hmm .. not long ago there were images of merkel arm in arm with other national/state leaders marching down 'main' street in a protest against the charlie hebdo attacks---in protests FOR freedom of expression (the magazine 'insulting' the religious prophets)... 

now there are citizens upset with the continued pouring in of "refugees" into a suspect system ... and people are growing to a boiling point 

Fear? or the unmitigated approach? likely both.

do the national/state leaders not HEAR? people will likely call these stone throwers haters ... and label them christian fundamentalists, but they might be surprised at the rationale---no matter what they claim, which may be no religion ... you see?

to allow thousands and thousands of people into cities and towns---receive handouts--supposedly to integrate into existing society ... shows a disrespect for the existing taxpayers within these communities as well as serious safety concerns

those extremists in the news-the ones having attacked and murdered---the growing trend---may very likely have come in with the previous batch or this latest batch OR ... ...... they are capable of creating cells with those of a radical mindset from the thousands pouring in, who are likely feeling unwanted, unprepared and misunderstood.
... while the idle and the impracticalists do not wish to see the truth of this. it is easier to throw stones back ... at an "unseen enemy" (understood as tossing in the dark) ... where INNOCENT FOLKS---often, the youth---end up the victim

those who criticize the outcry are called deniers and judgers ... we know them as "being in DENYMENT". they deny and judge at the same time ... without understanding the rationale, but of course, not all upset about the pouring in of refugees are of safe keeping themselves, and many may be haters ... but where and how has this hate been promulgated? allowed to raise its arresting flag? these are cries of many kinds, but instead we see ... atheists using islam to attack christianity ... in america and ... but the reality is what? POOR MANAGEMENT , no matter who the refugees might be---yes? do some come with drugs and knives? we don't doubt ...

BUT THE IMPORTANT PART IN THIS: every individual entering the host cities should be throughly checked ... not just for injury and disease, possible abuse from husbands---parents ... state of mind should be reviewed as well ... families sorted out---who with who/what ... questions asked-notes taken ---files on each and every individual and FOLLOW UP on these ... purpose-destination ... are people capable of lying? yes, of course ... but through this process you begin to see PATTERNS

sound like a lot of work? are lives worth it? both theirs and yours? your loved ones? hmm ...

too often politicians separate themselves from the reality of ground zero while sitting on their thrones

take this ...

dumbfounded? he is dumb founded alright 
who taught him to be so dishonest?