JP: shh, do not speak of such things. they might find out what I did? the POP-UP POPE: what did you do holy father? JP: just keep the victims silenced  … FOREVER! the POP-UP POPE: but they are starting to grumble and take steps, baby steps but … they might discover how we have lied. JP: the church never lies! the POP-UP POPE: ah, yes, we can use that … we are exempt from these grave sins … if we rely on other things to keep their mind off of it. but ...   but what if they realize malachy was correct? and I am not the pope. JP: you took the name francis like I told you to do that you might confuse them. if they realize you have no "clare" you are in serious trouble, and they will know of our deception … keep filling the coffers through use of the governments. it worked for me. the POP-UP POPE: but did you know they found out about macial maciel? JP: of course, he is my brother! the POP-UP POPE: you mean … um, you are … with him now? JP: shh-shhh  … just do as I say.

huh, francis with no claire. and JP2 had his macial marciel? wow … that IS saying something important. now if only the believer had any idea on what is SPIRIT and how good and evil … work.



I can just hear the neighbors? how can this happen in our town?


and what every citizen should be asking is would this unfortunate but necessary INVESTIGATION happen under obama and his followers in mosques and other 'worship' centers where abuse is happening … 

8 years … a confused and mixed up FBI, lawless party entities and corrupt politicians … along with their abusive and corrupt clergy … not likely. and if trump is in the seat of commander? likely no. they do a lot of talking but no actual service to and for the people that they promise to serve, because their system is rotting, decayed … imploding before their eyes, but they insist on wearing blindfolds  … which leaves law enforcement such as on the ground police officers to walk unsteadily, and the people to feel as if they should wear a gun … or those not gun followers, uncertain as to the fate of america. of course no one knows what can happen or where but to add the disturbing DENIAL of church and state to burden the people is beyond repair. once the people wake to the fact that they cannot trust the SYSTEM the system becomes their enemy and they will … become their own law. so … what are you doing about these very serious concerns? continuing to pay into and support the dishonesty and the "broken" system and how many times did sanders say that then join his rival to what? continue the denial. 

some may say what switzerland did was heavy-handed but these do not know what they know …it is fact that islamic soldiers of imam __ IS RECRUITING and I know from what has been shown to me that it is happening in many places in the US … many mosques, many centers of planning, recruiting, hatred of your ways and the desire to complete their prophet's prayers and preaching. yes, this was shown to me some time ago and if you have been reading what we share you will see that we have written truthfully as many things are coming to light. they will attack israel and they will be at war with the US, more than what obama fails to admit in his warmongering methods. and switzerland is acting not just for its own people but its neighbors, too, because islamic soldiers for islam … of any militant form … seem to be able to travel easily and do as they need for their mission without proper investigating and … questioning. the people are essentially in the dark … just where many politicians want them. it is best not to be involved in these overseas wars … but to focus on your own nation's diseases. american governance just can't seem to recognize its own ignorant flaws … and its own pushing and grabbing and denial that has caused so much loss of life. 

but look at its behavior. Spirit of the Living does not protect lawless, PARTIAL, female denying … nations, of any sort! claim yourself this or that … great, god, good, it matters not. you are in an unjust system of laws and are fed by dishonest people.



I am taught-insructed to zero in on specifics. I don't do FBK or tweet or any other distracting social online methodology. I was brought to a few comment forums in 5 yrs for a purpose and like I said, I am to zero in on very specific things. evidence is important. the facts ARE important. along with the GIFT of foresight. we share where man is in peril … we share where dishonesty pervades the minds of men … we share where a lawless state destroys credibility and creates disaster, and we share much more but just glimpses … for now. 

how many "fugitives" is obama allowing a seed in america? how many criminals has he and others allowed to roam free and continue their destructive and abusive beliefs and practices, practices that undermine TRUTH? gulen is a liar. this much we have been shown. he has planned an islamic invasion in the US for yrs … through pretend arts and sciences. he uses one to boost another. and he is responsible for the coo in turkey. this much has been shown to me. why does obama and company put AMERICA IN DANGER BY REFUSING TO SEND GULEN BACK? gulen is under investigation for illegalities in america? yes. remove him. let turkey deal with him. btw< I think we shared this already … but was shown that the president of turkey will become christian. how does that grab you, atheists and email deicers? he will see the disparity of islam and what its doing to him, the people of his nation and how it makes him and his people appear ignorant, and subject to militancy. look at what he is dealing with on a grand scale? his country is riddled with terrorists! how does he get rid of this macabre? politics is what politics is, but the CHRIST IS POETIC and leads to calm the storms. but where man makes his bed in derelict state … it is a tormenter. obama loves the sound of islamic prayer? has he ever listened to what those words mean? are they mean? are these words a directive to destroy morality? the archangels of light? muhammad was a man of indecent practice. he was a militant a murderer and a messed up god. a conniving and deceptive commander … using young women and girls, poor virgins … and slaves to lure in militant men to do his bidding. he was a sick mystic, overindulging in sex and he was a manic manipulator. if he was practicing in your town in this day you would want him out! out! out! out! switzerland would be raiding his house and imprisoning him and his followers. but obama? and the clintons? don't hold your breath … as you haven't seen the worst of it yet. 

atheists, non believers have it pretty damn good … until they are seen as ignorants. and it is coming. oh-------yes!

and btw, it was FRANCIS, the REAL francis with CLARE  … sharing with me several years ago about the implosion. shall I get my notes from back then and share what 'he' says? 

people think this or that person or this or that political party or religion is nice, safe … not creating destruction and denial, not fostering ignorance and abusive ways. because they are without the ability to see wrong from right. they live in darkness, missing the signs. they say, oh … islam lived in peace with judaism for many yrs during this reign or that era … but they do not see the specifics on how these are illegal or should be illegal in our Day. what was happening to the atheist or the gay or FEMALE. how were these treated? it was an accepted practice---A VERY WRONG AND EVIL PRACTICE to deny female and to misuse and abuse, to ENSLAVE and to treat others as lesser, esp female … for God's Sake! what don't you OF tolerance get about this?!!!!! female has yet to receive TRUE LIBERTY FROM MALE DOMINANCE, even in the most recognized civil society! she is still treated contemptuously, used for sex only apparel and entertainment, and lured into man god initiatives galore … and CHILDREN SUFFER REPEATEDLY IN THESE SYSTEMS OF BELIEF AND PRACTICE! these PATRIARCHAL initiatives. 

parishioners thinking their priests having sexually abused children were/are nice people, their god-damned fathers for christ's sake? no, never ever for CHRIST's Sake. they must be reeling, or not … having found out that thousands upon thousands have sexually abused children, SODOMIZING alter boys and poor, destitute children in villages and towns all over the world …saying, oh my god, priest___ marred us and he was the one who baptized our children. and obama and ALL politicians allow the bishops and these criminals to roam FREE in your cities and towns. what do you make of that, ignorant? in the dark, non questioning deniers? you bring it on yourselves!!! your poor children who look to your for safety. those of you still paying into and supporting what has already shown through FACTS---ACTUAL EVIDENCE---to be DANGEROUS … bring harm not just to your children but the children of others. you will suffer for your ignorance---ALL OF YOU! and some leave the church they thought was god but do what? they scatter and remain silent about what they know. SHAME ON YOU! you are no better. you put lives in jeopardy. anyone supporting a misogynist, evil supporting roman catholic pope will know pain! and sorrow like he has never known.

you bring it on yourselves. and what you bring on the littles ones … my GOD, you will face the penalty. it matters not what you THINK you are or what title you hold … their will be people rising up to remove you and it will not be nice. 

you may be confused. Francis of assisi was roman catholic, you say. PEOPLE CALLED DO MOVE. they move out of denial and live for truth but yes, they are limited in their Day, because of what? church and state. in bed together? very much in bed together much like you see in this Day. however, Francis while WITH Clare and Clare was the ONE of Spirit initiating that environment of kindness toward others. the RCC made it look like it was Francis, the great fostering of peace, but it was Clare who was sent to assist in that movement. without hEr, FRancis would not have been able to survive. She was the one enlightened. not their popes. female was denied and needed a man to provide the elements, the offices, the houses … even today, this is true, but the RCC is dead. it was never of right way, because of its denial and its misuse of the people. it abused the people horribly. the system is of arrogance and of evil. claiming themselves god over the people while molesting them and hiding their corruption and their crimes and their political in+tent is OF evil. how much more evidence do you need? there are FACTS out there on where popes and bishops have been and are in league with governments that have done harm to the people and esp women and children who are more vulnerable in these regimes … even today … look at pope's admission of BARROS in chile to a higher position of power and influence … and his denial! 

and those not roman catholic praising pope appeal are also guilty of denial … and the abuse on the female and the child. and this includes those pedestaling islam. YOU WILL KNOW THEM BY THEIR FRUITs and it looks very much like theirs is a day of darkness. 

 a story for you:

I received a "like" on a SPIR post a good while back. I had not seen this man for some time. he had posted two or three likes on the essays (wordpress) in SPIR,  I think,  in its second year up, and I read one or two of his essays on his wordpress and may have posted a link in SPIR to something he wrote. I don't remember, but I remember something about his work. he sounded somewhat gnostic to me. not a religionist, but a believer in Christ. anyhow ... like I just said, I saw his like come into my inbox, and I took a look and saw that he was in turkey. his photo had changed and he is currently in turkey (from the US). I did not read anything beyond that as I was very busy. hmm … this cause me slight alarm, however and I communed just a little. what's he doing there? I thought maybe, maybe all the recruiting to islam had snagged him … a slight concern, but this morning I was shown, not islam. he was inspired by SPIR and is moving … moving, and went to turkey to share his work. not bible thumping, but he is called, and he answered that call. I was shown this when I shared on turkey's president, and it comes at a good time, because I often say: I do not "see" what this work is doing for movement. I share and see how things come true on what I share, but what about MOVEMENT? there it is. planting seeds.


merkel cannot criticize when her own lethargic methods deny citizens their rights. is it that she gets to pick and choose who is allowed to be heard and who is silenced? does she believe she is the arbiter on what is right and what is wrong?

which brings me to this last sharing under 'desperadough' . we shared that these posts will be taken down. I was not clear on why when I first posted it, but I was shown this morning that it will be this administration silencing the people. not specifically attacking me, as I am sort of out of the way-mainstream posting …and is one reason I was sent back to the opheliart site. but this admin. will do a crackdown … a shut down … of posting. why? 

why do you think?