it's 5:28 AM ... and 2 hours prior working on "hearing" ... the place of Israel ... the place of Egypt ... places, which translates into SPIRITUAL symbology ... what is Israel --- what is Egypt ... in Spiritual Language. protagonist---antagonist for the story. not literally according to the MIND of man ... metaphorically speaking. and everyone should know by now that the antagonist is as central to the story as is the protagonist ... or should be.

was also looking at the complexity of situations: when something-anything becomes too big to manage efficiently, more safely ... reasonably ... sensibly ... honestly

the roman catholic church is one of those somethings that grew so large, adding and adding and adding while eliminating the antagonists the centrists felt might deny them the control they desired. truly, it is not hard to see. even today ... 

the king sits on his throne demanding obedience ... without realizing he lost control long, long ago. for, his people out of necessity and complexity became exposed to many things outside his jurisdiction and ... fed, bedded ... wed. as the LORD said to Elijah, Elijah, what are you doing here? the truth of the matter is the people are scattered ... here there and everywhere ... Elijah, you are needed where you are needed. to run from your antagonist is to lose ground. to hide from what calls your name ... for you to atone ... when it is time ... shows us the infancy. 

when you are weak you are strong

there are two types of weak resulting in two types of strong. one operated by fear, the other by hope.


a comment to an article about a teacher's demands on a student regarding her faith ... with what sounded to us like pushing agenda ... and now teacher hides from the atoning? another example on the methods 'teachers' use for agenda---causes-------------SELLING a belief system. use the children---right? we have seen it time and time again ... 

George Nixon Shuler


Often these type of forums are dominated by arguments of atheists saying “Ha ha, we are smart” and “Ha ha, Christians are dumb.” Whatever the real facts in the case which I suspect no one except someone who has the personnel file on the teacher has true knowledge of, the story is about a teacher in a rich Texas suburb who did this, well, folks, that teacher was the stupid atheist here. It’s like unfastening a wire hanger and sticking both ends in an electrical socket: it’s going to cause a little explosion and the person who caused it won’t look good. Perhaps the poor teacher was so on fire for her nonbelief and in her zeal messed up royally.

I recall a militant atheist some time ago addressing my person improperly. what had I done? he knew nothing about me other than I am of gnosis---a believer in Spirit ... not of religion but not anti-religion. what gave him the right to degrade and demean my person? I wore no titles ... made no demands on the people ... was not in seats of power and yet, he tried desperately to slander and degrade for his own agenda: atheism. he was given an article on rns telling his story where HE USED THE CHILDREN ... when the sandy hook murders of elementary students and teachers took place he 'suddenly' became an atheist? "where was God in this storm of mental instability?" one might ask where were the teachers, health professionals and parents ... addressing adam lanza's instability ... 

using the children .. here there and everywhere

the atheist hides ... I do not.

an article on the story

who is the school teacher to tell a student that GOD is a myth? the school teacher can in no way prove GOD is mere myth and so, what is child being taught---based on what? where is the evidence that school agent is correct? based on her own experience-lack of experience---OPINION? hmm ...  where is her evidence that proves GOD A MYTH? (and we are going by the words of the child in the video which we have watched two videos and see that she is being honest ... about the grading, too, which leaves us wondering on the honesty of school admin.)

how would a schoolteacher or even a professor in know of the student's experiences? what where and how she sees and experiences God? through religion---not through religion or maybe both?

take care you "teachers" ... you just may be investigated for failure at diplomacy, maybe even sacked and imprisoned for treason :0 

*in the woolly child, we see the hope


maybe now you see part of the reason for our chastising and extended calling out of the vagrancies in institution, particularly the roman catholic church... as it has called itself the mouthpiece of God-VOICE OF GOD .. and where this is an obscene dictate. one cannot abuse children, hide the abuse, while allowing it to continue (and this includes law enforcement and law officials and staff that denied and deny the need for proper INVESTIGATIONS) and demand it be a relevant 'teacher' in society ... petitioning its RELIGIOUS FREEDOM. freedom to do what? abuse and hide the abuse? the rcc has a long list of misconduct and evil intent ... do not be ignorant on the severity and importance of these. and part of our point here is to warn: TAKE CARE WHO/WHAT YOU CALL YOUR ALLY---take care who/what you sidle up with while demanding your religious freedoms, for you just might be lumped in with the abuses and the abusers .... and lose voice.


regarding that incident ... you know the one ... the girl gets upended and dragged out of the room by the police officer? really nasty stuff. I do not know what actions other than an obvious THREAT to person or persons at the hands of the student would permit another to act in that manner. if someone is threatening with a gun or a knife and he gets tackled and dragged out of the room to protect the other students and the staff ... we get it ... or even if the person gets shot because he is shooting or stabbing others ... what else can an officer do to save his life and the lives of those he swore oaths to serve? his duty is to the people---society ... through the institution set up to train these men and women
now, the obstinate behavior of the girl? if a student refuses to be a part of the class ... let him leave. notify his parents and have them pick him up at school and not return until he is in agreement with the rules ... set up by the institution. If parents, students ... do not like the rules of the class/school/institution ... should they be forced to attend? we say no, but it is upon the parents to be RESPONSIBLE for their children for after all, they are the former and formal caretakers, and should not expect to dump children at schools/institutions and disappear for hours (work ... whatever). 


very often the media/journalists do not share the fuller story on a topic/incident ...  for lack of info, ignorance, laziness, agenda-cause? but along come commenters to assist in getting to that fuller image. the following is an example of professor verses researcher/author

Betty Clermont


Traditionalist prelates aren’t “scared,” they’re angry. First, as the letter signed by 13 prominent cardinals pointed out, the synod was rigged against them. In his opening speech, the pope stated there were only three official documents from the 2014 synod: two were his own speeches and the Final Report which included issues not receiving a consensus, i.e. a two-thirds vote. The commission formed to help draft the 2015 Final Report had 10 members. Only two were elected by their respective episcopal conferences. The rest were appointed by the pope. In his closing speech, the pope referred to traditionalists as “closed hearts which frequently hide even behind the Church’s teachings or good intentions, in order to sit in the chair of Moses and judge, sometimes with superiority and superficiality, difficult cases and wounded families.” Before the synod closed, the synod fathers elected 12 men to the new synod council. Most were those who signed the letter and their supporters.

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I read where the media. format got criticized at last night's rep.debate. this is the beginning of people starting to question more of what is being put out for the public to read ... even social media where I caught a glimpse of abusive youth going at it ;)
as if they have all the facts :D ... but they do have voice today where in my day? no, esp as a female. I do recall the many. many times I was treated differently because of the he---she viewpoints, beliefs ... practices of the day. men do often times sound formulaic in these symposium arenas ... religionist in intent. much too drab for one like me, and please do not expect me to respect their outcomes ... 
as Jesus says at Cana:

Woman, what has your business to do with Me? 

continued in next post ... BARBELO APPEARS