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the idea that a public school teacher put out an exercise/assignment on the topic of God could be seen two ways:

1. hey, this is an exciting idea ... for the religionists or believer in God, she gets to share ... witness ... and nonbeliever gets to share his views on the topic of God, but remember, God is NOT institution or religion. the Writings are clear on this. so, non believer is limited in his ability to share because he has not God or understanding/knowledge of God---on God. he is free to say that he sees and experiences god as himself or money or his house or his business or ... AND he is free to challenge believers on God --- "their" God ... as we seem to have many versions out in the world.
2. agenda of the teacher and or school to diminish belief in God
what the teacher(s) was actually up to (the facts/details even the evidence) ... well, you would have to ask her, other students ... but be aware that students are not often of the ability to say anything that might make them look 'off' in front of their peers, and they do not want to go against teachers unless the gang (peers) is on board with this. kids are often in a pack mentality in a school type setting like public school ... there is the authority (the power) verses them, in varying forms of trust and mistrust, and within this exists the needs and demands of their own group(s). sweet and not so sweet little wolf pups ... with the occasional pup outside the group, either rejected by groups or choosing to be out as to not conform to something not of his stature. 

tbh, the public school setting in its formulaic verse and expectations and the club/pack mentality is not a safe place for the idea of God as assignment. it is loaded with obstacles that the youth are not equipped to tackle---understand. but is specific religious sect a safe place? it depends on the mentoring. should there be safe places for the youth to express God and gain understanding? can these also be free of infallible dogma? we hope so, but where are these places? man desires the seat of power and he will orchestrate to do this by using children ... and women and men ... to do his bidding, and children fall prey to this when they are not able to understand what they are and where they are in the Spirituality of Gift. secular often urges through acting as antagonist once child is older ... due to experiences ... but religious setting of specific sect is often the insulated bubble serving not to protect but deny growth ... in many ways ... also serving as antagonist. both can be a great danger to child if child is without a guardian of impartiality and Spiritual well being. parent is not often the ones to instruct as is needed ... unfortunately, but is often true  and should not be seen as some type of failure on their part as what is borne from the two is given the freedom to choose ... 

Barbelo Appears is the heading for an area of text in what the book The Nag Hammadi Scriptures calls ...


John writes about what is Barbelo. "He" sees the Feminine in himself and allows for {this} to come forth---be alive. SHE, the shining Light. She is HINDSIGHT (written as forethought, incorrectly). She is thought in reverse, which acclimates in and through Prophesy. If you look at the past you begin to see what happened ... there are patterns. In and through this one can almost tell what will come ... or, what is ahead. History repeats, but remember, not in the exact same manner. What is happening is a reverse of event ... much the same in scope but with differing details. 

Barbelo ... SHE precedes because of hindsight. "she" knows what's coming because of what has been. {THIS} is the Essence of the Spirituality of the Christ ... Prophet on Truth or ... kinetically, Prophesy ... as it is in a constant place of movement. Dogma is not salient for SHE ... and is why Prophesy gets lost and misconstrued  ... even buried ... in the ecclesiastical summing of man. man has not the gift to see and when one is not in this ... he cannot hear the Verse, which is teacher-------WISDOM. 

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regarding the assignment in the texas school on does God exist:

Saying God does or doesn’t exists are of course 2 different opinions. Neither are facts. No one knows because they obviously can’t know and people shouldn’t come unglued when asked to think or when their beliefs are questioned ( which in this case they clearly weren’t )

tommy may be correct in speaking for himself; he can't know that God exists ... but WE DO KNOW GOD EXISTS ... but it is not my work or worth to prove {this} ... tommy does not know what he does not know, obviously from no experience  ... knowledge on God can only tell you so much and is in much debate. it is in the fruit that one begins to "taste" the Essence and comes into the Good. we always say that he must "see" this for himself ... before he can realize on the Truth. 

nonbelievers in Spirit are of the mindset to dismiss what they do not know. ah ... well? :D this is the case for everything under the sun-----yes?