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oh wow! christian children stoning the man? who are these people? which sect of christianity? or is this some new? 

what it is is a revival of the old ... with a twist :(

There is no state-prescribed religion in the country. The religious groups in the urban centre of Bangui, in the order of their population representation, are the Christians which form the majority, Animists following ancient beliefs, and Muslims.[48] The Cathedral of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception under the Roman Catholic Metropolitan Archdiocese of Bangui is located in Bangui.[49] The archdiocese was established as the Apostolic Prefecture of Oubangui Chari on 8 May 1909. Pope John Paul II visited Bangui in August 1985. The seat of the archbishop is Notre-Dame Cathedral in Bangui.[50] Islam is the last in the order of religious beliefs with about 20,000 Muslims in Bangui. The late president Bokassa converted to Islam as a political compulsion under the guidance of the then Libyan President Gaddafi. He also assumed the Muslim name of Sala Eddine Ahmed Bou Kassa, but it was short-lived as he wanted a cathedral to be built in Bangui.[51][52] The Church of Fatima and Notre Dame D'Afriqueare located in KM 5 wiki


comment on rns  ... (you can google the story) 

As my fellow RNS commenter and social justice ally George Nixon Shuler has written, “Despite their numerous shortcomings, the Saudis possess a sense of honor the religious right never has.”

Raif Badawi committed a crime by punching down against the marginalized and othered faith of Islam, and now he is paying the consequences for that crime. Do the crime, do the time. That is the honorable way of the Saudis. He does not deserve an award, but leave it to the West to reward Islamophobia.

hmm ... I had no idea george nixon shuler was ally of the social justice of ayesha. well ... well ... 

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lights, camera ... acting ...
on the political front there will be an upset

you can count on it :0

oh, and I think I will catch Sandra Bullock's new movie this weekend ;) 

*just thought I ought to mention it in case there are a few gloating in their sugar glaze "significance" :D


Q: Does Judaism need its own Pope Francis, somebody who can model this faith? Does Islam?

A: We need that in every faith and we need it very seriously. In 1942, one of the darkest periods of human history, in Britain Archbishop of Canterbury William Temple and Chief Rabbi of Great Britain Joseph Hertz formed the Council of Christians and Jews. That was a signature gesture at a very crucial period. I  think the Dalai Lama today has shown likewise. It is a matter of personal humility and the generosity of your embrace.

and would laura at rns like to share with the WORLD how in GOD'S NAME POPE FRANCIS DENIED THE CHILD VICTIMS OF CLERGY SEX ABUSE UNDER HIS WATCH IN ARGENTINA and still be considered a model of FAITH that the rest of the religious should aspire to? and the dragging of his feet on his promise of 0 tolerance? really, you people amaze ... and maybe the rabbi would like to share his thoughts on this ... and the roman pontiff's ordination of barros in chile ... hmm? 

how much do these "reporters" get paid to push ROMAN CATHOLIC-JUDAISM agenda? or is it really just roman catholic church agenda? 

you both ought to be ashamed to pedestal religious agendas that allow this abuse ... and hide it. My God ... what people will do to sell a book. 

ask yourselves what kind of RELIGION these are promoting that profits from clergy and staff sexually abusing children then hiding it ... denying it ... because the fact that neither, and so many others, NEVER MENTION the roman pontiff's history ... is highly suspicious ............. wouldn't you say?

rabbi, you won't see me in your house of worship ... seems you need to do your homework ... while you are at it, take your friend laura with you ... 

unbelievable ... totally ... these people are without CONSCIENCE! is that what his brand of judaism teaches? what kind of faith is it, that hogs the spotlight to push patriarchal agenda ... allowing women and young women to die in hospitals! refusing life saving abortions! insisting children give birth in the case of rape and incest! and denies their clergy and staff sexually abused and ABUSE children? are you people so drugged on your religious attributes that you cannot see the situation for what it is? and you have the audacity to preach religion for the future? what kind of religion are you pushing? selling? the roman catholic regime where women are sent back to the dark ages and all must worship rome? 

unbelievable ... thank GOD I never bothered with judaism ... and the roman rotten church ... sheesh ... 

tonight I watched BROADSIDE ... two from the Boston Globe's SPOTLIGHT team that went after Bernard Law were interviewed and they also discussed the movie SPOTLIGHT which came out in Boston and will be out on Nov 6 in theaters. wow ... the institution removed records ... the cover up was happening from the top on down ... sick ... horrible ... and the pope spends his time the political puppet to lure the families back in. unbelievable. 

IT IS NOT OVER, PEOPLE! the reporters said they expect more will come forward because of this movie ... now, which side of the LAW do you want to be on? Bernard's LAW or what is HONEST AND DECENT? and SAFE ...